Noosa Pengari Steiner School Newsletter Issue #7 - 22 May 2015
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Newsletter Issue # 7 - 22 May 2015
Term Dates 2015

Term 1:  (10 weeks) 27 Jan - 2 Apr

Term 2: (9 weeks) 21 Apr - 19 Jun
P-prep  (10 weeks) 20 Apr - 26 Jun

Term 3:  (10 weeks) 14 Jul - 18 Sep

Term 4:  (9 weeks) 7 Oct - 4 Dec
P-prep (10 weeks) 6 Oct - 10 Dec

Full Term Dates 2015

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  5. Learning Support News
  6. Class 9 Camp
  7. Craft News
  8. Table Tennis
  9. Drama!
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  12. Children's Festival 2015
  13. Craft Group News
  14. Treasure House News
  15. Bus News
  16. Community Notices

Senior Secondary Programme News
From John Stewart & Allen Kloeden
Dear Parents,
We wish to inform you of some exciting developments in the senior secondary programme on offer at our school.
For some years now, the school has been under pressure to demonstrate that our Class 11 and 12 programme meets standards of learning comparable to those specified by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority. We have always been confident that this is the case, and know also that there are many aspects of our programme that exceed these standards.
Our intention has always been to offer the highest quality Steiner education throughout our school, and our senior secondary programme has been no exception. Although our students have not graduated with a QCE or the possibility of obtaining an OP score, they have always successfully accessed alternative pathways to tertiary entrance, along with roughly half of all graduates of state and independent schools in Queensland.
Recently, we took the decision to investigate the possibility of offering a QCE at our school. After much consultation between the Board, management and high school staff, we will begin implementing sufficient courses in 2016 to allow our students to graduate with a QCE.
In coming to this decision, there were some important criteria that we applied to guide the process. We did not want the subjects chosen to represent a significant compromise to our ability to offer a Steiner education through to the end of Class 12. We did not want to deviate from the clear philosophical intention of providing a broad, holistic classical curriculum, so we did not want to lose the possibility of all our students experiencing a full range of subjects. We did not want the content of the subjects chosen to represent a significant deviation from what is currently being taught. We also did not want our students to be disadvantaged in terms of their tertiary pathways, but be afforded the same or better opportunities than they currently had access to.
After careful consideration, starting with Class 11 of 2016, we will begin to offer English, Mathematics A or B, Science21, Geography and Visual Art, woven into our existing educational programme. More information on these courses can be found on the QCAA website. These courses will be part of our overall academic programme, so students will still be expected to engage in the full range of educational experiences on offer at our school.
We welcome your thoughts or any questions you may have about this decision and what it entails for our students.
Kind regards,

