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You Can Change Their Story - Donate Now
November 28, 2016
Amber is a mother of two disabled children. She works two jobs, making $9/hour to support her family. Last month Amber was in a car accident, leaving her with broken legs and unable to work.  Currently recovering in a rehabilitation center, she called us to help her family because right now she can’t.  Without income, Amber cannot buy winter clothing or shoes for her children.  Having nowhere else to turn, she contacted Mitzvah Circle Foundation. 

We sent them warm clothing, coats and shoes so the children could go to school and Amber could recover without the added burden of worrying that her vulnerable children were cold. We will continue to meet this family’s critical needs until they get back on their feet. 

Help change Amber's story. To continue to serve this family so they can move forward, we need you.  Make a monetary donation to support families like Amber’s who have nowhere else to turn.  Donate now.

Give to help us continue this work.

This is what Mitzvah Circle Foundation does every day. 

With over 1000 volunteers this year, we work tirelessly to meet critical needs of people suffering under the weight of poverty, serious illness, crisis and serious illness. 

We help families that rely on food stamps, because food stamps don’t pay for diapers or incontinence products. We help people who receive food from food pantries, because food pantries don’t provide a cooking pot or a can opener. 

Our programs meet needs of the entire family, because we know if the children don't have essentials like diapers, then the family is also missing other basic items. To break the cycle of poverty, people need essential items. Without these things kids cannot go to school, parents cannot look for a job, people cannot be a part of the community and thrive. 

Your monetary donation is what sustains our ability to provide necessities like shoes, toiletries, diapers, incontinence products, linens, towels, kitchen items, school supplies, coats, baby gear, clothing and more.

Today, Mitzvah Circle Foundation is delivering packages of critical necessities directly to the doors of people struggling with poverty. Support our programs by giving now.

Give to serve the most vulnerable people in your community.

Mark this Giving Tuesday by changing a life. Donating to Mitzvah Circle Foundation enables us to give direct assistance to thousands of families every year, many of whom are suffering due to serious illness and disability. 

We receive referrals from 186 organizations – from hospital social workers, so school guidance counselors.  We are called on to provide assistance when no one else can.  Your monetary donation supports our mission of serving people in the most desperate situations, everyday. 

Change a life by donating now. 

Thank you for your support.

Fran Held
Founder and Executive Director

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