Noosa Pengari Steiner School Newsletter Issue #8 - 23 May 2014
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Newsletter Issue #8 - 23 May 2014
Term Dates 2014

Term 1:  (10 weeks) 28 Jan - 4 Apr

Term 2: (10 weeks) 23 Apr - 27 Jun
P-prep  (11 weeks) 22 Apr - 4 Jul

Term 3:  (9 weeks) 22 Jul - 19 Sep

Term 4:  (9 weeks) 8 Oct - 5 Dec
P-prep (11 weeks) 7 Oct - 19 Dec

Term Dates 2014

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  3. Office Angels News
  4. News from the Finance Desk
  5. Class 3 Clocks
  6. Class 3 Sweet Corn Harvest
  7. Music News
  8. 5 Things Teacher Wish Parents Knew
  9. P & F Update
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  11. Bus News
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 Principal's Message
From Allen Kloeden, Principal
I am pleased to announce to the school community, some exciting staffing news.  Our Academic Director is commencing at the beginning of Term 3.  The key tasks of this new role include:
  • Identify areas for curriculum enrichment and pedagogical best practice in accordance with Steiner philosophy and values
  • Ensure compliance with the National Steiner Curriculum
  • Ensure appropriate mentoring of staff in Steiner curriculum and pedagogy
  • Recommend a program of staff professional development (PD).
  • Maintain academic standards
  • Periodically receive and review teaching plans and programs
  • Conduct periodic reviews of teaching staff as part of the annual performance appraisal process
  • Co-ordinate student assessment processes
  • Ensure the right mix of extension programs and educational support programs are in place
  • Ensure Learning Support plans appropriately support class teaching processes
  • Ensure appropriate parental communication processes take place
  • Ensure the Anthroposophical underpinnings of Steiner Education are upheld across the school
  • Benchmark the School against best practice in Waldorf / Steiner and mainstream schools.
  • Research and recommend additional and/or alternative subject and curriculum offerings to enhance the authenticity of the school’s educational program as a model Steiner school.
The Academic Director is John Stewart, currently Principal of the Candlenut Steiner School, Kuranda, North Qld.  John tells us this about himself:
"I was first introduced to Steiner education through attending fairs and other community events. My interest in Anthroposophy and its application to teaching was kindled to the extent that I entered my University teacher training with the sole intention of working in a Steiner school. Once I was able to secure a teaching round at the Constantia Waldorf School in Cape Town, I experienced an immediate and overwhelming sensation of having ‘come home.’
 Upon graduation, I sought a position in a Steiner school, and began working in our educational movement in the year 2000. Since then, I have worked in five Steiner schools in three countries. My dedication to Steiner educational philosophy and methodology has continued to grow, and I become more passionate about it with each passing year.
I have contributed to the development of the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework, a process that demanded a thorough understanding of the new national curriculum, the local state curriculum, and the programmes historically in place in Steiner schools around Australia.
As a writer for Mathematics and a subject advisor for Science, I have gained an invaluable opportunity to deepen my understanding of Anthroposophy and Steiner’s indications for education. My curriculum research has been in part aided by my experience of teaching  in both Main and Practice lesson formats in three countries. I have also had the opportunity to work as a class teacher.
These years as a class teacher represented an invaluable personal and professional challenge to me. It was at that time that my faith in the efficacy of the Steiner curriculum was rewarded.
My personal and professional interactions are informed by my evolving grasp of Anthroposophy, and my desire to continue striving to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of the human being and our place within the Cosmos. My commitment to Steiner education and my firm belief in its philosophy and methodology have made it easy for me to speak on its behalf. I have been giving presentations to parents and colleagues in one form or another for at least a decade. It is my passionate intention to continue to work for the promotion of Steiner education for many more."
John is well known to a number of our staff, and we all eagerly look forward to his arrival, together with his wife and two children.
And some more exciting staffing news!   We have a wonderful team of gifted musicians teaching our students a variety of instruments, or teaching music classes.  I have appointed Emily Nutt to be our Music Coordinator. Some of the key responsibilities of the Music Coordinator are:
  • Setting the tone and ethos of the Music Programme and for Music at Noosa Pengari Steiner School.  Articulating a clear vision, ensuring that the Music Programme works towards this vision;
  • To inspire and lead all Music Programme staff, so that staff ensure students are motivated and enjoy participating in music making and are given the opportunities to develop their creative talents in a positive, innovative and effective working environment;
  • Planning a diverse programme of concerts and musical events both formal and informal each year to challenge and display the work of choirs, orchestras, bands, chamber groups and other ensembles and to give performing opportunities for all musicians. This should include School concerts, class concerts, festivals, and other school functions as appropriate;
  • To oversee all the range and quality of orchestras, choirs and ensembles – ensuring rehearsals, staffing and performance opportunities;
  • To ensure a diverse range and style of music making is promoted within the School,  and that students have the opportunity to explore a variety of music genres;
  • To foster links with local and national music organisations;
  • To take responsibility for all aspects of teaching and learning in music within and beyond the curriculum;
Emily will take up this position before the end of Term 2, upon her return from leave.

I expect these two appointments will make a significant contribution to our aspiration to be a model Steiner school.  

