One month left to sign: here comes the final push!

31 MEPs call for support for our campaign

A group of members of the European Parliament from 12 different European Countries issued a joint statement expressing their support for the European Citizen’s Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income. Find out who support us!

Swiss to vote on 2,500 franc basic income for every adult

Organizers submitted more than the 100,000 signatures needed to call a referendum in Switzerland on basic income. The first of its kind worldwide! More on the New York Times

Poll shows 46% Canadians give backing for a basic income

New poll shows surprising support for anti-poverty plan such as an annual guaranteed income. More information here.
Dear friends,

A great deal has happened over the past 12 months. More and more citizens from across Europe have joined the campaign to collect signatures for the European Initiative for an unconditional basic income -- which aims at forcing the EU to take seriously the demand for an emancipatory form of welfare that can put an end to poverty and insecurity for all time.

So far over 167,000 people have signed. We still have a long way until the magic million signatures so for this final month we need to put everything we have into getting the rest. Time is running out: on January 14th, the petition ends.

We are not giving up just yet! 

The stories of Croatia and Slovenia demonstrate that the remaining 800,000 plus signatures are not out of our reach. In a remarkably short space of time, campaigns in these countries managed to generate enormous numbers of signatures, smashing expectations and delivering, respectively, 130% and 119% of their quotas. Moreover, other initiatives have gathered most of their signatures in the final days and weeks before the deadlines.

For a final push in the months running up to this deadline, we ran a crowd-funding campaign to help with online promotion. In less than 48 hours we reached the €15,000 target and by the end of the campaign had managed to collect €23,000! Thanks to everyone who donated. We are currently busy using your generosity to spread the word and generate as many signatures as possible with the little time that we have left, through an intensive social media campaign.

But this doesn't mean we can sit back and crack open the bubbly! More than never, we need you to sign the petition at and tell everybody you know to do the same. Join us on Facebook, on Twitter, hit the streets, tell your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, the guy at the end of the bar and ol' Santa Claus himself (he should have a European passport!) to sign the petition before it's too late. Here is the video clip of the campaign you can share. Don't forget to send personalized messages to your friends: it always works better.

Thank you for your support!


The Citizen's committee for the European Initiative

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Basic Income, a new human right!

Make your friends understand basic income in 3 minutes by sharing this videoIt was proudly produced by the French association Les Zooms Verts for our campaign and is available in many languages.

How Cash Transfer changed Indian Villages!

In 8 Indian villages, for eighteen months, every man, woman and child has received an unconditional monthly cash transfer, providing liquidity and a sense of security that infuses confidence and gives people a greater sense of control over life. Watch the video or read this article to see the effects on the population.
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