Some reminders for TGD 15 and healthy gaming.

#safegaming at TGD XV

We are loading up for Tennessee Game Days and are getting excited for a great weekend! 

You may have heard in the news that the first case of COVID- 19 was reported in Tennessee.  The national and international news certainly gives us all a little anxiety these days, and so we wanted to remind you of some basic principles for a great and healthy weekend.  And, really, these principles should apply to ANY time of year!

First, if you are sick currently, please stay home.  Playing board games means that we’ll be interacting and sharing spaces—that’s the fun of it, but let’s share community and not share germs.  It’s just good practice to help reduce the spread of anything—including COVID and even our seasonal flu.  If you have recently traveled to an area that is reporting a lot of cases, or if you are sick, stay home for the good of the community and we will refund your admission—just email us at

Second, we will have hand sanitizing stations around – use them!  Before and after every game, clean your hands either there or even better walk down the hall and use soap and water.  Remember to sing that ABC song the entire time you wash so that you wash long enough!  We would love to have sanitizer at every table but supplies are low – so if you have some, bring it for your own use, and bring more to share!  We DO have plenty of soap so please wash! #safegaming

Third, please follow common sense guidelines, cough into the elbow of your sleeve (but if you are really coughing see point one), don’t touch your hands and face, especially during a game, and if you do, that’s a good time to go for the hand sanitizer or wash!

And did we mention? – sanitize or wash your hands regularly!   Maybe forgo that 2 am game to get your body and its immune system some extra rest!

One of the awesome parts of TGD is that it attracts folk from all over.  So, this info is important, but we don’t have to panic.  If we all commit to good gaming practices through the weekend, we will all be happier for it!  Can’t wait to host everyone and to play some great games.
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