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Our Principals and Advisors Look at Sector and Functional Trends for the Year Ahead


Oil & Gas: We continue to consume over 90 million barrels of oil a day and the outlook for 2016 is that we will consume even more. That said, the world's oil industry continues to produce more. 

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Not-for-Profits: It will be no surprise that top of everyone's list is the financial impact our weakened and still weakening economy will  have on the not-for-profit sector. Unfortunately, this is one time when trickle down economics does actually happen and as the corporate funding sources battle with their own significant challenges, community support and donations are already shrinking and will continue to do so.

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Hospitality & Tourism: There are occasions, when a New Year is upon us, we can look back and say "good riddance" while we look forward to a better and more promising future year. Unfortunately, we welcome 2016 with apprehension and trepidation and not our usual excitement and optimism. Economically, we expect 2016 will be as challenging as 2015, if not more.

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Real Estate (Edmonton): Market forces influence investors who make up only a small percentage of the residential market. Real estate, for the homeowner, is a major expenditure which is governed more by emotions and personal need than by market forces.

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Information Technology: Companies will continue to move their data to the Cloud and their software requirements to S.A.A.S. (software as a service). While there are still concerns regarding internet security, the ease with which companies can operate on 3rd party servers and software will mean that this side of the business will continue to grow in 2016.

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What's New

New Mandate – Cool Little Towns
We are pleased to announce that Osborne Interim Management will be providing services to the Cool Little Towns initiative. Economic Development Departments in seven communities have formed a partnership to develop and market tourism products and services under the brand Cool Little Towns. These communities include Okotoks, High River, Bragg Creek, Nanton, Turner Valley, Black Diamond and Foothills MD. Osborne will conduct workshops within affected communities and review research to develop a minimum of three themed tours that include a minimum of three communities in each tour.
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