Chinatown Chinese New Year 2014

Road Closure Notice

The Chinatown Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014 will kick off on 11 January 2014 (Saturday) at 7.00pm at New Bridge Road. The main staging area will be in front of Lucky Chinatown. A Countdown Party to usher in the "Year of the Horse" will be held at the same location on 30 January 2014 (Thursday) at 10.00pm. On 9 February 2014 at 7.00pm, there will be a Yuan Xiao Jie Party at the same location to wrap up the Chinatown Chinese New Year celebrations.
Please be informed that certain roads will be closed during the event on the above three dates. This is to ensure the safety of the public and performers, and also to provide sufficient space for spectators to enjoy the performances and celebrate Chinese New Year with us.
  • 1) New Bridge Road (between Upper Cross Street and Kreta Ayer Road) and Eu Tong Sen Street would be closed from on 11/01/2014  from 2.00pm to 11.00pm; on 30/01/2014 from 5.00pm to 3.00am (the next day); and on 09/02/2014 from 3.00pm to 11.00pm.
  • 2) For public taking public transports, please note that on  11/01/2014, buses will be diverted from 2.00pm  onwards;  on 30/01/2014,  buses  will  be  diverted  from  5.00pm  onwards; and on 09/02/2013, the buses will be diverted from 3.00pm onwards.  Buses will be diverted to South Bridge Road, Kreta Ayer Road and Cantonment  Road. No buses will be stopping at the bus stops in front of Chinatown Point and New Bridge Centre.
  • 3) For pedestrians, please note that the overhead bridge linking to New Bridge Centre will be closed on  11/01/2014  from 2.00pm  to 11.00pm;  on 30/01/2014  from 5.00pm  to 2.00am (the next day); and on 09/02/2014 from 3.00pm to 11.00pm.
  • 4) The Garden Bridge linking to Lucky Chinatown and People’s Park Complex will also be closed on  11/01/2014  from 2.00pm  to 11.00pm;  on 30/01/2014  from 5.00pm  to 2.00am (the next day); and on 09/02/2014 from 3.00pm to 11.00pm.
  • 5) Residents with season parking will be allowed to park at the multi-storey carpark at  Blk 33 Park Crescent  and  Blk  54  Chin  Swee  Road on  11/01/2014,  30/01/2014  and  09/02/2014. The carpark office would be opened from 7.15am to 10.30pm.
  • 6) Please  take  note  that  the timing  for the  opening  of the  above mentioned  streets  is subject  to change  without  further  notice.  The  streets  will  go  through  cleaning  and  maintenance before allowing any vehicle to enter.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Please contact us at Tel: 62223597 if you require any further clarifications.

We wish you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Tan, PBM
Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng
Citizens’ Consultative Committee
28A Kreta Ayer Road Singapore 088995
Tel: 6323 2758 Fax: 6324

2014 年牛车水农历新年庆典活动将于 11/01/2014 晚上 7 时在新桥路掀开序幕。  当晚开幕仪式的 主要表演活动将在幸运牛车水大厦前的临时舞台进行。除夕夜的“迎马送蛇”庆祝活动也将在同 一地点于30/01/2014 晚上 10 时开始倒数。在  09/02/2014 晚  上  7 时,我们将在同一地点举办 庆元宵活动。

为了保障公众和表演者的安全,也为了提供更宽阔和舒适的活动场地给大家走动和观赏表演,并 和我们一同欢庆佳节,以下道路将于上述的三个日期在某时段关闭。有关详情如下:
  • 1) 新桥路(介于克罗士街上段及水车路之间)及余东璇街(介于欧南路及克罗士街上段之间) 将会在  11/01/2014  从下午 2 时至晚上 11 时关闭;30/01/2014 从下午 5 时至凌晨 3 时关闭;            09/02/2014  从下午 3 时至晚上 11 时关闭。
  • 2) 乘搭公共交通的公众人士,  请注意在  11/01/2014 下午 2 时起;  30/01/2014 从下午 5 时起; 和  09/02/2014  从下午  3 时起,  巴士将改道经过桥南路或水车路和广东民路  。因此,唐城坊 及新桥大厦前的巴士站将暂时停止服务。
  • 3)新桥大厦的行人天桥将在  11/01/2014  从下午 2 时至晚上 11 时关闭;30/01/2014 从下午 5 时 至凌晨 2 时关闭;和 09/02/2014  从下午 3 时至晚上 11 时关闭。
  • 4)连接于幸运牛车水与珍珠坊的花园天桥将在  11/01/2014  从下午  2 时至晚上  11 时关闭; 30/01/2014 从下午 5 时至凌晨 2 时关闭;和 09/02/2014  从下午 3 时至晚上 11 时关闭。
  • 5)拥有月季停车票的居民可在  11/01/2014、30/01/2014  及  09/02/2014  将车辆停放在柏弯大 牌  33 座或振瑞路大牌   54 座的多层停车场。停车场办事处的办公时间从上午 7 时  15 分至晚 10 时 30 分。
  • 6)  请注意:以上道路开放时间可能有所更改,恕不另行通知。为了确保驾车者和公众的安全, 以上道路必须在表演活动后进行清理和收拾才可开放让汽车驶入。

若有任何不便之处,请多多包涵。 欲知有关详情或有任何询问,  请拨电  62223597  与我们联络。
2014 年牛车水农历新年庆祝活动筹委会主席
陈祖坤  PBM
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