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"I didn't expect that"

The Big-Brained Superhero Motto

OK. Technically, we don't have a motto. But after talking with one of our youngest Big-Brained Superheroes last week, I'm thinking that Tony Stark's "I didn't expect that" would be a great motto. Or, even, a great rallying cry.

As we were chatting about his day in school, our young Big Brain asked me the question that he and his classmates were bandying about when I came to pick him up, "Who's your favorite superhero?". After I mentioned that I like different superheroes for different reasons, he interjected, "I like Batman and Iron Man because they can fly." Of course, every time this subject comes up, I try to remind our Big Brains that the reason these heroes can fly is that they can invent. Without Creativity, Critical Thinking, Adaptability, Persistence...there is no Batman or Iron Man.

Because this concept is both fundamental and surprisingly difficult to explain to a 5 year-old (and even to a 105 year-old), I spent the weekend researching it. And, happily, that meant devoting no small amount of time to re-watching Iron Man movies, particularly the first one. In the process, I was reminded how essential it is to show the process. When trying to understand Iron Man's real superpowers, there is no replacement for watching Tony Stark fly up into a wall or drop through a ceiling or battle the icing problem. Yet, there are so few examples throughout our culture in which the process is shown in any meaningful way.

Even here, in The BBSC, we neglect to show the process. But we've seen the implications of not doing so, and they're directly contrary to our mission to tap into hidden strengths. To build a superhero, you have to imagine your goal, think about how to reach it, try it, think about how you failed, try again...All while making the most of your knowledge, experience, and resources. In other words, it's a process. And it's one that we need to both engage in and loudly celebrate as we go so that everyone, from age 5 to 105, can see the value in their own superpowers. And who knows what we'll be able to do then?

Thank you for joining in the adventure!

Meredith Wenger
Lead Brain-Hacker
The Big-Brained Superheroes Club


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