John Stewart, Academic Director & Allen Kloeden, Principal
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Message From The Principal
From Allen Kloeden, Principal
Dear Parents,
This week Class 4 is on camp,  Class 9 has recently been on a challenging hike, and Class 6 is about to go on camp.  The Outdoor Education Program  continues to provide our students with challenges and important life skills under the capable direction of Ian Hamilton.  Ian began his work this term, using the wonderful legacy left by Andre as his starting point, and bringing  his own experience and knowledge to the program.  He has been out to various venues and locations to familiarise himself with them and to check their suitability for our program, and has been looking at other options for the program. The OE program continues to be a vital component of the program offered to students of NPSS.  During Ian’s initial days with us, he also had the opportunity to meet with our WHS consultant  to ensure his understanding of our Risk Assessment requirements. Our WHS has suggested some minor alterations  to the processes and procedures, which we have adopted,  to ensure they are the best they can be.  
During the mid-year holiday break, our bus is being fitted with new seats, which will give us some increase in capacity.   All the seats will be replaced, and some of them will be able to  accommodate 3 students aged under 12 on what is normally a two-person seat. ALL seats, whether a 2-seater or 3-seater, will have a 3-point lap-sash seatbelts. 
Recently the Kindergarten program of our Preschool (i.e. the pre-prep class) has been the subject of very intense scrutiny as it was assessed against the national Quality Standard  and the National Regulations, administered by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.  Michelle Hutchison took responsibility for updating the QIP (Quality Improvement Plan) and gathering all the information required for the site visits by the assessor (reputed to be one of the ’toughest’ in the state!). The Pre-school Staff, and other admin staff, assisted her in many ways.  On Wednesday we received the news that we’ve been rated overall  at the highest level achievable, i.e. ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’.  Of the 7 Quality Areas assessed, 3 were rated at Meeting the Standard, and 4 at Exceeding the Standard.   CONGRATULATIONS, and THANKS, to all involved. (The 7 Quality Areas assessed are:  Educational Program and Practice; Children’s Health and Safety; Physical Environment; Staffing Arrangements; Relationships with Children; Collaborative partnerships with families and communities; Leadership and Service Management). I understand achievement of the highest rating means that we won’t be assessed for another three years. 
This year is also the year that the whole school is subject to a Cyclical Review (minimum 5 yearly), as required by the Non-state Schools Accreditation Board.  This process has commenced, with the final report to be submitted by the end of March 2016.  The process includes the requirement for an external validator to be involved. Also required is an audit of compliance with all relevant state and federal legislation,  a review of student learning outcomes, and feedback from parents which will be gathered via the survey that was conducted last year, being repeated this year. 
Two of our staff this week are presenting papers at a very significant conference in Sydney, the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)  Excellence in Professional Practice Conference: Improving assessment of student learning.  Shelley Davidow’s presentation is titled ‘The Year 10 Book Project: improving motivation and achievement through publishing’;  and Matthew Cunnane’s presentation is titled ‘Flipping the Textbook’.  Congratulations to Shelley and Matthew on having your papers accepted; and very grateful thanks from the whole NPSS community for your passion and commitment to your work as exemplified in your special interest in these topics. Our students are fortunate to have you as their teachers. 

Allen Kloeden
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Office Angels News
Class 1 Hand stitched recorder cases
  • PENGARI CAFE:  Each Monday & Thursday morning, 8.15am - 8.55am, during Term 2 Class 10 are opening PENGARI CAFE to Parents, Staff & Students of classes 8 - 12.  $2 per cup of Chai, Hot Chocolate or Tea.
  • ACCOMMODATION REQUIRED:  John Burnett, our Director of Training & Development, who works Australia-wide visiting many Steiner Schools will be on the Sunshine Coast for a 5-week stint from 6th June.  John usually stays with Class 7 Teacher, Wendy McMahon, however Wendy has family from overseas staying & cannot host John for this upcoming visit.  John has his own transport, lovely manners & pays board.  Please contact the office if you would like to accommodate John. 
  • CAFE MARKET DAY:  The first Cafe Market afternoon for 2015 will be Friday 29th May, 2.30pm - 4.30pm.  
  • BUS FARE ASSISTANCE SCHEME:  The Non-State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS), funded by the Queensland State Government, is administered by Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) on behalf of all non-state schools in Queensland. Semester 1 2015 online applications for both the BFAP and SWD Programs will be accepted during the month of May. PLEASE NOTE: Applications received after 31st May 2015 will not be processed.  
    To lodge an online application for either program, the following link can be used
  • NATIONALLY CONSISTENT COLLECTION OF DATA FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITY:  From 2015, all government & non-government schools in Australia are required to participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (national data collection).  Full details of this data collection can be found in the NCCDSSWD FLYER
  • 2015 CENSUS OF NON-GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS:  This annual data collection provided to the Australian Government Department of Education will take place in early August this year.  Further information on government data collections can be found this 2015 CENSUS LETTER
  • PUBLIC HOLIDAY:  Queen's Birthday Public Holiday Monday 8th June NO SCHOOL
  • CHICKEN POX:  The school has 2 reported cases of chicken pox in the upper primary school.  For further information see the CHICKEN POX FACT SHEET or contact you health professional.
  • PRESCHOOL WINTER FESTIVAL:  The Preschool Winter Festival will be held on Wednesday 17th June in the Preschool.  On this day PREP students will go home at 1pm to allow for Preschool Staff to set up for the Festival.  Full details of the Festival will be sent published next week.
  • PRIMARY SCHOOL WINTER FESTIVAL: The Primary School Winter Festival will be held on Thursday 18th June starting at 5.30pm.  Full details of the Festival will be sent published next week. 
  • MORETON BAY BIRALI STEINER SCHOOL:  Open Day Saturday 23rd May. For full details see the BIRALI OPEN DAY FLYER
  • SCHOOL COMMUNITY DIRECTORY:   School Community Directory  If you would like your business or service included in the School Community Directory, please send brief details of what you offer, contact information and a website link if you have one to:
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 News From the Finance Desk
From Leslee Penno

