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If you’ve been an entrepreneur, you’ve felt this multiple times. Even if you’ve worked at an early-stage startup, you’ve been on that rollercoaster. The only thing that can help you mediate this situation is your team. 

A few days ago, when I wrote to a friend that we are hiring, he replied by challenging me. 

Why would someone wanna work with you?

What do you offer them?

Average paycheck, high risk, while asking to join a team in the making? No way! 

The weird thing would be to have them queuing up. 


He's right and I took the time to think about it and write down some bullet points explaining why someone should join a startup in general, not Qurio per se. 


First comes the Team.

a team that you love, founders you appreciate and admire in a respectful & positive work environment. 


Then it’s about the Product.

A product that makes you constantly curious helps you learn and build something that will make some other people happy.


The third most important thing is the financial upside. 

You are gaining autonomy - financial freedom, and with stock options, someone’s life might change in case of an even mediocre exit. 

For a few months, the paycheck might be slightly lower than expected in such early-stage teams, but equity and experience/learning are worth much more. 


Joining a startup at such an early stage isn’t an easy choice, I know, but the high-risk someone’s taking will be worth multiple times more in the long run, and in case of failure, it’s a unique experience valued widely in the future positions someone might get. 


Startups in such early stages aren’t made for anyone, they are made for pioneers, visionaries, adventurers, and those with nothing to lose but their 9 to 5 chains. 


Do you feel like Qurio offers a great team, product and has the potential to grow? Do you know anyone interested in joining us? We’d love to hear from them.

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