Important information about attending TGD Fall and selling at the flea market.
Hey TGD Nation – excited to host you next week. 

Important information here, PLEASE READ. Please also share with everyone in your group as we don't have emails for everyone this year.

None of this is really new information but, since we’ve had some questions, we wanted to make clear that to attend TGD you need to:
  1. Be FULLY VACCINATED (meaning you have received single J&J shot or both shots of two shot protocol at least 2 weeks ago)
  2. Wear a Mask OVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH anytime you are in public space
  3. Be 12 or older. No attendees under 12 years old permitted.
  4. Eat off site. No meals in the ballroom / gaming spaces.
There is a small exception if you medically cannot receive the vaccine (meaning a medical professional has told you cannot receive the vaccine) or you have a strongly held religious belief preventing your vaccination (e.g. you are Dutch Reformed, Church of Christ, Scientist, or hold a similar deeply held belief preventing your vaccination). 
If your mask isn’t over your nose and mouth, you will be asked to wear it properly. Please don’t make us keep asking you because you will be asked to leave. 
You will have to sign an acknowledgement of your vaccination status on arrival that also includes a liability waiver.  Large events carry a risk of Covid transmission.
We have had questions about additional Covid precautions.  Tables will be more distanced than usual – with at least six feet between tables.  We have kept attendance to about 50% of seated capacity, which will also help with distancing and air handling efficacy.  We will have hand sanitizer available liberally throughout the room, please use it.  We will also have contract tracing sheets on each table to help reduce community spread if we hear of a positive Covid case.
If any of this makes you unable or unwilling to attend, email us for a refund.  If you are staying at the hotel reservations must be canceled three days before the event.
Whew, Let’s Talk about Fun Stuff!
We are hosting a socially distanced flea market.  If you are thinking about bringing games to sell, please fill out this two question form this weekend, it will help us with logistics.
We are not running a lot of events -- we have designed a TGD PUZZLE HUNT – it will be after lunch on Saturday.  Teams of two to four can sign up on site.  We will have a CHARITY AUCTION to bolster our weekend donation.  And our PLAY TO WIN room is stocked and has some great titles in it!   Be sure to read over all the details at our webpage.
Remember doors open on FRIDAY AT 2 PM!  We hope this event provides much needed fun for everyone – happy to have you on this journey with us!


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