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Interim Management in the Agile Organization

The English language has this remarkable capacity to generate “buzzwords”, ancient parts of our vocabulary that suddenly mean something they never did before. Business press and business internet sites are full of references to “agility” these days. While the term “agile” was always used to describe someone who was physically nimble and/or mentally acute, “agility” in the world of commerce now connotes what we previously may have termed “flexibility” or “adaptability”. And these are highly valued characteristics of enterprises coping with the frequency and speed of change in an increasingly complex and inter-connected business environment. Thus, we see frequent references to the agile organization, the agile business, the agile workplace and the agile workforce. There are many, many professional service enterprises that have incorporated the word “agile” into their corporate names. 
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Doing Business With Aboriginal Peoples

It’s an interesting time to be contemplating business ventures in Canada that include Aboriginal peoples. Technology advances have brought the internet to all but the most remote of Aboriginal communities, resulting in a knowledge of the  outside world that didn’t exist even a couple of decades ago. That’s been a game changer; access to information is a powerful and transformative force. Along with that comes the awareness of the outside world of the traditional way of life of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people and their rights to access and use of their territories. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and subsequent Supreme Court decisions, ensure that development of industrial projects in Canada must now involve affected Aboriginal peoples.
Two of the main reasons you may find yourself wanting to do business with Aboriginal people are: 1) involvement with a large project on “Crown Land” like a resource extraction project; or, 2) planning a business venture in an area near to Aboriginal communities. In these cases (and there are many more) you would be well advised to embark on your interaction with Aboriginal people with care and respect. An experienced Aboriginal Business Consultant can help you plan your approach and interactions to maximize opportunities, minimize delays and avoid mistakes.

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Featured OIM Principals
Iain Drummond
Iain Drummond is a highly experienced IT executive with an extensive background as CEO of both public and private companies. He is well-versed in all aspects of management, including running international operations for a large multinational computer manufacturer.

Randy Williams
Randy Williams is recognized as a leader in developing and executing strategies to reposition or restructure organizations. He has extensive experience in re-energizing organizations to offer shareholders a motivated and service oriented workforce. 
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Featured OBA Advisors
Ross O'Donnell
An operations management expert who believes in people, process and technology, Ross O’Donnell is known for his ability to adapt processes that are not efficient in serving the needs of the company’s employees or customers. 
Loie Unwin
Loie Unwin brings over 30 years of experience managing projects, teams and events in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to her clients as an Executive Coach, Project Manager, Facilitator and Trainer.
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What's New

New Mandate – Simon House Recovery Centre
Simon House is a 32 year old addiction treatment and recovery centre for adult males located in Calgary. Following completion of a successful interim leadership contract, Osborne has been asked to facilitate the development of a new strategic plan for the Society.
New Mandate – Kisoniyaminaw Heritage Trust
This independent, arm’s length trust organization invests, manages and disperses funds for the benefit of Samson Cree Nation pursuant to the laws of Alberta. An Osborne Senior Business Advisor has been appointed by the Trustee Chair – Audit Committee to highly responsible position of Administrator. Her duties include coordination of all financial and other relevant documents, plus ensuring fiduciary and legal compliance with all trust rules.

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