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As we embrace the month of love and start catching wafts of roses and chocolates, our 360 edition pins our lived realities to the back of our minds. We take a look at Africa's autocratic elites and why African countries are failing to rid themselves of them. As we warily move towards 2023, what lessons has the continent taught us? 

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From Algeria to Zimbabwe: how Africa’s autocratic elites cycle in and out of power

In 2021, coups d’état ousted four heads of state in sub-Saharan Africa. Army interventions in Chad, Mali, Guinea and Sudan halted a years-long decline in military takeovers. Some heralded this as the comeback of the army in African politics.

Elsewhere in Africa, elected leaders in Tunisia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, among others, were accused of pivoting to authoritarian rule. Common authoritarian measures include suspending parliamentary assemblies, confining opposition leaders, extending term limits and violently repressing opposition and dissent.

Here lies an apparent paradox: despite decades in which democratic institutions have become prevalent across the continent, African states continue to be vulnerable to military takeovers and autocratic forms of power.

Multiple interpretations aim to explain this seeming contradiction. A popular explanation suggests that the world, and especially Africa, is entering a new phase of ‘democratic backsliding’. This follows a decades-long era during which several leaders were ousted by popular movements.

Nowhere was this more evident than in North Africa. Here, the democratic aspirations of the 2011 Arab Spring were overshadowed by a return to authoritarianism and conflict. Yet, in many of Africa’s competitive autocracies, the removal of leaders is not associated with revolutionary change. In fact, there is a remarkable stability of senior elites and institutional practices across regimes. This seems to point to their resilience in the face of a supposed trajectory towards democracy.

The literature on political survival provides a more compelling narrative to explain political change in competitive autocracies. A leader’s survival is conditioned on the support of senior elites. Leaders can typically spread power among their ‘rival allies’ to keep it and co-opt enough of those elites in exchange for political support.

These actors can in turn leverage their collective power to secure greater influence and rewards from the centre. The concept of a ‘political marketplace’ has aptly captured the transactional nature of regime strategies to determine association, loyalty and alliances with senior elites.

Drawing on these insights, our recently published paper seeks to explain political change in African competitive autocracies using the notion of ‘regime cycles’. This framework, which produced rich insights into the failed democratisation processes of the post-communist states during the 1990s, suggests that elites must act collectively if they are to challenge the leader, identifying four stages within a regime cycle.

Our research seeks to explain political change in African autocracies by looking at the role of political elites, focusing on cycles of power between a leader and their rivals which determine their survival. In doing so, we propose an alternative conceptual framework to interpret dynamics of change in African autocracies.

Four stages of the autocratic regime cycle
Each stage of the cycle is determined by the nature of contestation between the incumbent and senior elites. The balance of power between these actors varies in each stage, according to the level of fragmentation of authority within and across those groups.

The four stages are accommodation, consolidation, factionalisation and crisis. But they do not necessarily follow a chronological order.

During the accommodation phase, leaders build coalitions by distributing rents and authority among senior elites. The intention of this stage is to reward loyalists and co-opt prospective allies. The incentive is integration and inclusion.

The narrowing of competitive influences leads to the consolidation stage. The leader seeks to assert authority over a coalition of ‘rival allies’. This phase coincides with the height of a leader’s authority, where the threat of being removed is lowest.

At this stage, the leader may be perceived to be excessively centralising power. One sign is, for example, replacing security chiefs with loyalists. This may be a threat to other elites. Senior elites may organise along factional lines to create opposition within the regime. This creates factions.

Factions can consist of rival senior elites, who tactically join forces to get the leader to spread power. The intention is not to depose the leader or split the regime, but rather to bargain the terms of inclusion. Leaders also use disorder to try to prevent elite cooperation to lessen the strength of senior elite coalitions.

However, a crisis may occur when factions decide to take advantage of a critical juncture to forcibly reshuffle the ruling coalition. The jostling for power among senior elites typically leads to such crisis moments. This can result in military takeovers, forced resignations, constitutional coups or power-sharing agreements.

Regime crises reshape the existing power structures by disposing of the old leader. They also reshuffle senior elites into a narrow ruling coalition.

Culmination of ripened factionalism
In our paper, we apply these observations to the removal of three of the longest-serving heads of state in Africa.

Between 2017 and 2019, Algeria’s Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe were ousted after a combined 90 years in power. Our analysis shows that their removal was the culmination of ripened factionalism. In each case, this had blossomed after the leaders’ attempts to centralise power. It was not a direct consequence of mass protests and economic downturns.

Senior military and security elites took advantage of the crisis moment to dispose of the leaders and their loyalists and reshuffle the regime. Naturally, they were once regime insiders and allies of the ageing autocrats. Stages of accommodation, consolidation, factionalisation and crisis preceded and followed the removal according to a cyclical logic.

