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Carnegie Cultural Center
Winter, 2013
The mission of the Carnegie Cultural Center is to establish
a vital presence of the Arts, History and Cultural Awareness

for the enlightenment, enjoyment and benefit of all
Chickasaw County residents and visitors.
YABBUT (rhymes with “rabbit”, sort of)
Back in the dark ages (the early 70s), my first teaching job was at Goose Lake, IA in a school district not unlike Turkey Valley...out in the country with no real town per se. I recall one student who had earned the nickname of “Yabbut” among the faculty.  I say the student “earned” the nickname because whenever he was called to task for tardiness, missing homework, or being involved in any of a number of various pranks etc., the first words out of his mouth were always the same, to the point of being predictable, and were always spoken with a slight sense of urgency, “Yeah but.....”
“Yabbut” has been brought to my mind a number of times over the past 20 years. On more than one occasion, while speaking about the Carnegie Cultural Center, the person with whom I was speaking said, “Yeah, but... what happens when you’re not there?” Often I responded with a “Yabbut” of my own, “Yeah, but I’m not the only one keeping this place going.”
No truer statement can be made. The Carnegie Cultural Center has become the considerable asset that it is thanks to the vision and help of many, many people. From the Board of Directors and Volunteer Managers who man the facility during our regular hours to the individuals who loan items for temporary exhibits and help put them up and many others who help out in a variety of ways, both big and small, the Carnegie has been and will always be dependent on volunteers. This is completely normal for a cultural institution like ours.
Having said that, I also recognize the importance of leadership in guiding an institution and ensuring a standard of quality. (In my case, that “leadership” is occasionally referred to as “bossiness.”) No matter what you call it... administrator, curator, executive...passage of the recent support levy is part of the answer to the question of “Yeah, but... what happens when you’re not there?” The answer is, “Now we can ensure that someone else WILL be there.” And, in my opinion, not only is that good for the Carnegie Cultural Center, but for New Hampton and Chickasaw County as well.
On behalf of all of the people who have worked very hard (and had some good times doing it) over the past 20 years to make the Carnegie Cultural Center a reality, we extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all of you who went out in the rain to vote “YES!”
Forward, of course, with enthusiasm, optimism and a determination to do even more!

