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Carnegie Cultural Center
Carnegie Connection - Fall/Winter 2016

Welcome to the Carnegie Cultural Center- Your building… Your stories…. Our shared culture

When the Carnegie Cultural Center announced my name as the part-time administrator- the word got out. I was
pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of people, that would find me around town and sincerely say,“ Let me
know if there is anything I can help with- I am glad you are there.” I humbly share that I found this optimistic.
Why? Because they were actively were offering their assistance, they made the decision to include themselves in
the “we” at Carnegie (engage). They demonstrated genuine care and concern about the Carnegie and wanted to see
a successful transition. They knew that places such as the Carnegie are living, breathing transitioning places who
always have the next idea or project or need being processed…. They surmised that they may be able to fill a
role- to be part of it all. Friends of Carnegie Culture Center –That is you, that’s vibrant & that’s healthy! I cherish
your encouragement and support. We can accomplish much together. Thank you for partnering with us and for
sharing your time, talent and treasure.

First Impressions

With a fresh set of eyes I have been a part of/ or witness to some amazing facts about our Carnegie Cultural
Center- here’s free association of what comes to mind…. Ready?
OUR MISSION The mission of the Carnegie Cultural Center is to establish a vital presence of the arts,
history, and cultural awareness for the benefit, enlightenment, and enjoyment of all Chickasaw County
residents and visitors.

This is the cornerstone and the next question to ask is “ Are we meeting this goal”? I believe so.
I think Chickasaw County is alive with varied interests. I visualize our large audience and patrons as pieces of pie
of varied colors- as in a Trivial Pursuit game piece each one unique with various areas of involvement. If this was
a game piece it would look pretty full.

WHO WE REACH In ten months, I observed Juanita Andersen meticulously study, research, refine and develop
the Lost Churches of Chickasaw County exhibit. This open house had a distinctive group of people interested in
churches (county wide), church history or community history or lost communities or the arts in general. Well, that
group was different from the next exhibit folks who knew or was related to “ Dietz” Vince Tenge. Many of patrons
from North Washington and the northern part of our county came in good numbers to support their beloved local
artist. People who appreciate high quality, fine- detailed, model-making were impressed. The Games People Play
exhibit casted a wide net. It involved over 100 people who dug in their closets and donated their board games.
What rang true was - the game player came out in us, as the game boards themselves elicited strong memories of
fun-times. A value of “really socializing” around a table came through. Walking into our exhibit space was like
walking into a toy box with all of its art and vibrant colors. We hosted sororities, Lego clubs and 4-H groups who
interacted with the games exhibit. A wide range of ages were represented, as well. It ended up being a wholesome
activity for families and mentors with their mentees, a fun outing for grandparents with their grandchildren. Next
Pie, The ArtShare Piano recital “From Beethoven to Barber” and University of Iowa Jazz Repertoire Ensemble
spoke to fine music aficionados in our midst. The Farewell to Summer Concert- Miles Adams Band showcased
local musicians and they put on a fine show for many of their past students or neighbors at Mikkelson Park. Our
patrons who love classic rock music or people who like outside concerts in a beautiful setting got a treat.
Just this week, we hosted many patrons in the agricultural community from all parts of Chickasaw County. We
gave a nod to Five Star Cooperative who turned 100 and also focused on families whose farms have literally been
here for a century or more. No matter who you are, we have something here at the Carnegie Cultural Center that
might interest you. We strive to have a good representation of diverse interests covered throughout our year.
Between these temporary exhibits, programs, county archival questions that come in regularly and the love of the
permanent displays there are lots of pie being covered in our game piece. We couldn’t do it without our donors,
exhibitors and we couldn’t do it with you the audience. I leave you with a closing quote “ A work of art doesn’t
exist outside the perception of the audience.” Abbas Kiarostani Please keep joining us for upcoming shows. Jill


After 20 + years of having the “buck stop here”, it has been an interesting year (almost) of figuring out what really
works for sharing responsibility for the Cultural Center with Jill. As for now anyway, it appears that my newly defined
role of “archivist” obviously includes …with a group of volunteers…the preparation and organization of our historical
materials for public use. It also encompasses management of our permanent collection, programs involving history and
permanent exhibit development since all of them involve a historical aspect. The bottom line is, there is more than
enough happening here to keep both Jill and me quite busy on a full time basis. And that’s a good thing. It means that
the Cultural Center does have a unique role to play in the community and that people are taking advantage of what we
have to offer. (Yeah!!!)