Kind regards,
Allen Kloeden
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From Di Caskey
Recently, music teacher Emily married Nick in a moving ceremony in Yandina. Three of our students had the pleasure and honour of playing at the wedding with some of her other students on the coast.
The strings group played as guests arrived, as she walked through the bamboo grove with her parents, during the register signing and afterwards. Songs included a very moving Misty Mountain, Game of Thrones, Hava Nagila and Sway.

Emily is enjoying her honeymoon and we wish her and her family all the very best.

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Office Angels News

  • BUS FARE ASSISTANCE:  The Non-Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NGSTAS), funded by the Queensland State Government, is administered by Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) on behalf of all non-state schools.  Semester 1 2014 online applications for both the BFAP and SWD Programs will be accepted from now until 31st May 2014.  Further details are available in theis flyer:  BUS FARE ASSISTANCE SCHEME   Applications received after 31st May 2014 will not be processed.  
    To lodge an online application for either program, the following link can be used
  • CONTACT INFORMATION:  A gentle reminder to all parents that it is very important to keep contact details, including residential address details up-to-date with the school.  Please come in and see us or send us an email if ANY of your details change.
  • 1ST AID COURSE:  Staff will again be updating 1st Aid qualifications with an accredited training provider on Saturday 24th May at 9am.  If you would like to take part please contact the school office for details.
  • SCHOOL VACCINATIONS:  A reminder to those parents of students in Classes 8 & 10 who are taking part in the school vaccination programme, the next scheduled visit for this is Monday 26th May.
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 News From the Finance Desk
From Anne Shay, Business Administrator

PRE-PREP Families ONLY: The school has now received Heath Care Card funding for Semester 1.  This will be applied to parent accounts shortly.  The school requires updated details for Health Card holders for Semester 2 funding.  Please complete the following form and return it to the school office if this is applicable to your family.  HCC Form for Pre-prep
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, please email Anne: 
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 Class 3 Clocks
The "Special Project"
As part of recent craft lessons, Class 3 have created needle-felted & wooden clocks. 

Special thanks for the support of Milo's dad, Gavin Simpson who cut out the wooden circles and then routed the back of all the clocks to hold the mechanism.  The children very proudly presented their clocks as Mother's Day gifts to surprised (maybe not Milo's Mum) and delighted Mums.

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Class 3 Sweet Corn Harvest
From Alexander Steenblock
What a great highlight of the gardening activities with class three it was to harvest the sweet corn! It was a joy to see the big excitement in the children. It was truly a great sense of achievement. Lots of hard work went into it all during the process of growing those large,  nutritious and delicious plants from preparing the ground, sowing, maintenance work like watering, weeding, fertilising. After lots of patience there was the big joy as the sweet corn got picked. It will be eaten in a couple of days as the class will cook it together. I had a taste test before writing those lines and I must say it was the best tasting sweet corn I ever eaten during my many farming years. Well done dear class three!

The Sweet Corn Feast

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Music News
There are two school music events coming to put in your diaries.
Wednesday 4th June, 2.20pm - 3pm Steiner Strings (Primary School) performance in the Hall

Wednesday 11th June 11.30am - 1pm High School Ensemble performance in the Hall.

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5 Things Teachers Wish Parent Knew
Reprinted Article from the New York Times, published 21st March 2014
"5 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew: Your Children Can Do More Than You Think"

This week, I’m turning the tables and giving some space to the “teacher” half of the “Parent-Teacher Conference.” When I ask teachers, “What one thing would you want your students’ parents to know?” the same five points come up over and over again.

  1.  Your kids can do much more than you think they can do.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, your children do not need your help tying shoes, zipping jackets, sharpening pencils, packing their backpacks and lunch, or any of the million other tasks they expect you to do for them every day.  Take some direction from kindergarten teachers. If you think it takes an eternity to get your children out the door, imagine getting 20 children out the door, six times a day. Elementary school teachers are masters of delegation, so the child proficient at shoelaces becomes their “tying expert,” and the boy with a skill for zippers becomes the designated “zipper helper,” and before you can say “self-sufficient,” every child in the class has learned to tie and zip and mitten themselves. The next time your child tells you they can’t do something, step back and wait.
  2. It’s not healthy to give your child constant feedback. When children require approval on every scribble, homework problem and picture they draw, it’s probably because they have been offered feedback on every scribble, homework problem and picture they draw. It’s vital that children develop their own internal locus of approval and honest self-assessment, because as they grow up and face hardship, they need to be able to look to themselves for strength and approval. If they can’t, they will be much more susceptible to the superficial external approval that comes their way in the form of peer pressure, bullying and the usual social jostling. As you wean them off of your feedback, turn their “Mommy, is this picture good?” or “Daddy, did I do a good job?” back on them, and ask them how they feel about their work.
  3. We promise not to believe everything your child says happens at home if you promise not to believe everything your child says happens in our classrooms.  Experienced teachers know that not everything children share during circle time represents an accurate reflection of what goes on in their home. When, for example, my cousin’s son told to his entire class that a robot had come to his house and removed his mommy’s lady parts, his teacher was wise enough to remain sceptical. Accordingly, when your child comes home and claims that the teacher screamed and yelled at him in front of the entire class for his low test score, try to give his teacher the benefit of the doubt until you’ve had a chance to talk to the teacher about it.
  4. Your children learn and act according to what you do, not what you say.  You are your child’s first and best teacher, and they learn more from your actions rather than your words. When you tell your child that it’s rude to text during conversations, yet you continue to read your email while pretending to listen to him talk about his day, you are teaching him to distrust your words and your intent, while reinforcing the very behaviour you seek to modify.  In the same vein, if you want to promote a behaviour such as a love of learning, model that, too. Seek out new knowledge and experiences; learn something new just for the sake of learning. As teacher S.Q. wrote in an email, “Model intellectual curiosity and a visceral pleasure in learning. Not just the brainy stuff, but anything of interest (how to clean spark plugs, what kinds of woodwork best on a wood lathe, what the fox says). Show your own interest in learning by reading, thinking aloud, wondering aloud.”
  5. Teach your children that mistakes aren’t signs of weakness but a vital part of growth and learning. Let your children see you fail, admit to your mistakes, and talk openly about how you have learned from those mistakes. As teacher K.M. wrote in an email, “Failure is part of the process. It’s what they do after they fail that matters. If you pick them up after their every failure, they learn nothing about how to begin again.”

