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Newsletter Issue #7 - 3 May 2013
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Principal's Message
by Janet Molloy
Dear Parents and Friends,

  The impulse behind the foundation of the first Steiner (or Waldorf) school came after the end of The Great War (WW I) when an industrialist, Emil Molt,  approached Rudolf Steiner, who was well-known for his altruism and concern for conservation of the earth to support all that is healthily human.  Emil Molt was anxious that the horrors of The Great War would never be repeated and asked Steiner to help write a school curriculum which would unite peoples, enhance compassion, nurture the earth with an awareness of the spiritual in all, and educate children in a way which was in line with, and would support, their development.
  As you read through our newsletters, I hope you will feel as I do, that Steiner would be proud of the young people who are or have been in our care and have been educated under his name.  In every edition we read of the selfless, humane and noble deeds of our young people as they give back to younger children, their community, to conservation, to the world.   This week you will read of the work done so willingly and cheerfully by Class Six students.  You will also read of the adventures, compassion, concern and activism of one of our young Class 12 graduates.  When we see what these young people are capable of, it appears that the appeal that Steiner made in the following verse can be seen as a reality.

Spirits ever watchful
Flame through the powerlessness of timid souls
Burn egotism
Ignite compassion
So that altruism, the life-stream of humanity,
May hold sway as source of spiritual rebirth.  Rudolf Steiner

  This is what our education is all about and I, for one, feel gratitude for and sincere confidence in the future leaders of society who will step forth from our Class Twelve each year.  Do they know how lucky they are and are they grateful for their education?  Well, Ophelia knows and is certainly grateful!  And I’m sure she is not the only one.
  On another topic, altogether, it has become evident to many, and especially those who work in the office, that the part-time situation in reception is far from ideal.  For that reason, and because neither Kerrie nor Claire wish to work full-time, we are now advertising this position.  Kerrie will be with us until the end of May when she goes on holiday and Claire will be with us until she leaves for her annual sojourn into the snow.  We will miss them both very much and will announce the new appointment as soon as we have made it.
  We have also received a resignation from Lisa Stirling which is sad for us but exciting for her.  Lisa has decided to resume her studies full time.  She has very kindly given us plenty of notice and will be leaving towards the end of September after she has spent some time orientating the new person.  I am sure that Lisa will keep in touch and give us progress reports on her studies.  We wish her all the best with them.  We will also be advertising her position and will announce that appointment as soon as possible. 
Kind regards,

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Office Angels News

Flower Girls
Flower Girls: Louise, Faith & Elena making beautiful use of the marigolds!

  • ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Noosa Pengari Steiner School Association Incoporated:  A reminder to all Association members that the AGM will be held on Wednesday 15th May 2013 in the Hall, at 7pm. Association membership is open to all members of the school and wider community. Application for membership can still be made in time for the AGM. To become a member of the Association contact the school office for further details.
  • BUS FARE ASSISTANCE Semester 1 2013:  Applications for Bus Fare Assistance will be available online from now until 31 May 2013.  Applications received after 31 May 2013 cannot be processed.  Applications can be made online via the following web site:, then select the Bus Fare Assistance tab.
  • Maintenance Request from Wayne:  Work will soon begin on the new Manual Arts building!  The school is after a large quantity of clean fill to build up the site for this building project. This is expensive to obtain and transport. Pool builders have to pay to get the same stuff dumped so are usually keen to find a free place to dump their fill . So, if anyone knows of any pools being built in the vicinity in the very near future. Please forward the contact details or at least the name of the pool builder to Wayne:
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Primary School News
Class 6, Fiona Niven
C6 - 1
  From the earth education we have been learning all our school life, to the intense focus this year; the children are showing a great appreciation for our earth, awe for what it provides and how it all connects us to it, along with a deep understanding of how they can impact on its well being.
  The children have been practising ‘Magic Spots’, a chance to sit in nature quietly and observe closely without distraction, and then reflect upon what they see and feel.  “Today there are many mosquitoes still, but there is a bit of sun peeking through the clouds. ThC6 - 2ose mosquitoes are very annoying, but I try to not let them distract me. There is so much to see in my magic spot. There have been birds flitting in and out of this tree near me. I think they are building a nest and if I am very still I can hear so much more than I knew was there.” The children have now earned their ‘Y’ key from the Earth Keeper program and will soon embark on the final key – the ‘S’, which will involve further focused nature work.
  I was very proud of the class and their ideas for offering ‘gifts’ to the school in our days leading up to Easter; they provided games for the lower school, a quartet played for pre-school, others cooked for the teachers' faculty meeting, some tidied up the school grounds and others livened up the admin staff's  day with song. These gestures of kindness have spilled into our everyday week, with rubbish bin collection on Mondays, craft assisting on Fridays in Pre-school, and reading to class 2 coming up.
  Speaking of Class 2, our first project for the year was to design an Early Reader book. They had to create a story that used simple early reader words, write clearly and neatly, and illustrate to match the story. The second part of the project was to read their story book to a small group of Class 2ers. This had to be done in a clear voice, with expression, and answer any questions. This was a heart warming experience. The Class 6ers were a bit nervous, but afterwards were so thrilled with the experience, they all commented on how cute the younger children were. These books have been gifted to Class 2 as a resource for their "learning to read" program. They are currently at the Office, so please read some samples. They are delightful.
C6 - 3  C6 - 4
C6 - 5  C6 - 6
C6 - 7  C6 - 8
C6 - 9  C6 - 10
C6 - 11  C6 - 12
C6 - 13

  Through our stories of Rome, Class students are deepening their understanding of grammar; learning the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs, conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions, and soon adjectival and adverbial phrases. The class is split into Patriarchs and Plebeians and feeling what it is like to live as one who has no voice, or one who has, as well as participate in a group recital of Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay’s poem called ‘Horatius at the Bridge’.
  In craft the children are realising they can transform simple raw materials into beautiful gifts, and that a simple dolphin stitch can do so much more than they realised, with a wrap-around of thread here or a backwards move there;  and of course, it is meaningful that they can now assist the pre-schoolers in their endeavours to stitch. (More examples of Class 6 beautiful craftwork and Early Reader books are on display in the schol office. Editor)

  This Term we have returned to the Marimbas with Jalberto, a chance to loosen up their rhythmic selves and enjoy the more primal experience of these instruments.  On Friday afternoons we all eagerly pack ourselves into the bus for gymnastics and the awesome program run by the gymnastics club, a great chance to jump, swing, stretch, and build up body core strength.  There is always so much to share, but what strikes me most, is the caring, the kindness, and the fun Class 6 children have for each and with each other. I am blessed to be a part of their lives.   

Fiona Niven
Class 6 Teacher  
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High School News
Class 10 News
By C10 Students

  On Sunday, the 5th of May, Class 10 is holding a Learn To Sail day at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club as a fundraiser for their camp to Cambodia at the end of the year. The six Noosa Pengari high school students running the event are qualified sailing instructors, have a current first-aid certificate and are employed at the Yacht Club. All children are required to wear life-jackets provided at the club, and will be briefed before heading out. A rescue boat will be out while we are sailing to ensure extra safety.
Years 1-3 arrival time – 9 a.m
Years 4-7 arrival time – 10:30 a.m

