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As 2015 comes to a close, we'd like to share with you the most popular Osborne articles of the year - just in case you missed some!
The Most Common Pitfalls When an Executive Director Leaves and an Interim Position is Created

“Anyone can be an Executive Director, especially when it’s a short-term fill-in position - how hard can it be, right?"
I have had that conversation more often than is good for my blood  pressure. As soon as a Board member of a not-for-profit says “how hard can it be, right?” I know they are headed for trouble. “We have a Board member (or colleague, or donor) who is retired and has time and won’t charge us anything, so he can fill in and we’ll save some cost. I mean, how hard…etc”.

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Performance Leadership Through Accountability
During my career I spend a lot of time working on the subject of performance management. Most companies define performance management as a process to exit people out of the organization. I view performance management as the starting point to coach people to improve their performance and reach greatness.
Before and/or after the performance evaluation process you may benefit from figuring out whether the person has a willingness or ability to perform.
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Mentoring - Successful People Never Achieve Their Goals Alone

In a quest to find a definition of mentoring, the term is often used inter-changeably with leadership. While it is true that good leaders can make good mentors, the two roles have very different purposes.

Leaders of organizations have one main purpose: to drive the bottom line to maximize shareholder value. While very good leaders can accomplish this through their people, this is often done at the cost of managing ongoing performance, rewarding the achievement of short-term goals and training on job specific knowledge and skills. In other words, the leader directs their people to achieve the leader’s goal.

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Leadership: Taking it Personally

Ah, Leadership. Are you cringing? The term gets tossed around like candy at Mardi Gras sometimes. Are we growing tired of hearing about leadership? Are we at risk of becoming numb to its good intent? 
As an Executive Coach, I remain a huge advocate for  helping people become more leaderful. I also know the  process begins to stale when we focus too long and too hard on it. When I sense this happening with clients, it helps to step back and call to mind where successful leadership really begins.

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Take Your Business on a 90-Day Challenge

In today's economy the 90-Day Challenge is a great exercise for any business. The 90-Day Challenge dedicates resources to identify and deliver manageable projects, in a transparent framework, within a relatively tight timeframe to produce measurable improvement to the bottom line. By providing this environment, an organization is able to focus its limited resources on key issues where changes will have a real impact on business performance.

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What's New

Client Testimonial - FREDsense Technologies
“Osborne Interim was able to provide us with a Principal who helped guide us through a technology start-up. His extensive business experience complemented the technical expertise we bring to the table and he continues to provide support and assistance to allow us to smoothly bring our product to market.” 

David Lloyd - COO

Osborne Interim Management is proud to announce that Mike Patterson has been retained as General Manager, Pacific Coast Fruits Products located in Abbotsford, BC. This follows a successful interim assignment which was completed earlier this year. Congratulations Mike!

Case Study

A bioproducts company required assistance to commercialize its manufacturing process, reduce production costs and provide product quality that was consistent. Read More

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