Noosa Pengari Steiner School Newsletter Issue #13 - 22 August 2014
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Newsletter Issue #14 - 5 September 2014
Term Dates 2014

Term 1:  (10 weeks) 28 Jan - 4 Apr

Term 2: (10 weeks) 23 Apr - 27 Jun
P-prep  (11 weeks) 22 Apr - 4 Jul

Term 3:  (9 weeks) 22 Jul - 19 Sep

Term 4:  (9 weeks) 8 Oct - 5 Dec
P-prep (11 weeks) 7 Oct - 19 Dec

Term Dates 2014
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Office Angels News

  • GOODBYE:  Today, Friday 5th September is the sad day that we say farewell to Alli.  I am sure I speak for everyone when I say, what an utter ray of sunshine this dear lady is and how greatly she will be missed!  Alli, we wish you and Greg safe travels to Melbourne and a future full of happiness and success.  BELOW RIGHT: Princess Alli with her loyal, trusty knight, Sir Harry. 
  • WELCOME:  We very warmly welcome gorgeous Mel to the Office Angels team. Please come in, say hello and help Mel get to know you all.  Upcoming Newsletters will see the return of school "Personality Profiles" of our newer staff members, so keep reading your Newsletters!
  • HATS:  The Office Angels are getting many requests from students for "spare hats" at morning tea and lunch times.  Noosa Pengari has NO HAT, NO OUTSIDE PLAY in place. Please ensure your child brings a wide-brimmed hat to school EVERY day. Appropriate hats can be bought from the Treasure House.
  • SHOES:  A reminder that FOOTWEAR MUST BE WORN on the school site, this includes students, staff, parents and visitors.  This is a Workplace, Health & Safety requirement.
  • LOST PROPERTY:  The early part of this term has seen a considerable amount of lost property accumulate outside the office.  Please come and check the pile for lost belongings before it is taken to a local charity shop.
  • STUDENT ABSENCES:  Parents are reminded to please let the school office know directly if students will not be at school.  This can be done by phoning and leaving a message on the Absence Line (Option 1) or by email: Late arrivals to school, ie AFTER 9am MUST come to the office and receive a late note to take to class.
  • 2015 TERM DATES:  The school term dates for 2015 have now been definitively finalised and published and can be found here: TERM DATES 2015 The link to the dates will also be available in this and all future Newsletters next to the Quick Link Index
  • SCHOOL COMMUNITY DIRECTORY:   School Community Directory  If you would like your business or service included in the School Community Directory, please send brief details of what you offer, contact information and a website link if you have one to:
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 News From the Finance Desk
From Leslee Penno, Finance Assistance

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, please email Leslee: 
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 Class 6 Drama
From Priscila Barreto da Cuhna, Drama Teacher

Roma - Amor

What does Roma and Amor (Love) have in common?
Noosa Pengari Steiner School and Class 6 invite you to come and find out how Love and War can be two sides of the same coin in their next Drama production, Roma – Amor, a by Eugene Schwartz, directed by Priscila Barreto da Cunha.
Bored with a her life as a Patrician maiden, Lucia exchanges identities with her twin brother Marius, a Roman general, and sets off for outer and inner adventures in Judea, while Marius has his own upheavals at home. Love and war have their way in this fast-moving comedy.
Bring the family and friends and learn why "within Rome is the power to reverse Rome." A complication not to be missed!

Venue: The Hall
Wednesday 9th September, 2014 – 1:45 pm
Thursday 10th September, 2014 – 7:00 pm

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Class 7 Drama
From Priscila Barreto da Cuhna, Drama Teacher

During 5 weeks, Class 7 worked hard preparing their next Drama production. Using the tales from King Arthur as stimulus, the students started the term by experimenting with situations, characters, relationships and intention through storytelling, theatrical games, improvisation and speech exercises. 
Our next step was to transform the improvised experience on the stage into a script. The King Arthur story they had been studying with Fiona during the year was divided into scenes and assigned to different groups. This was quite a slow process, as the groups had to actually sit down, discuss and write, in order to bring their ideas from verbal speech into dialogue and stage directions.