  The price will be $10 for an hour and a half session, and all payments must be given to the class teacher before lunchtime on Friday the 3rd of May. Forms are outside each classroom. Places are limited to 20 children per session, so be quick!
If there is enough interest, another day will be held in the future.
Thank you for your support
Class 10 
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Pengari Press Launch
Class 11 Students
TONIGHT Friday 3rd May, 6pm.  Meet us in the Hall and join us for food, drinks and the writings of our talented students! 
Shakespeare Meme
Apologies William!
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Instrumental Music
Ric Halstead, Woodwind Tuition & Ensemble
  The new flute students are making great progress in mastering the basics of flute playing, particularly Jordann who has shown an exceptional aptitude for the flute and is storming ahead. It is fantastic that the school has provided these new students with brand new flutes to hire which play really easily. As with any instrument, it is always good to have a quality instrument to start with as one needs all the help one can get in the early stages. Sometimes with a used instrument there can be problems with the instrument itself which can make it difficult and frustrating to learn on.
Flute Players
Class 5 Flautists Taya, Mercedes & Mia with Ric
  As many of you may have heard, the more advanced students are tackling some beautiful pieces by J.S. Bach which are not only a joy to play but technically quite demanding and hopefully, easy on the ear.
  The sax students are working on some demanding iconic saxophone pieces from the world of jazz and popular music. You may have heard the immediately indentifiable strains of the alto sax line from 'Baker Street' and even 'Take 5' - a notably tricky melody there and quite a challenge.
Sax Lesson
Mimmo, tenor saxophone & Ric
  With the High School ensemble this year, we are working on three main pieces - an instrumental version of the Amy Winehouse song 'Rehab' which features all the sax players, a vocal version of Adele's 'Someone Like You' which presents many vocal challenges and for some good fun - James Brown's 'I Feel Good' which has some classic saxophone riffs along with an exhuberant vocal from Ryan. One thing I am hoping for with this year's students in the ensemble is that they understand that a band which plays and works together can be so much more than the sum of its individual parts. Everyone has an important role to play in rehearsing the music - no matter how small their part may be - it will all add up to making a creditable and enjoyable final performance and hopefully all will have some fun on the way!