Please be aware Term 2 fee invoices have been sent and are now overdue for payment.  If you would like to take advantage of the Direct Debit payment system, please use this form DIRECT DEBIT REQUEST

PLEASE NOTE:  As stated in the Fees Schedule 2015, the due date for notification if your child/children are not continuing their enrolment in Term 3 is TODAY Friday 22nd May 2015.

Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss any matter concerning your account:

Full School Fee details can be found in this link:  School Fees 2015
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Learning Support News
From Deborah Callon, Learning Support Teacher & Co-ordinator
Dear Parents/Carers,
Some of your children in classes 3 to 7 may have mentioned that they have participated in reading and writing activities in the past week.  Our class teachers have always assessed their students in a variety of ways according to our paedogogical approach and the children’s developmental stage, and now we are working to re-establish a uniform, whole primary school diagnostic assessment procedure.  These assessments have been designed to exactly meet the Australian Steiner Curriculum Standards and reflect the approach, content and values of our school.  National or commercially available assessments, as you know, traditionally have not. 
The valuable information these assessments will provide will not become public domain, nor will the students be aware of their purpose.  We will use them as a diagnostic tool for teachers and the school.  This will inform a more comprehensive understanding of individualised learning so that we can provide adequate support and challenge to our pupils.  They are by no means a definitive account of your child’s individual progress.  As such, they will not take away from reporting on their holistic development and will not be used as a ‘grading system’.  The assessments will solely be a ‘snap shot’ of the mechanics of reading and writing so that we can ensure the continued progress in these areas for your child.
The children, as a whole, have engaged in this process with enthusiasm and treated it as just another learning experience.  The Learning Support team is currently analyzing the data that we have gleaned from this exercise, and will share this with the teachers to inform their future planning. We are excited by the possibility of being able to further improve our ability to provide our students with the best Steiner education possible. With this in mind, I am now currently developing a Mathematics assessment scheme and hope to introduce this by the end of the year.
Yours Sincerely,
Deborah Callon
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Class 9 Camp
From Ian Hamilton, Outdoor Education Teacher
On Tuesday the 5th of May Class 9 headed out on their first camp for 2015. From Tuesday to Friday they walked the entire Sunshine Coast Great walk, a distance of some 60kms. They planned and cooked their own meals, navigated their way to numerous waterfalls and campsites and hiked up some very steep mountains. Everyone had to face their own personal challenges on the expedition.  Some of the students commented on their highlights.
“I loved the waterfalls and swimming areas as they were fun and refreshing after walking in the hot and dense humidity.”
“I enjoyed hanging around the campsite all together and getting to spend time together as a class”.
“The views were really amazing. I also enjoyed just relaxing around camp! Also the packs got lighter after each day!”
“The highlights for me was going to the waterfalls, jumping off rocks and swimming in the fresh water.”

The camp was not without its challenges which the students labelled as:
“ … the long never ending hills.”
“……sore ankles.”
“…….cuts from thorn bushes and vines.”
‘’… the stairs.”
“....carrying 15kg all day.”
“…. the leaches!!!”
“….my feet were covered in blisters!”
Overall the class learnt a great deal about self-sufficiency, about hiking skills and about themselves. This is best summed up in the comment, ‘I learned that if I keep going and believe that I can do it, I will.”