One of the “archival” projects that I have undertaken is to organize a book to commemorate the centennial anniversary
of our local hospital. The book will include a somewhat traditional narrative of the establishment of St. Joseph Hospital
in 1917 and its evolution into the notable institution we know in 2017 as Mercy Medical Center, New Hampton.
Photos…such as we have…will also be incorporated as will some oral histories. Starting in January, I will be tape
recording the stories of folks like you which, I believe, will add a lot of “color” to the story. Jane Kraft is helping with
the task of transcribing the oral histories. Got a hospital story to tell? Have any clippings or photos to share? I’m
waiting to hear from you…

With our “Just Write!” workshop Linda Kennedy and I are excited about another type of historic preservation…that of
personal histories. We are meeting once a month with a great group of burgeoning authors to get their memoirs and
family stories down in written form. Being a recipient of my own mother’s written story, I can appreciate what an
invaluable gift these writers are creating.

There is yet another group of history lovers who recently convened at our 2 nd Saude – Jerico-ites Confab. Under the
guidance of Rollie Natvig, the group is capturing the spirit of life as it was in the Jerico and Saude area of Chickasaw
County. Jerico Jo even allowed us to scan her collection of vintage posters. Talk about adding a little color to the

Lest you think I only look backward, I’d like to leave you with a sincere wish for health, prosperity & contentment in

2017…and a little advice: make some good memories in the coming year!

Juanita Andersen

(Nov. 16, 2015 - Nov. 16, 2016

$500 - $1500

John & Juanita Andersen
Bank Iowa
Shirlee & Todd Becker
Gilbert & Arlene (Zieske)Dixson
Daniel & Patricia Fliger
Jannette L. Hendricks
Jan Hereid
Gerald F. Johnson
Gerald & Glenda Laures
New Hampton Lions Club
Melissa Lea Reicks Foundation

$250 - $499

Marsha & David Bergstrom
Tom & Irene Frantzen
Dennis & Linda Haugen
Brady & Andrea Kolbet
Penny Perkins

$100 - $249

Bruce & Janine Babcock
Tom & Ruth Bernatz
Pat & Carol Brickley
Patricia Carney
James & Mary Carr
Conway-Markham Funeral Home
Lu Dedic
Ron & Martie Diddy
Larry Fenneman
Karl & Rachel Fliris
Ramona Smith Gates
Jack & Betty Gorman
Kathlyn Rouse Hickman
William & Patricia Ipsen
Kennedy & Kennedy
Kevin & Norah Kennedy
Michael & Linda Kennedy
Wally & Elaine Knutson
Russ & Angie Laures
Stan & Ginny Laures
Vernon & Jean Laures
Ellen Liddle
Kristin Meyer
Gerry & Marilee Mishak
Wally & Glennda Murphy
New Hampton Tribune
Beth L. O’Donohoe
Bill &  Kathy Palmersheim
Maurie & Marilyn Randall
Don Rankin Family
Bill & Judy Riley
Jerry & Jean Rochford
Schueth Ace. Hardware
Sandra Schueth
Sue Schueth
Evelyn H. Snider
Dave & Barb Snyder
Gary & Jolynn Snyder
Ric Sowers
Rich  Marge TeKippe
You’re Special Realty

$5 - $99

Hermina Amoroso
Karen Anderson
Olin & Karen Amundson
Rose Baltes
Betty M. Beach
ZoAnn & John Bear
Shirley Beck
Fred & Carol Bohaty
Dave & Karen Bonfig
Randy & Sue Breitbach
Dr. Luke & Kristi Brinkman
Cliff & Marian Burgart
Chickasaw Co. Auditor
Chickasaw Mutual Ins.
Roger & Jan Clement
Ken & Jeanine Douglas
Linus & MaDonna Flick
The Franzen family
James & Mindy Ganze
Dianne & Roger Gerleman
Merle & Dolly Gorman
Louise & Donn Harris
Mary Ann Haugen
Barb Havlik
Allen & Linda Heit
Richard & Ann Helling
Francis & Myrna Hentges
Paul & Lucy Hereid
Lawrence & Millie Jensen
Leon & Suellen Kolbet
David & Jane Kraft
Sheldon & Betty Kreisel
Denis Kuennen
LeRoy & Danice Larson
Steve & Susann Laures
Joanne Long
Duane & Pat Lynch
Verlene E. Maher
Ricci & Laurie Marzolf
John & Nancy McBrine
Lori McDonald
Roscoe & Sharon McDonald
Thomas & Carla McGreevey
Messersmith Promotions
Muriel Meyer
Wayne Moetsch
Morris Landscaping
New Hampton Auto Body
New Hampton Electric Inc.
Marty & Carolyn Nuss
Geri Oltrogge
Pocketful of Posies
Harlan & Betty Pose
Dean & Tammy Randall
Kathleen M. Riley
Ryan Insurance Inc.
Mary & Ben Ryan
Karen A. Schmitt
Dan & Carolyn Shaw
Beryl Sjobakken
Shirl Stone
Linus Voves
Wilshire Jewelry