Script ready and parts assigned, now we are ready for rehearsals. In week 9, our play Young Arthur: The Once and Future King will be ready for performance!

Young Arthur: The Once and Future King

By Indigo Kerenza and Priscila Barreto da Cunha
Dear unentertained guests,
Noosa Pengari Steiner School invites you to appreciate the surprises and joys of Class 7's very own drama production Young Arthur: The Once and Future King.
Written by the students themselves, the play retells the saga of King Arthur from birth to coronation. Once the boy Arthur (nicknamed "Wart" during the childhood) and Sir Kay, his brother, head deep into a forest, where only the bravest dare to go searching for a lost hawk, things will never be as they once were.
Join us in the boys' quest for adventure and knowledge, guided by Merlyn, knights, kings, birds and magical trees.  With live music, magical mayhem and diverse dilemmas you will surely be entertained in the search for a life that all desire but only one can obtain.
Venue: The Hall
Wednesday 16th September, 2014 – 1:45 pm
Thursday 17th September, 2014 – 7:00 pm

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Playgroup News
From Judy Harris, Playgroup Co-ordinator

Greetings from Playgroup.  Once our beautiful environment has had a wonderful thirst quenching soak from the recent rains, we will begin to appreciate some lovely SPRING weather. Our children are looking forward to some outside play activities.  During Winter our parents and children have been enjoying making Rainbow Pompoms, Gnome Hat Pegs to keep their slippers together and cosy and vegetable soup. Here is a Spring Verse for you to enjoy with your little ones.

Are you looking to practice a little magic in your creative discipline with your children at home?   Try using the magic word, "may" - not authoritarian or permissive and can work well with young children. "You may hang up your coat." It contains no question to answer or ignore.  In the word "may" there is privilege, "You may place your boots on the mat."  This approach instills in the child a sense of contemplation, anticipation and cooperation.  Just try it for a while and see what the reactions "may" be.

Sometimes parents say to their children, "You may hang up your coat," but then weaken
the statement by tacking on "OK?"  Is this an effort to soften what seems too demanding a request? What does the "OK?" mean? If it isn't OK, does that mean the child doesn't have to do it? Does the child have a choice or not? This can create confusion and insecurity for the child. The child feels most secure when he knows that his parents, teachers and caregivers know what is best for him.

Children usually begin Playgroup from 2 - 2.5 years up to starting Pre-Prep, the year they turn 5 years old. If you would love to learn more about our creative playgroup rhythm and join our happy families please contact Judy on or phone 0401 845 512 or you will find a playgroup application form on our school website to register your details. There are currently a few places available. Call for further information.

Love and Light
Judy Harris
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Class 11 Camp
From Andre Vogel, Outdoor Education Teacher
Class 11 Camp – Keppel Islands Sea Kayaking
Back in Term 2, Class 11 students began the planning and preparation phase for last week’s trip to the Keppel Islands. This included coming up with their own itinerary and route through the islands, booking permits and accommodation, organising vehicle logistics, sourcing and packing the required equipment, developing a group menu and purchasing food.

What seemed so far away in June came along quickly and the week before camp became a frenzy of activity, with permits arriving just two days before our departure. After two challenging training days building up their experience out in the surf off Noosa Heads, students fell into the groove and spent much of their final day at school gathering tide and weather information, talking to the Coastguard, purchasing food and packing the trailer ready for an early departure on Sunday. Though the rain kindly stopped when we gathered at school at 6am, it had completely filled the boats with water, delaying our departure. Once on the road though, we made good time (if you call 9 hours on a bus a good time!) and arrived at Emu Park with just enough light left in the day to set up camp and sort food and gear ready for the next day. Fish and Chips down at the beach under a starry sky and a forecast for sensational weather… we had finally made it.

