Thank you for attending TGD Fall 2021!

An Overdue Thank You

We've finally emerged from the post-event cocoon; so please accept this overdue thank you for a great weekend of gaming and doing good.  It was our largest fall event to date; no small feat considering all the uncertainty swirling around the weekend.  Not only that, but we will be making a donation of $4,500 to the Monroe Carrell Children's Hospital!  Thank you for your generosity and making the weekend a success!

Contact Tracing 
From the so far, so good department, we haven't heard of anyone testing Covid positive after attending TGD Fall.  If you happen to be diagnosed in the next week, let us know so that we can do our part to disseminate that info and hopefully minimize community spread.

TGD Spring 2022
We are not sure what our next event will look like yet - we will continue to monitor the situation, review public health guidance, and work hard to host the best event we can.  We are planning to open registration for the event in early December.  Until then, game on!
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