Ric Halstead
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Kicking Goals
Tyson Bose, Futsal Coach
  Last night the Pengari Panthers aka the Class 10 Futsal team, played their second match of the comp held at the Leisure Centre on Wednesday nights. Following last week’s heavy loss 10-2 in their first match, the team received some coaching during the week and turned up a much more confident unit.
  The game began extremely fast paced with Corey Green  making a handful of great saves in goal and, creating space for attack, allowing Charlie to score two identical goals in quick succession. From there the class 10 boys and their delighted player/coach never looked back as they went on to win 7-3 against last year’s champions with most of the players all getting on the score sheet.
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Parent Outdoor Programme (POP)
Andre Vogel, Outdoor Education Teacher
Zoe Abseiling
Zoe Tringham, Class 9 Abseiling on the recent class camp
A reminder of the POP weekend event coming up in May:
18-19 May (2 days & I night) - Noosa Hinterland Exploration - Mtn biking,Canoeing, Hiking, Climbing, Abseiling
18 May (Sat) - Noosa Trails Mountain Bike - Day option for Mtn biking only
19 May (Sun) - Tinbeerwah adventure - Day option for canoe & climb only
C11 Camp
Contact Andre for more details:
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Personality Profile
Sport & Humanities, Tyson Bose
Before I lived on the Sunshine Coast I was – living & teaching in "sunny" London for 5 years.
A song that gets me dancing - anything by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
I relax by –  watching English football.
The best holiday I ever had was – the Class 10 trip to Christchurch NZ last year.
My secret talent (that is no longer secret) –  I'm an OK drummer.
The people who most inspire me – all my wonderful colleagues around me.
At the moment I am reading - The Flashman Papers by George MacDonald Fraser.
My favourite music is – Rock, Tame Impala.
I love to eat - hamburgers. 
My biggest weakness – dark chocolate.
People describe me as – having a good sense of humour, young at heart and relaxed.
One of my goals for the year is - to stop procrastinating and attain my canoe and bus licences.
In ten years I will be - Head Coach of Tottenham Hotspurs.
Most embarrassing moment – there are too many to count?
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What Are They Up To Now?
Ophelia Goldschmidt, Class 12 Graduate 2012
Fifi & Chell
Ophelia in blue with Marcella at 2012 Childrens Festival
  The day after graduating I set out on a journey that would last the next four and a half months. 
  I started off in Bali, with my mother and two close friends Chloe and Marcella.
We stayed in Bali for nearly a month, and spent our time travelling and enjoying our newly graduated freedom by lazing in the sun.  From Bali I took a flight to Cochin, India, and met my sister Sophia and her boyfriend Brad.
Oph & Soph
  We took public trains and travelled to Agra,throughout Rajastan, Dehli and then spent Christmas high in the mountains of McLoud Ganj, in the company of Tibetan monks.
  From McLoud Ganj we travelled to Varanasi, where we spent our last days together, walking along the River Ganges.  I then left Sophia and Brad and made my way to Delhi, and then Nepal.
  I flew out of Delhi on New Years Eve, planning to start work in the Nepalese orphanage the next day. 
  In normal fashion, I was not prepared for the 0 to -5 degree climate and decided that the best solution would be to wear everything I owned, consisting of two pairs of tights, five pairs of socks, three tight three quarter tops, a singlet,T-shirt,turtle neck, two jumpers, a scarf as a skirt and three scarves around my neck. 
Ophelia with Children  I arrived at my hostel at 8pm, had my first food and water for the day and dragged myself to my room which had no power and only water from one small tap and a thin cushion between my spine and the bed slats. Never the less I gratefully went to sleep only to be woken at 3am with vomitting and gastro, which had me bed ridden for the next few days. Not a great way to start the new year alone and seriously ill. 
  When I was finally able to get out of bed, I decided it was time to go to the orphange. I met with my coordinator and we took a taxi through the rubbled streets of Kathmandu to the Shiva Puri National Park. 
  I was staying with a man called Rabindra and a woman called Gorma. Rabindra was the man who started the orphanage, and had the most beautiful soul. I soon found out that his family lived two hours away and that he only saw them every few weeks as he worked in Shiva Puri to fund the orphanage, and the children's schooling.  Gorma was only 22 but it was not apparent in her features. She was originally from the orphanage, but after cooking for the children for six years she decided she wanted to leave. Due to her cast, she was unable to marry, and so Rabindra let her live in his home and work as a seamstress in the town.
  The Orphanage was very basic, with no electricity and 26 children crammed into three small bedrooms. After the first few days of the children being as hard and standoffish as possible, they warmed towards me. 
  There was no adult to tell me what to do, so I did what I felt was needed, which included cooking dinner, serving breakfast,dressing the young ones for school and mostly playing with the children and helping with their homework, which was difficult when the little ones asked for help with Hindi. 
  I was still incredibly sick, and getting up at 7am when I'd been up all night unwell and the temperature was -5 was a big challenge, so I spent the first few weeks sleeping during the day and occasionally going into town to get medicine while the children were at school. 
After a month in the orphanage, my sister came to Nepal, and we travelled throughout Nepal, visiting the birthplace of Buddha, Chitwan National Park and one of my favourite places Pokhara.
  Sophia left and I went back to finish the rest of my orphanage work. For the next few weeks I decided that every second day I would teach at the school at which nine of my orphanage children attended. 
  I taught  whichever class had an absent teacher, which was most, since some days up to five teachers were absent. My lessons included English, social studies, health, music and quite a few hangman games, with classes varying from grade 3 to grade 9. In all honesty, I didn't enjoy teaching as much as I thought I would, but I could tell the boys from the orphanage enjoyed having me there, and I was proud to see them excelling in their classes, with many of them being graded first in their class.
O at O  One of my fondest memories would be when I was walking home with the boys and one of them, a boy called Manoj who hadn't shown any interest in my being there, grabbed my hand and held it all the way back to the orphanage, which was so sweet.
Leaving was horrible, and I felt so bad about leaving it as it was clear they were angry and hurt, which was the hardest part.
  I had always said I wouldn't go to China because of what they have done and are doing to Tibet, however, I made a Chinese friend in Nepal and felt that it was wrong to act in the way I had, and I should go and experience China and then make a decision about how I felt for it. It's safe to say after three weeks and a damaged ankle from tripping on the Great Wall, I probably won't go there again. 
  I arrived home, and two days later left to be an ambassador for the Oaktree Foundation, on their roadtrip to launch the "Movement to End Poverty". 
  The roadtrip was a nine day campaign to gain signatures which we then took to meetings with our MP's in parliment. The main goal was to show the government that we weren't ok with their dishonestly about the foreign aid budget, and that we, as a country are adament that they keep to their aid promise of 0.7% (70 cents out of $100 Australia makes) by 2020.
  As we travelled through towns on our way to Canberra we did street campaigning, door knocking, and media stunts, which helped get the message across and create awareness for our cause. 
  In Canberra, we did a media stunt on the lawns of Parliment House, and then had meetings with MP's. 
Road Trip
  I felt really blessed and fortunate to be an amassador for this cause and was able to meet amazing people and listen to so many inspirational talks. Through gaining a deeper understanding in foreign aid and the importance of giving countries in need a hand UP not a hand OUT, which is what our foreign aid budget supports, I realised that I wanted to be part of a change, and incorporating my beliefs in women healing the world, equality in all aspects and a need for nurture on our planet, I have been inspired to become a midwife and work in regions of the world which lack the expertise and have high rates of mortality during childbirth.
   I am now home, and happy to spend time with my family before my next adventure in late June.  I will be returning to Nepal to volunteer with highschool teacher, and close friend Trish.  We will be working with street children, and I will also get to visit my orphanage children again. From there I will be heading to Italy, Greece, Israel, Egypt and Africa as a volunteer and then Morocco, Spain, France, Germany and then London, where I have decided I will live for the next year. 
  I've been able to reflect on how truly grateful I am for the education and upbringing Steiner Education has given me.  I recently returned to the highschool to talk to the students about the Live Below the Line Campaign,and was so delighted with all the teachers and students as they are all so wonderful, and the new class 8 is GORGEOUS!
I feel confident in myself and my future, and am blessed to have the Noosa Pengari Steiner School Community behind me.  