Many thanks to Priscila Barreto da Cunha, Class 9 Guardian who did every kilometre with class 9 and supported them the whole way.

Well Done Class 9!!
Ian Hamilton
Outdoor Education
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Craft News
From Ingrid Collett, Craft Teacher
Class 7 have completed hand-stitching their aprons with beautiful results.  Come into the office and have a look at the full display.

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Table Tennis News
From Tyson Bose, PE & Sport Teacher

On Tuesday we featured 9 paired teams for the annual table tennis championships in Brisbane which was easily our biggest turnout ever. We had a good mixture of boys and girls ranging from class 5 up to 12. The kids had lots of fun and played plenty of matches against a range of different schools from all over south east Queensland.

In the end we managed to bring home some silverware with the girls team of Jolie Monaco, Britney Schultz and Stephanie Cox coming out winners in both the doubles and singles events, which is an awesome result from our forever high achieving female sporting cont
ingent here at our school.

The boys teams also played very well throughout the day and displayed great sportsmanship. James Quinn and Lachlan Dick won division 4 and Tom Stewart and Joel Schultz beat Heath and Zoroah in the final for division 3, running out 1st and 2nd. (Not that it counts or anything :-)

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Class 7 are in the final days of rehearsal of the play, Robin Hood, under the directorship of Wendy & Priscila.  Robin Hood will be performed next Monday 25th May at 1.30pm & Tuesday 26th May at 7.30pm.  This play is suitable for children in Class 5 and up!


Class 11 & 12 are mid-way through rehearsals of their play, Camino Real, that is due to be performed at the end of this term,  Wednesday 17th June at 1.30pm & Thursday 18th June at 7.30pm.  Amid rehearsals our senior students are also busy creating sets and gathering props.

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Maths Puzzle
From Francis Glasspool, High School Maths Teacher
Please send your solutions to the puzzle to Francis:
Ostap was heading home from Kiev. To save time he caught a train half the way,  (a five minute ride, the train going 15 times faster than he can walk), and rode an ox for the second half of the journey (though he can walk twice as fast as the ox).
Did he save much time?

Arrange nine coins on a table, making ten rows (coins in a straight line), with three coins in each row.
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Cafe Market Day

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Children's Festival 2015
From Mark DiFabrizio & Parmiss Kekyhani, Festival Co-ordinators
Festival Meetings are held every Tuesday morning from 9-10am in front of the school hall.  All welcome!

As last year, each class will be allocated 1-2 stalls to run for the festival.  We therefore need a festival rep volunteer from each class to co-ordinate the stall rosters and organise the overall running of the stall. So can each class (Prep to Class 11) please provide the name and contact details of the stall co-ordinator (can be more than one if job sharing would be helpful) to the festival organising committee.

Parmiss (    Mark (
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Craft Group News
From Jo Flood, Craft Group Co-ordinator
Craft Group meets every Wednesday morning, 9.15am, during term time outside the school hall. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of craft experience or skill level.  Come along, meet new friends, learn and share!  Children of all ages are welcome.

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Treasure House News

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 8:30am to 9:30am and 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Thursday: 2pm to 4pm
Friday: 8:30am to 9:30am

Krissy Crook
Treasure House Manager
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Bus News
Noosa Pengari School Bus Service
Thanks to all families for your continued support and we are excited about another great year ahead.

7:35 am  NDSHS Campus
7:50 am  Pomona Campus 
8:02 am  Cooroy Service Centre opposite Newsagent
8:12 am  Noosa Parklands Bus Stop
8:16 am  Tewantin State School
8:22 am  Noosaville opposite The Bullet, Mary Street
8:25 am  Opposite Aldi Bus Stop
8:30 am  Noosa Junction Transit, Platform 1
8:33 am  Sunshine Beach Primary opposite side bus stop.
8:48 am  Arrive at Steiner
3:05 pm  Depart Steiner 
3:23 pm  Sunshine Beach
3:26 pm  Noosa Junction  
3:30 pm  Aldi Bus Stop
3:35 pm  Noosaville The Bullet 
3:42 pm  Tewantin 
3:50 pm  Noosa Parklands Bus Stop
4:00 pm  Newsagent opposite Cooroy Service Centre 
4:12 pm  Pomona Campus
4:15 pm  Pioneer Road

Non-government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme
Students attending non-state schools may be eligible for assistance under the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme which is administered by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission. For further information refer to the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme website* or phone 3336 9192.