One of the goals of the Cultural Center is to establish a presence in the broader community. This year we have had the opportunity to act upon that goal in three creating a downtown walking tour for Lawler’s first ever Irish Fest, by providing materials and support services for St. Mary of the Visitation Church’s all school reunion and by creating a temporary exhibit at the Courthouse featuring in-formation about and artifacts from the local military in celebration of the unveiling of the new Chickasaw County Veteran’s Memorial on November 11. We hope to continue serving in this supporting role because preserving and honoring the story of Chickasaw Co. is at the heart of what we do. Contact us if we can be of service in YOUR next event.
We put in a fair amount of time to organize and make our growing archives of photos, documents, and selected artifacts accessible the public, not only for personal use but for events like those listed above. We sincerely appreciate archival materials that are not only given to us but those that are loaned to us as well so that we can scan and copy them. In short, don’t throw anything away or ship it off to other places without letting us have a look at it....Please?
While historic preservation and promotion is not our only focus, we believe that it is a service that we can do well. Our proximity to the courthouse, a first stop for many in doing genealogical or historical research, is also beneficial. Now that we 1) have an elevator and 2) have our future leadership needs addressed, we hope to 3) be able to construct an Archives Center. Last night I was listening to a segment of 60 Minutes. The topic was philanthropy and the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were being interviewed about “The Giving Pledge”, an initiative that encourages billionaires to promise to give at least half of their wealth to charity.  Pretty phenomenal! Obviously, they are targeting some phenomenal problems as well...such as eradicating targeted diseases world-wide.  Andrew Carnegie had a parallel goal at the beginning of the 20th century, but his focus was cultural and he dedicated his philanthropy toward the establishment of libraries all over the US (and other countries, too) for the betterment of local communities and the edification of the general public.
O.K. comes the you can skip this part if you’d like. I doubt that there are too many billionaires in Chickasaw County, but perhaps there are some with enough means that they could make a huge difference locally. I’m thinking of course, of an Archives Center.  With a good jump start, we could add another name next door to  Mr. Carnegie’s that is on the front of our building. Think about it.
*** Sunday, Dec. 15   1:30
To enhance our current exhibit, “Collecting Christmas,” Sue Baron of Charles City will be giving a program about nativity scenes...a favorite token of the Christmas season. Bi-annually Sue has an open-house at her home so that the public can enjoy her collection of 250 different sets. We were lucky to catch her on an “off” year, so a varied selec-tion of her scenes is now on display at the Carnegie. Take a little break from the hustle and bustle and gain a new appreciation for this familiar holiday symbol that, more than likely, has a place of honor in your own home. 
***Sunday, Dec. 22, 1:30 – 3:30
 The Carnegie will be hosting a reception/book reading/signing for New Hampton native, Courtney McDermott, in recognition of the publication of her first book, How They Spend Their Sundays, published by Whitepoint Press of San Pedro, Cal.
After graduating from NHHS, Courtney earned a BA in English from Mount Holyoke College and an MFA in creative writing from the University of Notre Dame. After a stint for the Peace Corps in Lesotho, Africa, she taught English at Tufts University. Currently, she is working at Harvard in the School of Engineer-ing and Applied Sciences.
A collection twenty two fictional tales that unveil a startling and intimate perspective of African life, How They Spend Their Sundays is inspired by McDermott’s Lesotho experience. A Book Launch was held in October at Bestseller’s Café in Medford MA and copies can now be purchased at a variety of venues including Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Apple iBookstore, but obtaining a signed copy locally (for a Christmas gift, maybe) would be even better, don’t you think? In any case, join us on the 22nd and take advantage of the opportunity to catch up with a local gal who has done well, hear her stories and enjoy a few refreshments. 
I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I don’t know for sure how long Merry Valdahl served on the Cultural Center Board of Directors as the Ambassadors Chair, but I do know that her quiet graciousness was a true asset to whatever we were doing. As Ambassadors Chair, Merry orchestrated the refreshments table at open houses and other events that required “edible hospitality.” We all still associate Merry with her “trademark” nutty crackers...and we all got a copy of the recipe as well!  Thanks Merry!
We are hoping that someone will step forward to fill the slot that Merry has vacated. The Board is an enjoyable, amiable, laid-back group, I’d say, that meets the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.... Any takers out there?
We also focus on the arts. In the past we have featured a variety of arts-related exhibits, sponsored a few workshops, and every year conduct our summer arts camp known as “ARTSAFARI” for children. We are shooting to make 2014 a year for the arts. High school art teacher, Dave Prehm has been anxious to do an alumni art show and we hope to bring that together for the summer months. Names and contact information for alumni artists are being sought. Other exhibits will feature ethnic art forms, decorative arts (from jewelry to home décor), and ...maybe... if we can round up enough pieces, “art of our ancestors” (art works that were made by ancestors and or/have been handed down in the family. Again, we are asking for your help. CONTACT US!
Coming Soon! (after the holidays) Gerald Johnson and the Carnegie invite all to enjoy a local movie of sorts. The “movie” is a fascinating dvd of vintage photos assembled and narrated by Gene Hrdlicka that recounts the story of his dad, Loddy, and the Sunnyside Grocery and Cabins in New Hampton. Watch the Tribune for details.

Happy Holidays!

CCC Volunteer Administrator

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Thank you to the many people who have given freely of their valuable time. The dollar value of this vital donation is immeasurable.

This was printed as a half-page ad in the August 18, 1938 Special Iowa Centennial Edition of the N. H. Tribune.  It is interesting to compare this “snap shot” of our community “then” with “now.” Some things have changed and some are the same. What we hope will strike you the most; however, is the attitude... a mixture of pride, self-earned prosperity and “can do” optimism that tells you this is a good place to call home.  The Carnegie Cultural Center is an asset in today’s snapshot of New Hampton and Chickasaw County. Please help us create a community to be proud of in the long history that remains before us. Please donate to sustain the Carnegie Cultural Center for 2014.

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