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Maths Puzzle
From Francis Glasspool
  The Maths Puzzles will be a regular feature in the Newsltter from now on!  Francis provides a maths puzzle for the Staff Memo each week so that staff can hone their maths skills.  Now, everyone has the opportunity to get in touch with their inner mathematician.  Please send your response to the puzzle to Francis:
Take a number, multiply the digits together, and repeat, until you end up with a single digit.
Eg. For 437
4 × 3 × 7 = 84
8 × 4 = 32
3 × 2 = 6
As this took three steps, 437 is said to have a Persistence of three.
The smallest number with persistence two is 25 (2 × 5 = 10, 1 × 0 = 0)
What is the smallest number with persistence of three?
(…and four?)

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P & F Link
Childrens Festival Poster
To download your copy of the poster click here:
C F 2013 Poster
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Bus News
From Hinter-Coast Transport
Noosa Pengari School Bus Service

Please help to keep the Steiner School Bus service running, eliminate parking problems around school, help the environment and, most importantly, help yourselves.
Currently there are Two services, running from Pomona ,Cooroy & Eumundi, as well as Coolum Peregian Springs, Noosa Junction & Weyba Rd.  
Families using these runs can qualify for subsidies from the Non Govt Bus Fare Assistance Scheme.
For more information go to  We can also offer payment plans for more flexibility. 
Once again bus numbers are low, we would love to hear from you and help with your school transport requirements.
To all our old faithful families THANK YOU for your continued support as you have continually kept the Wheels on the Buses turning.
Warm regards,
Barry & Caroline
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Community Notices
Psychologist Available
Ina Van Puymbroech is a Registered Psychologist who is also registered with Medicare to allow the rebates when referred by a GP.
Ina has an understanding of the way we work with children as she has come from the teaching profession and has taught in a Steiner school during the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Ina is available to see people with referrals or without, either at her clinic or at school.  Please contact Ina directly on:
Mobile: 0403 409 772

Caring For Your Young Child - Workshops
With Connie Grawert
As detailed in Newsleter #5, Connie is offering a series of workshops to the school and wider community.  For more information see the Information Flyer and to attend please complete the Registration Form.

Waldorf Today
Here is the link to the latest Waldorf Today Blog:
Waldorf Today

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