A Big Thank You for TGD 13 and additional information you can use!
Tennessee Game Days

Hey TGD Nation!

Thank you for making this the most successful TGD yet -- record breaking attendance, a ton of successful events, an obscene number of games checked out, and the return of Play to Win - with a vengeance.

More than ever, people shared with us stories about how TGD has made a difference to them.  We all know that board gaming is more than moving around cardboard. For us at TGD, if we have created an environment for people of all backgrounds and bents to share some face-to-face fun, then that's mission accomplished.

TGD: A Volunteer State of Mind
All this could not happen without a solid crew of volunteers doing all the things that need doing.  To that end, we won't beat around the bush: we need you. Our volunteers get a ton of perks including free admission, lunch, Thursday night gaming, an invitation to our "Punch Lunch" in February, and more. Let us know you can help!

Also, we are excited that long-time volunteer Devin Wayne has stepped up to help coordinate our volunteers! We look forward to fresh ideas and a smoother volunteer and attendee experience in 2019.

Can't volunteer?  You can still help us by reviewing us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and liking and sharing all over - the more people that hear about us, the more people to play games with March 8 - 10, 2019!

Stay in Touch

The new TGD Slack channel has been a great communication tool, and we plan to keep it going and growing in usefulness for the indefinite future. We are keeping the Slack going year round to allow the TGD Nation to continue to find gamers in their region looking for players. Click here and join the conversation. 

Do Good

Your generosity during the silent auction provided over 3,000 meals to those in need.  Our next chance to share a helping hand comes Nov. 3 @ Extra Gaming for Extra Life. In addition to awesome prizes (rinkside Preds tickets anyone?), this 24 hour event is one of the few ways to get yourself invited to TGD's early access gaming the Thurs. before TGD (14 more potential gaming hours!  but we do recommend sleep).

Save Money

Located at 107 S 11th St., Game Point is a board game cafe in the heart of the Five Points area of East Nashville.  Game Point began when TGD Rick met Bongo Bob during TGD 12, and opened in October of 2017. 

Take your TGD badge to Game Point anytime in the month of March to receive 10% off your purchase of food and drink. Looking for a new game?  Email them ahead of time and they can get you the latest and greatest at internet competitive pricing!

Lost & Found

Did you leave something behind at TGD 13? Maybe something cool or warm? Bits from a game? Fire off an e-mail to Russ to see if he's got your stuff!
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