Noosa Pengari Steiner School Newsletter Issue #2 - 13 February 2015
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Newsletter Issue #2 - 13 February 2015
Term Dates 2015

Term 1:  (10 weeks) 27 Jan - 2 Apr

Term 2: (9 weeks) 21 Apr - 19 Jun
P-prep  (10 weeks) 20 Apr - 26 Jun

Term 3:  (10 weeks) 14 Jul - 18 Sep

Term 4:  (9 weeks) 7 Oct - 4 Dec
P-prep (10 weeks) 6 Oct - 10 Dec

Full Term Dates 2015

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  7. Pacific Chamber Players Concert
  8. Maths Puzzle
  9. Anthroposophic Medical Study Group
  10. Moreton Bay Birali Steiner School
  11. Bunya Dreaming
  12. Craft Group News
  13. Treasure House News
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  15. Community Notices

Office Angels News

  • 2014 PARENT SURVEY:  In Term 4 last year the school surveyed parents.  The survey results are published here for your information 2014 SURVEY
  • PUNCTUALITY:  Primary and High school begins promptly at 9:00 am and it is VITAL that your child be at school by 8:55 am for the start of Morning Circle or Main Lesson.  Late arrivals interrupt the flow of the morning for both the child who has missed something and feels it, and for the class and their teacher, as stop/start disruptions break into their enjoyable activities.   Students who arrive at school after 9am need to go to the school office to receive a late slip and go directly to class.
  • PARENT CONTACT DETAILS:  A gentle reminder to all parents that it is very important to keep contact details, including residential address details up-to-date with the school.  Please come in and see us or send us an email if ANY of your details change.
  • SCHOOL ZONE:  The speed limit along Nyell Road outside the school is 40km per hour between 7am - 9am AND 2pm - 4pm. This limit is enforceable by law.  
  • LATE FOR SCHOOL OR EARLY DEPARTURE:  Parents and guardians are required to come to the office to collect an “Early Departure Note” which they then hand to the Teacher when collecting their child from the class room.  Students arriving late need to come to the office to collect a Late for School Note which they then take to the classroom and hand to their Teacher.  When a student leaves the school for an appointment and then returns, the student MUST be signed back in at the office. These procedures support our duty of care to keep all students safe and to know exactly who is on the school site.
  • STUDENT DROP-OFF & PICK-UP:  The school accepts responsibility for children in its care between 8.30am and 3.30pm during school days.  Where children are on site at school for any reason beyond these hours (eg. meetings, working bees, social gatherings), children must be under the supervision of their parent or guardian.  The School accepts no responsibility for children on site out of school hours.  If you are on site for any reason out of hours, you must ensure that any children you bring on site are adequately supervised. Students are not to arrive at school before a teacher is on duty at 8:30am and should be collected by 3.30pm.
  • ROAD UPGRADE:  Late last year an announcement was made regarding significant road upgrade work on Eumundi-Noosa Road between Grays and Justin Road.  The work is expected to start in February and take approximately 12 weeks to complete.  Traffic delays that will effect school traffic can be expected!
  • SCHOOL COMMUNITY DIRECTORY:   School Community Directory  If you would like your business or service included in the School Community Directory, please send brief details of what you offer, contact information and a website link if you have one to: 
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 News From the Finance Desk
From Leslee Penno, Finance Assistance
The school is prepared to offer monthly payment plans to current families but a plan must be applied for through the Business Office. Please note the Building Levy is to be paid in full.
It is important to contact the School if you are unable to pay your fees by the due date. In the event of a default on a monthly payment the school reserves the right to rescind the payment plan offer.  Any fees outstanding after the due date, are recoverable plus a penalty of $30.00 (plus GST) per month from the date payment is due until fees are paid. This will be automatically issued to your account without notice.
Please note: It is the parent’s responsibility to set-up monthly payments with their financial institution.
Further School Fee details can be found in this link:  School Fees 2015
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, or would like to make arrangements for a payment plan, please email Leslee (NOT Anne, NOT Lisa & NOT Rhonda): 
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Individual Parent Teacher Interviews
High School Faculty
Parents of students in High School (Class 9 - Class 12, 2015) are invited to make appointments to meet with teachers in relation to the school reports sent out at the end of Term 4, 2014.   
High School 
individual parent teacher interviews are offered for Thursday 26th February between 4pm and 7pm in the school hall.
Please contact the office if you would like to make an appointment.
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Preschool News
From Michelle Hutchison, Rose Room Teacher 
In these times of packaged and processed foods, the experience of preparing and making bread, is a nourishing and healing one for children of all ages (and adults too). Each week the children bake with the teachers. The children sing special baking songs as they knead roll and fold the bread dough. Children are then able to freely create their own bread shape. We then bake it in the oven and children are able to enjoy their own bread for morning tea. A real process is experienced by each child. An experience that nurtures the child’s will, dexterity and imagination.