Jessica Lahey is an educator, writer and speaker. She writes about parenting and education for The New York Times, The Atlantic, Vermont Public Radio and her own blog,
Coming of Age in the Middle.
Her book, “The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed,” will be published by HarperCollins in 2015.
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P & F Update

Dear Everyone,

It’s time to look into your closets and clean out your draws.  We are seeking all your Second Hand Clothing.  If you have something to contribute please put your bags of nicely folded clean donations in the back corridor between school hall and kitchen. 
And do you have a donation for our famous raffle?  We would love to have it so bring it in and give to your Class Liaison.
Thank you.

Parents & Friends email address:
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Maths Puzzle
From Francis Glasspool, High School Maths Teacher
Here are your Maths Puzzles for this edition!  Please send your solutions to the puzzle to Francis:

When this diagram is folded to make a cube, which side is opposite F?
A fourteen digit credit card number is shown below. The sum of any three digits in a row is 20.

      7       ?       9    

What digit is in the box marked "?"?
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Bus News
Noosa Pengari School Bus Service
Thanks to all families for your continued support and we are excited about another great year ahead.
Using the Noosa Pengari Bus Service is a great way to reduce  traffic around the school grounds as well as doing our bit to preserve the environment.
This Term we are offering bus services from:

  • Pomona,Cooroy, Sunrise Rd ,Noosa Pengari Steiner School
  • Coolum, Peregian Springs, Peregian, Castaways, Noosa Junction & Noosaville. Have a look at our timetables in the two links below:


Please take the time to read the information below as it makes our service much more affordable , if we don’t use it we will lose it!!
Non-government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme
Students attending non-state schools may be eligible for assistance under the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme which is administered by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission. For further information refer to the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme website* or phone 3336 9192.

Conveyance allowance
For full details or contact your nearest Department of Transport and Main Roads office or phone 132380
In some areas it is necessary for parents to make private arrangements for getting their children to and from school or to and from a transport service. In these cases, a conveyance allowance may be paid to assist with the cost of travel.
Parents must apply for conveyance allowance assistance during the current year of travel. Retrospective claims for travel in previous years cannot be approved. Additional assistance may be available to parents of non-state school students living outside the greater Brisbane area. Additional assistance may also be available for parents of students who live in drought-affected, or in isolated areas.
We are looking forward to working with you all again and please feel free to contact us if you require more information.

Kind Regards
Barry & Caroline Giles
Hinter-Coast Transport
1300 568 971
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Community Notices
Lions Youth Emergency Accommodation 
A bike ride fundraiser to be held in August in support of the Lions Youth Emergency Accommodation Center.  For more information see the flyer:  MB100 FLYER or visit the website: 
Noosa Botanic Garden - Guided Stroll
Sunday 25th May  Join FNBG Botanist, Dr Seonaid Melville for a stroll through the gardens to explore the seasonal changes as plants respond to shorter days and cooler temperatures. The Autumn foliage provides an impressive display, as do the colourful displays of daisies and other flowering plants that brighten the cooler months.  Meet at the large shelter near the Zen Garden at 10am.
For more information contact Seonaid on  042 784 3190 or 
Rhythmical Massage
Rhythmical Massage which is from the Anthroposophical Medical Model is available at Sunspace Café, Beddington Road, Doonan.
Please phone Lorraine Birse on 0403 760 680 for appointments.
World Environment Day (WED)
World Environment Day, organised by the Sunshine Coast Environment Council will be held on Saturday 8th June and is always a great day out for families.  For more information about the day see the flyer: WED Fyler
Steiner-Based Workshops
Workshops presented by Jonathan Anstock to be held during June on the Sunshine Coast, Samford Valley & UQ.  Further information contained in the flyer:  SBW FLYER
Waldorf Today
Here is the link to the latest Waldorf Today Blog: WALDORF TODAY
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