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What Does Your Generosity Look Like?
December 26, 2017

Amy was able to go on a job interview feeling well dressed and clean because of your donations. Her eight-year-old special needs daughter received a new backpack and winter coat that she was lacking.

These small things really make a big difference. Without shampoo and a new outfit, Amy would not have been hired for her new job. You made a new beginning possible for Amy and her daughter.

Saleena is a grandmother raising her young grandsons. Her daughter and son-in–law are incarcerated and will not be participating in the lives of the children. Grandma Saleena was struggling financially before the boys came to live with her. Now she walks miles with a one-year-old and a three-year-old every single day, rain or shine, without a stroller. 

Your generosity allowed us to provide a stroller and warm clothing to ease the burden for this loving grandma. Without a stroller and clean clothes, Grandma Saleena would not have been able to take the boys to the pediatrician or apply for early intervention services. These services were desperately needed.

Michelle endured many years of domestic abuse. She is now divorced and has full custody of her four children. At age 39, she has a very serious heart condition and just began hospice care. Michelle had nowhere to turn for essentials. She told us:

"I was honestly up all night crying. I am so stressed with the cold weather. I am actually embarrassed asking for help but bless you for any help you give us. We have no one else. If I get back on my feet I would love to help at Mitzvah Circle. Just tell me how and I will."

Your support helped us to provide clothes, toiletries, shoes, blankets and other urgently needed items to Michelle and her kids. After receiving our personalized care package Michelle wrote to us and said, 

"I have been in and out of the hospital a lot lately and I just want you to know that I thank god for people like you—who pack packages and donate. Please thank everyone for everything you do and tell them everything and anything is appreciated."

On behalf of all of the families we serve I would like to thank you: Our treasured volunteers and donors because you make magic and miracles happen at Mitzvah Circle for families in need. 

You restore hope when hope has been lost and allow people to move forward from despair. 

For this and all of your acts of compassion I thank you.


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