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July 11, 2017
4 Reasons to be a sponsor of Bake, Rattle, and Run – our community-building and fundraising festival:

1: You’re a good neighbor.
The most obvious reason of all: Mitzvah Circle Foundation provides critical help. Each sponsor allows us to reach more people.

2: You’ve never been athletically inclined.
Always been the kid on the sidelines in gym class? Always in the bleachers but never in the field? Here’s your chance to help us finish our 5K without breaking a sweat! With 5 titles given to the different levels of sponsors, you can walk home with your own special kind a trophy: a thank you note expressing our deepest gratitude (plus sponsor benefits).

3: Your wallet needs exercise too.
Let’s be honest. We both know that when you first heard that our fall fundraiser was going to include a 5K, you were ready to whip those sweatbands out of your junk drawer. You did some lunges and maybe even a few calf raises before heading out the door for your first run in preparation for the Big Day. You may be in tip top shape, but while you’re out on your run, your wallet is crying at home. He wants to exercise too. And the best type of exercise is sponsorship.

4: You can’t run or bake, and you don’t wear diapers.
While others are running, walking, baking or crawling, you can become a sponsor! There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you’re helping someone in need. 

What does it mean to be a sponsor?

To become a sponsor means that you are helping us get closer to our fundraising goal and sustaining our work. Every dollar we raise means someone else struggling through their darkest time will receive critical assistance.

Sponsoring Bake, Rattle, and Run means that Catherine, who lost everything in a house fire, will receive diapers and baby gear for her twins, and Jason, recovering from illness, will be able to leave his house because he has clothes that fit. Mitzvah Circle Foundation is the only place in our area that provides material support for all ages and delivers directly. Your generous heart will change lives.

Sponsorship deadline: August 15th

Bake, Rattle, and Run Event Info

Become a Sponsor!


Thank You to Our Sponsors!


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