Community Foundation Of NE Iowa
Silos & Smokestacks
United Fund


Michelle Anderson
Orville Ball
Karen Bobst
Ed Brincks
Elizabeth Brincks
MaDonna Carolan
Dr. James Carr
Melba Gilbert
Richard Gordon
Gene Goss
Doris Horney
Betty Ingalls
Evelyn Kahn
Peggy Kirkpatrick
Joyce Laures
Marilyn Maas
Geneva ‘Peg’ Martinek
Garland Morse
Alan Neitzke
Donald Rankin
Corrine Rausch
Melissa Reicks
Norbert Reicks
Ann Billings Sanderson
Marlys Schwickerath
Irene Shatek
David Troyna
Kathleen Uglum
Rose Weigel
Ed Weigel

Maurie & Marilyn Randall

Celebration/Honor/Memorial Donors

Lois Betzer
Dorothy Beyer
Art & Ann Borlaug
Betty Denner
Dennis & Jill Eike
Tom & Irene Frantzen
Garth & Nancy Griffin
Darlyce Hamann
Janette Hendricks
Hazel Hereid
Janet Hereid
Kevin & Norah Kennedy
Wally & Elaine Knutson
Virginia Blietz Kotz
LeRoy & Danice Larson
Kris Meyer
The Don Rankin Family
Peter & Phyllis Willadsen
Harry & Vivian Zipse


Darrell & Vi Albrecht
Juanita Andersen
Jerry Bailey
Mike Bartz
Betty Beach
Lois Betzer
Sam Boos
Diana Clites
Tom Collins
Paula Dahl
Terry Denner Finken-Bayes
Tom & Rosie Deutsch
Mark Donovan
Julie Eckenrod
Phyllis Einwalter
Don Flick
Irene Frantzen
Mary Gebel
Monica Geerts
Steve Geerts
Evie Gilbert
Carol Gorman
Jane Gorman
Bob Hackman
Darlyce Hamann
Shirley Hanson
Norma Hartsock
Barb Havlik
Jannette Hendricks
Richard & Rose Holschlag
Gene Hrdlicka
Hugeback Johnson Funeral Home
Lawrence Jensen
Maggie Johnson
Roger Johnson
Shirley Kammeyer
Karen Kayser Kemp
Mike Kennedy
Jeannette Kottke
Jane Kraft
Sheldon & Betty Kreisel
Keith Kreun
Dee Larkin
Danice Larson
Joyce Laures
Adis Lee
Suzanne Lindaman
Pat Lynch
Bob & Pat Martin
Beverly McNally
Wally Murphy
NH Public Library
NH Tribune
Sue Nosbisch
Geri Oltrogge
Bob Pa/mersheim
Prairie Lakes Church
Pocketful of Posies
Marilyn Randall
Don & Ella Mae Rankin Est.
Bill Riley
James & Doris Rogers
Michelle Rosonke
Sandra Schueth
Sue Schueth
Dan Scott
Joyce Shatek
Paul Sjobakken
St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church
State Bank
Gretchen Swenumson
Treasure Chest
Tri Mark Corp.
Trinity Lutheran Church
Brian & Erin Uglum
Phyllis Willadsen
Karen Wilson
Mrs. Louis Zeien
Lucille Zeien
Harry Zipse


to all of the real people who donated their real & valuable
time to make the Carnegie Cultural Center a real & important asset for the
community of New Hampton and Chickasaw County.

David Sax, author of The Revenge of the Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter, was featured
in a “Viewpoint” blurb in the Nov. 14, 2016 TIME magazine. In the short article he made a compel-
ling case that in a digital world where music is stored in a cloud, stories and news are read online and
writing and sketching is done on battery powered devices, physical things still matter. Sax states,
“Sales of objects like vinyl records, paper notebooks and even board games have grown significantly
over the past decade as has their cultural relevance.” He goes on to note that the analog “revolution”
is being driven not so much by the gray haired population as by millennials. The reason? In the end…
at its core…the human experience is physical, no matter how many digital devices we own.
That is where places like the Carnegie Cultural Center come into play. We provide a venue, platform,
space, environment, structure…whatever you want to call it…where real people can interact with other
real people and with real objects and, in so doing, add to the richness of our shared human experience.
If all of that sounds a little highfalutin to you, take a few minutes to consider the things that are
important in your life. Chances are they involve real people and real things…real experiences, real values…

All of this leads us, of course, to the purpose of this mailing. We hope that you find enough real value
in what the Carnegie Cultural Center does to lend your support. All year round the Cultural Center
depends on real donations of time from real people like you. And once a year we must ask for a
donation of real money from real people like you in order to keep doing what we do.
Please donate to the Carnegie Cultural Center’s 2017 budget drive. We REALLY depend on you!


Please return with your donation for 2017

Name (as it should appear on our donor list _________________________________________________________________________________________


Amount enclosed _________________ -or- Amount pledged __________________ (we’ll send a reminder in 2017)

Interested in becoming a Carnegie Cultural Center volunteer? Include your phone number or email address.


All donations to the Carnegie Cultural Center are tax-deductible.

Please return to: Carnegie Cultural Center…Box 243 ~ 7 N. Water Avenue…New Hampton Iowa 50659

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