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"No Risk, No Reward" - Identifying and Managing Risk Tolerance for Your Business

What is Risk Management?
As a small to medium business owner or executive, is risk management something you think about or do you even think it applies to your business? What is risk management anyway? In fact, what is risk?

Risk can be considered to be “the effect of uncertainty on your business objectives” and it is an inherent part of being in business. When you make investments in your business the hope is, that they will generate a positive return, but that return can be negative, positive or even far beyond your expectations. It is that type of uncertainty that we would call risk. The management of risk is concerned with reducing business uncertainty and the impacts arising when risk events do occur.

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Mentoring - Successful People Never Achieve Their Goals Alone

In a quest to find a definition of mentoring, the term is often used interchangeably with leadership. While it is true that good leaders can make good mentors, the two roles have very different purposes.
Leaders of organizations have one main purpose: to drive the bottom line to maximize shareholder value. While very good leaders can accomplish this through their people, this is often done at the cost of managing ongoing performance, rewarding the achievement of short-term goals and training on job specific knowledge and skills. In other words, the leader directs their people to achieve the leader’s goal.
Mentors, on the other hand, altruistically impart knowledge, provide wisdom and share experiences to help their mentee achieve long term professional and personal development.

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Misconceptions About Strategic Planning

John McLaughlin, a planner, has led or contributed to countless strategic plans over a 40-year career. In this article, John shares how to address cynical attitudes towards planning and a few specific challenges with planning methodology.

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Mark Olson is a senior sales and marketing executive with a proven ability assessing business development opportunities and threats in the private sector and validation of social enterprise business models.
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Bob Davidson brings together business acumen, economic development, First Nations engagement, government relations and expertise in the energy sector.
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Maggie Verity is a Human Resources and business professional with experience in the private and public sector. She has a balance of business acumen, HR and people skills, and a particular flair for organizations which are just the right size to start needing HR.
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