Preschool Bread
5 1/3 cups plain flour
1 cup barley flour
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
4 tsp yeast (powdered) plus
1 tsp sugar
2 ½ - 3 cups warm water

Combine yeast and sugar with small amount of warm water in a measuring jug. Whisk well. Set aside until bubbles appear on the surface. Add more warm water to make 2 cups of liquid. Add olive oil.
Pour mixture into bowl with some flour in it. Add flour and barley (to which cinnamon and salt has been added).
Mix to a soft dough. Turn onto lightly floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic, incorporating more flour if necessary.
Place in a covered bowl and leave in a warm place until dough has doubled in size.
Punch down dough and knead lightly. Divide in half for children to knead and shape into loaves. Bake in moderate oven (170 º) for 30 minutes.

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P & F News

The P & F will be issuing an important newsletter in the coming days, please keep an eye open!
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Parent Education
The first Parent Education offering for 2015 will be the always popular Conscious Parenting Workshops, to be held weekly during February and March.  For full details see the Conscious Parenting FLYER
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Pacific Chamber Players Concert
Noosa Pengari Steiner School Presents.......

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Maths Puzzle
From Francis Glasspool, High School Maths Teacher
Please send your solutions to the puzzle to Francis:
Two jigsaw puzzles, each have the same number of edge pieces (including the corner pieces) as central pieces (pieces with no straight edge). The two puzzles have different numbers of pieces.        Find the total number of pieces in both puzzles?
What is the remainder when the following number is divided by 27?
(The number has 36 digits, 2013 repeated nine times)

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Noosa Pengari Anthroposophic Medical Study Group
We meet fortnightly on a Wednesday evening in the eurythmy room.
This group is open to all therapists and practitioners who are practicing or interested in Anthroposophic Medicine.
 For more information contact Karen McElroy on or Liz Blomkamp on

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Moreton Bay Birali Steiner School

Moreton Bay Birali Steiner School is one of four Steiner Schools in Queensland, servicing Beachmer, Caboolture, Morayfield and the Moreton Bay region.  For more information visit the website:  Moreton Bay Birali Steiner School
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Bunya Dreaming
From Alexander Steinblock, Nature Enthusiast
It was a pleasure to share some of my deep experiences of the recent local indigenous cultural Bunya Dreaming festival with the children of classes one, two, three and four. The children had been in awe when I showed them one of the large Bunya cones I collected and when they got to hear that they come genetically from the times when dinosaurs roamed the area. I am deeply in awe of it all! I gave the children also the opportunity to taste those nutritious seeds I cooked up for the children shortly before coming to school. Most important for me with this all though was to point out how important it is to keep this precious ancient culture of this Great Southern Land alive, to acknowledge it with our hearts, to learn about native food sources, to follow those celebrations and ceremonies.
I would also like to mention what a pleasure it is to work together with Sarah and I am looking forward to support her kitchen garden program.

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Craft Group News
From Jo Flood, Craft Group Co-ordinator
Craft Group meets every Wednesday morning, 9.15am, during term time outside the school hall. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of craft experience or skill level.  Come along, meet new friends, learn and share!  Children of all ages are welcome.

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Treasure House News

OPENING HOURS: Every Wednesday and Thursday 2.45pm - 3.15pm during term time.
Anyone who would like to bring in consignment items for sale in the Treasure House, please contact Krissy on 0490 194 349.
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Bus News
Noosa Pengari School Bus Service
Thanks to all families for your continued support and we are excited about another great year ahead.

7:35 am  NDSHS Campus
7:50 am  Pomona Campus 
8:02 am  Cooroy Service Centre opposite Newsagent
8:12 am  Noosa Parklands Bus Stop
8:16 am  Tewantin State School
8:22 am  Noosaville opposite The Bullet, Mary Street
8:25 am  Opposite Aldi Bus Stop
8:30 am  Noosa Junction Transit, Platform 1
8:33 am  Sunshine Beach Primary opposite side bus stop.
8:48 am  Arrive at Steiner 
3:05 pm  Depart Steiner 
3:23 pm  Sunshine Beach
3:26 pm  Noosa Junction  
3:30 pm  Aldi Bus Stop
3:35 pm  Noosaville The Bullet 
3:42 pm  Tewantin 
3:50 pm  Noosa Parklands Bus Stop
4:00 pm  Newsagent opposite Cooroy Service Centre 
4:12 pm  Pomona Campus
4:15 pm  Pioneer Road

Non-government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme
Students attending non-state schools may be eligible for assistance under the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme which is administered by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission. For further information refer to the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme website* or phone 3336 9192.

Conveyance allowance
For full details or contact your nearest Department of Transport and Main Roads office or phone 132 380
In some areas it is necessary for parents to make private arrangements for getting their children to and from school or to and from a transport service. In these cases, a conveyance allowance may be paid to assist with the cost of travel.
Parents must apply for conveyance allowance assistance during the current year of travel. Retrospective claims for travel in previous years cannot be approved. Additional assistance may be available to parents of non-state school students living outside the greater Brisbane area. Additional assistance may also be available for parents of students who live in drought-affected, or in isolated areas.
We are looking forward to working with you all again and please feel free to contact us if you require more information.