The first three days out in the islands were amazing and it seemed the Weather Gods were shining on the group.
Light westerly winds at our backs, gently helped us out towards Humpy Island, while a stronger southerly filled our sail the next day as we paddled north around Great Keppel before dropping away to almost no wind so that we could snorkel over the reef in crystal clear water.   
From Middle Island, once again the winds turned southerly just long enough to help us reach Sloping Island before dropping off to allow the group to snorkel over some impressive coral, straight out of our boats.
It was this day that students really took control of the journey and entered the group ‘performing’ stage. Led by Jethro and Samantha (Happy Birthday Sam!), students explored some beautiful places and had a great lunch before reaching their planned campsite exactly at 3pm as planned – plenty of time to swim, relax, collect shells, play cards and take in yet another incredible sunset. A few stray cirrus clouds on the horizon were the only subtle clue as to what was to come…

By 3am all the stars were gone, the wind came in strong, cold gusts and the rain began to fall, heavily. The groups’ plan of relaxing and snorkeling on a nearby coral fringed island for the day seemed to wash away with the rain and spirits were dampened. Eventually (perhaps reluctantly), we set off on a circuit walk around North Keppel with students walking independently of staff in the opposite direction.
Meeting up at the highest point of the Island, we looked out over changed, foreboding seas. “We want to paddle back to the mainland and finish today”, the group announced. Francis, Laura and I exchanged an excited look… this is what independent expeditions are all about: decision making, problem solving and groups setting their own goals. “Ok… this is your trip, consider what needs to be done and make it happen”.
On the return walk, a plan was formulated and everyone went into action; making lunch, packing gear, checking forecast winds, tides and distance, calling up accommodation options on the mainland, checking logistics for retrieving the bus and kayak trailer. As planning progressed however, a number of logistical setbacks could not be solved, and the leaders (Faith & Louise) had to objectively assess the risks involved in paddling so late in the day. Together with the rest of the group, a new plan was made and gear returned to tents in favour of a dawn departure the following day. Though the original plan had changed, the maturity and sense of responsibility that emerged through the process was outstanding.

With the wind howling and flattening tents through the night, most of us were awake before the planned 4:30am, wondering whether or not we would get away at all. Fortunately though, as the sun began to rise and we packed our kayaks on the beach one last time, the wind and rain eased and we set off in confidence that we would get home later that night.
The calm didn’t last long. Rounding the point, whitecaps blistered across the surface as we began punching into 20knots headwinds and up to 2m waves. An hour later, it seemed we had not moved any closer to our destination, some 14 km across Keppel Bay. Determined, each crew pushed on. Yet no matter how hard they tried, Ryan and Jethro struggled to keep up, claiming that they were filling with water (we all were!). As we held our ground once more to regroup, it suddenly became obvious why - the boat really was ‘sinking’, punching through, rather than over the waves, as every wave swamped the bow and Jethro. I came alongside and opened the front hatch - it was full of water! After pumping out some 60L, the boys were suddenly in front.

At 11:15am, almost 5 hours after setting off from North Keppel Island, six boats landed in sunshine on the beach at Yeppoon. No photos to show, just elation and the knowledge of a shared experience; of perseverance and determination and a team that can make it happen.

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Parent Education
Here's the proof, it's definitely Spring - Preschool's chicks are hatching much to everyone's delight!

More details on all the Parent Education listed below, can be found in this flyer:  UPCOMING PARENT ED
Tuesday 9th September 9am - 12pm in the Eurythmy Room:  "The Six Year-Old Child & Transition to Class 1" with Connie Grawert
Tuesday 9th September 1.30pm - 2.30pm in the Eurythmy Room: " Supporting Your Child's Journey in Steiner Early Childhood Education" with Connie Grawert
Tuesday 9th September 7pm - 9pm in the Eurythmy Room: "Being Present With Your Child" with Connie Grawert
Monday 15th September 1.30pm - 2.45pm in the Eurythmy Room:  "Understand the 4 Aspects of the Human Being" with Liz Blomkamp
Thursday 9th October 7pm in the Eurythmy Room:  "Understand the 4 Aspects of the Human Being" with Liz Blomkamp
STARTING Monday 13th October 6pm - 9pm in the Hall:  "Conscious Parenting" course with Liz Blomkamp.  For further details see this flyer:  CONSCIOUS PARENTING
Tuesday 21st October 7pm in the Eurythmy Room:  Whole School Curriculum Talk with John Stewart and Tim Nixon.
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Maths Puzzle
From Francis Glasspool, High School Maths Teacher
Please send your solutions to the puzzle to Francis:

There are certain shapes where the perimeter equals the area, for example the 4 by 4 square.
Find the rectangle whose perimeter equals its area.
Challenge: Find a cuboid whose area equals its volume.