Conveyance allowance
For full details or contact your nearest Department of Transport and Main Roads office or phone 132 380
In some areas it is necessary for parents to make private arrangements for getting their children to and from school or to and from a transport service. In these cases, a conveyance allowance may be paid to assist with the cost of travel.
Parents must apply for conveyance allowance assistance during the current year of travel. Retrospective claims for travel in previous years cannot be approved. Additional assistance may be available to parents of non-state school students living outside the greater Brisbane area. Additional assistance may also be available for parents of students who live in drought-affected, or in isolated areas.
We are looking forward to working with you all again and please feel free to contact us if you require more information.

Kind Regards
Barry & Caroline Giles
Hinter-Coast Transport
1300 658 971
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Community Notices 

Whitsun 2015

At Whitsun (also known as Pentecost), we celebrate the Spirit of Community, that which enables individual human beings to meet; acknowledging the individuality of the other and what it is that binds us as humanity. Sunday 24th May 10am - ALL WELCOME  More details on the this WHITSUN FLYER
Art As Healing - Drawing & Painting Classes For Adults
A 5-week course starting in late May at Sunspace Cafe.  Full Details in the AAH ADULTS FLYER
Art As Healing - Painting With Children
A series of painting classes for children aged 6 - 12 years at Sunspace Cafe.  Full details in the PWC FLYER
Anthroposophic Home Health Care Workshops
For parents who wish to learn about and use anthroposophic healthcare to support their family through every day illness to build strong immunity and overall wellbeing.
Put aside 2 mornings in June to nourish yourself and learn anthroposophic medicinal applications that you can use at home on a daily basis.
These are powerful and simple applications that Rudolf Steiner said where the future of medicine. As the world around us intensifies we can  strengthen and harmonise our relationship with it by using external applications. They apply medicine to the skin (our largest organ and also the boundary between the outer world and our inner life). 
Thursday 4th June - Learn to Apply Rose Sphagni: Give your child a ‘second skin’ to reduce the impact of the environment on their growing bodies and help them feel safe and protected. Lorraine is a rhythmical masseuse and will show you how to apply the oil to have the most beneficial affect so you can enjoy making it part of your daily rhythm.
Saturday 20th June Chamomile Abdominal Compress: Experience and learn when to apply this treatment that calms the nervous activity and warms the digestive organs so that abdominal cramping, constipation, bloating, anxiety, over-thinking & hyper-activity are reduced. It is an alternative and more powerful way to use chamomile if over stimulated.
Book or enquire: Call Louise 0439 896 025 or Lorraine 0403 760 680. Click here to download a flier.
Workshop participants are offered an initial homeopathic appointment with Louise at Sea Salt in June for $79 (usually $90). Health fund rebates apply. Follow up consultations are $60.
Sea Salt - Louise Schnitzhofer, registered homeopath prescribing anthroposophic medicine - REPEAT
Now at Sunspace Cafe at Doonan on Saturday's.
Louise works closely with Lisa Romero ( to prescribe remedies as indicated by Rudolf Steiner to strengthen each individual find and meet their task.
Prescriptions available for acute symptoms (such as sore throats, broken bones & fevers), childhood disease (such as measles), chronic disease and mental and emotional symptoms.
Monthly workshops commencing mid year.
Phone: 0439 896 025
Rhythmical Massage - REPEAT
Rhythmical Massage which is from the Anthroposophical Medical Model is available at Sunspace Café, Beddington Road, Doonan.
Please phone Lorraine Birse on 0403 760 680 for appointments.
Here is the link to the latest Waldorf Today Blog: WALDORF TODAY
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