Kind Regards
Barry & Caroline Giles
Hinter-Coast Transport
1300 658 971
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Community Notices 
Home Health Care Workshops
Home Health Care for our times, as indicated by Rudolf Steiner
Presenters:  Lorraine Birse is a rhythmical massage therapist since 2005.  Rythmical massage was developed through the Anthroposophic medical model.
Louise Schnitzhofer is a homeopath working anthroposophically since 2004.  She works colleaguely with Lisa Romero and The Inner Work Path.
Learn how to provide treatments that support you and your family to become stronger through illness.
Introduction to administering Anthroposophic remedies.
Practical treatments:  Footbaths and compresses to treat colds, headaches, muscle aches and strains.
The above will be covered over 4 sessions on 4 concurrent Mondays, 9.30am – 11.00am.
Dates: 23rd February, 2nd March, 9th March and 16th March
Venue:  $100 for the 4 sessions, includes compress kit.
Bookings:  Phone Lorraine Birse 0403760680 
Home Health Care Flyer
Steiner Men Socially
SMS is a social club for the dads and men of our community. It's a casual get together giving men the chance to connect with other dad's from the school. It's also a great way to be involved in our community without needing to be in a committee or attend meetings. We endeavor to have a few get togethers throughout the year, usually on a Friday night.
All men are invited to come along. If you want to know more or put yourself on the contact list, SMS Brett Durston (Class 2 & Rose room dad) on 0407 705 875.
Our first event of the year is the ever popular, and sometimes competitive, BARE FOOT BOWLS.  Hope you can make it!
When: Friday February 20th @ 6:45pm
Where:  NOOSA TEWANTIN BOWLS CLUB, Hilton Terrace, Tewantin
Cost: $5. Dinner is available from 6pm
Please RSVP to Brett Durston on 0407 705 875
Earth Daughters
Gathering for Mothers and Daughters for girls aged 7-8 years. 

Join us for an afternoon of creating meaningful connection and time out in celebration of your daughter with story, craft, nature, sharing and mother-daughter bonding.    Date: 28th February from 12.30-5.00pm at Cooroy  
Learn more here:
New 2015 dates for our full range of Gaia Girls programmes for girls ranging from 9-15 years to support their journey from girlhood through adolescence are now listed on our website.
Contact Karen McElroy for more info 0411 889533 or
Walk In Her Shoes
Holly McElroy
in class 6 is participating in the Walk in Her Shoes challenge this year. She is seeking donations and sponsors for her 25 km walk in March.
 "I will be walking to raise money for women and girls in developing countries who have to walk many kilometres every day just to get access to water and basic services. I can’t imagine how hard that would be! I am hoping to raise money so that I can help be part of the solution by helping give money to build wells and train teachers.I hope that you will sponsor me so I can reach my goal of $500!  Thanks so much Holly
 You can sponsor Holly here:
QLD Teacher Professional Development Workshops for Term 1 2015
Workshops held on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Samford Valley.  For further details see the QTPD Workshop FLYER
Atelier for the Social Quest
Self, Nature & Society: Awakening the Eye of the Imagination.  An international 30 week part-time distance course.  "If we want to attain a living understanding of nature, we must become as flexible and mobile as nature herself", Goethe.  For further information see the Atelier FLYER
Riding For The Disabled Survey
Sunshine Coast Riding for the Disabled offers a wide range children and adults with a disability the chance to ride and interact with horses. Anecdotally their participants get a huge amount of pleasure and indeed physical therapy from their work. As a not for profit organisation they constantly need to raise money and apply for grants to keep their facilities maintained and their services operating.
Like all organisations who apply for funds from either the government or private companies they are almost always asked to demonstrate there is a need for their services and that there should be quantifiable evidence of that need to qualify for funding.
To date that has not been possible…and that’s where I have agreed to support them by contacting you, so you can help RDA to help others by completing a survey on what you do in your spare time. RDA will share the results with us, so we will also benefit.
It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia and you do not have to have a disability to take part. The survey will not collect any information that will identify you or any member of your family.
If you could take a few minutes out of your day to complete the following survey, both RDA and I would be enormously grateful.
To complete the survey simply click on the link below and following the prompts.
Please do forward this on to your friends and family throughout Australia and ask them for their support.
Guides QLD - Cooroy District
Camping, abseiling, canoeing, crafts, archery, arts, outdoors, personal development, awards, achievement, leadership, friendship, cooking.
Meets Thursdays 4.30pm - 6.30pm
Guide Hut, 41 Miva St, Cooroy
Come and visit us!
Cooroy Girl Guides is for ages 7 - 16
Email -
Phone - Leonora 0425850360
Rhythmical Massage - REPEAT
Rhythmical Massage which is from the Anthroposophical Medical Model is available at Sunspace Café, Beddington Road, Doonan.
Please phone Lorraine Birse on 0403 760 680 for appointments.
Waldorf Today
Here is the link to the latest Waldorf Today Blog: WALDORF TODAY
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