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Treasure House News

The Treasure House is open every Monday, Thursday & Friday 8.45am - 9.15am AND 2.45pm - 3.15pm
Ongoing Weleda special in the Treasure House:  Buy any 2 Weleda products & get a 3rd product FREE.  The Treasure House has undergone a renovation and is now much more spacious.  Come in and have a look at the beautiful products.
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P & F Update

A massive thank you to our whole school community for creating and supporting such a brilliant event on Sunday.  A post Children's Festival Newsletter will be published next week!
Please come and collect your belongings left after the Festival, cloth racks, plates, utensils etc from school.  Cloth racks can be found at the back of the Hall near the toilets and other sundry items are outside the office.
Did you donate this white bag (see picture below) of clothes to the second hand cloths stall for the Children's Festival?  If you did please contact the school office!

Parents & Friends email address:

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Bus News
Noosa Pengari School Bus Service
Thanks to all families for your continued support and we are excited about another great year ahead.
Using the Noosa Pengari Bus Service is a great way to reduce  traffic around the school grounds as well as doing our bit to preserve the environment.
This Term we are offering bus services from:

  • Pomona,Cooroy, Sunrise Rd ,Noosa Pengari Steiner School
  • Coolum, Peregian Springs, Peregian, Castaways, Noosa Junction & Noosaville. Have a look at our timetables in the two links below:


Please take the time to read the information below as it makes our service much more affordable , if we don’t use it we will lose it!!
Non-government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme
Students attending non-state schools may be eligible for assistance under the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme which is administered by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission. For further information refer to the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme website* or phone 3336 9192.

Conveyance allowance
For full details or contact your nearest Department of Transport and Main Roads office or phone 132380
In some areas it is necessary for parents to make private arrangements for getting their children to and from school or to and from a transport service. In these cases, a conveyance allowance may be paid to assist with the cost of travel.
Parents must apply for conveyance allowance assistance during the current year of travel. Retrospective claims for travel in previous years cannot be approved. Additional assistance may be available to parents of non-state school students living outside the greater Brisbane area. Additional assistance may also be available for parents of students who live in drought-affected, or in isolated areas.
We are looking forward to working with you all again and please feel free to contact us if you require more information.

Kind Regards
Barry & Caroline Giles
Hinter-Coast Transport
1300 658 971
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Community Notices
Anthroposophical Counselling
Dr Patricia Sherwood will be visiting our region on Monday 8th September and offering private counselling sessions and assessments at the school. Patricia is the director of Sophia College an Anthroposophically based counselling organisation with campuses in Bunbury, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. She is available to see children, adolescents, adults and couples and  visits to her are covered under  medicare. Please contact her direct to make an appointment on  0417 977 085.
Single Mums On A Mission - REPEAT
We are 2 single Mums with 3 girls between us and our goal is to inspire our daughters, empower women, other single parents and anyone who believes that everything is possible!  For more information see here:  Mums On A Mission
Parent Choir - REPEAT
Whole Spirit Song is starting Friday 1 August
Time: 9.05-9.45am (straight after drop-off)
Venue: Eurhythmy Room
Cost: $8 per session (with a discount if more than ten people)
Dates: Fridays from 1 August to 13 September inclusive ($56 for the term)
What to bring: Just yourselves in comfortable clothes that are easy to move in
ALL parents welcome. If you come to the early sessions you can help influence the group's future direction. 
Enquiries to:
Amanda Cole
Rhythmical Massage - REPEAT
Rhythmical Massage which is from the Anthroposophical Medical Model is available at Sunspace Café, Beddington Road, Doonan.
Please phone Lorraine Birse on 0403 760 680 for appointments.
Waldorf Today
Here is the link to the latest Waldorf Today Blog: WALDORF TODAY
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