Our analysis emphasises elite dynamics over the role of mass protests and popular opposition. True popular demonstrations can spark crises within a regime. But leaders and senior elites are more likely to produce significant and durable changes.

Democratic breakthroughs cannot be ruled out. But they are typically the product of a political stalemate. They are not ideological preferences or public appeals for political change.

The forceful removals observed in 2021 seem to conform to this cyclical logic of political change. Senior elites took advantage of a crisis moment to seize power and reconfigure the regime to their own advantage.

This is a reedited version of this blog first posted on January 13, 2022.

Source: Andrea Carboni and Clionadh Raleigh, The Conversation
#KnowYourCSOs . . .
Office space available . . .

Two spacious offices available immediately in a neat building. Strategically located along Herbert Chitepo Avenue, with secure parking. For more information contact +263 778 007 813 or +263 (242) 252388-90

An office to lease for those interested, in Eastlea. Contact Francis on +263 719 672 683. Available immediately. 
Opportunities . . .

Capacity Building for First Time Voters: Local NGO
Deadline: 4 February 2022

The National Association of Youth Organizations (NAYO) is an association and platform for youth organizations working in Zimbabwe. Its vision is to see a repositioned, redefined and enhanced role of youth in community and national, regional and international developmental processes.

NAYO launched the #LeaveNoYouthBehind 2023 Campaign, a non-partisan initiative to foster inclusive youth participation in electoral and governance processes.

NAYO calls for applications from the youths around Zimbabwe to be part of the #LeaveNoYouthBehind online Capacity Building. The selected trainees will be supported with data bundles, receive a certificate and join the #LeaveNoYouthBehind Campaign in their provinces working with the provincial coordinators and youth organisations. 

Requirement for application 
One has to be a Zimbabwean Youth (18-35 years); Has to be a first-time voter.

To apply
Get full information and application details here

Playwriting Masterclass 2022: International Theatre Institute (ITI Zimbabwe)
Deadline: 4 February 2022

ITI Zimbabwe is calling for applications for an online Playwriting Masterclass program. The Masterclass program will cover the area of dramatic writing for stage, radio and new digital mediums. This program is focusing on the early and mid-career writers who want to hone their craft. The program will run for 2 weeks online.

About IT Zimbabwe
International Theatre Institute (ITI) advances UNESCO"s goals of mutual understanding and peace. Advocates the protection and promotion of cultural expressions, regardless of age, gender, creed, or ethnicity. The Zimbabwean Centre of ITI was established in 2010. The centre works to these ends internationally and nationally in the areas of performing arts education, international exchange and collaboration and youth training. 

The expected benefits of participating in the program includes accessing a writing community to inspire one to write more, to have a space to explore writing practices and to receive instruction on writing basics and fundamentals from industry professionals. The Playwriting Masterclass is one of several Masterclasses ITI Zimbabwe is going to be offering annually to the Zimbabwe artistic community.

The Masterclass is free, open to Zimbabwean early and mid-career writers who are interested in deepening their understanding of Dramatic writing; Participants are expected to facilitate their own data requirement to take part in this online class.

About Leonard Matsa
Leonard Matsa is a Zimbabwe based story-teller with more than 20 years experience. He works full time as a writer, trainer, producer, A.D and director of film, TV, radio drama, theatre and recently web series. His works have won awards while attracting constant attention from academia.

To apply
Interested applicants should submit a one-page motivation letter, a 10 - page sample of their own writing, accompanied by a writing CV to with the subject line "Application for Playwriting Masterclass 2022". All documents should either be MS word or Pdf. Late applications will not be considered. Successful candidates will be notified by 7 February 2022.

Invitation to Submit Pitch Deck: Trócaire Zimbabwe
Deadline: 8 February 2022

Trócaire Zimbabwe is currently seeking to expand its partnership portfolio in the following goal areas: Goal 1: Defending Human Rights & Promoting Access to Justice; Goal 2: Gender and Climate change; Goal 3: Protection, Voice & Leadership of Women & Girls; Goal 4: Save Lives & Protect Human Dignity.

Organisations with experience and capacity to deliver interventions under these areas are invited to submit a pitch deck, summarising your pillars of work. It is from these submissions that Trócaire will identify potential partners to collaborate with in future work. 

To apply
Get full information and application details here

Enhancing Partnership and Localisation: Oxfam
Deadline: 18 February 2022

From 1st July 2021, Oxfam programmes in Southern Africa (Oxfam in SAF) transitioned into a Regional Operating Model where all programmes are coordinated and managed regionally while key staff are strategically multi-located in the 4 countries of Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Nevertheless, individual partners will still be working with Oxfam offices across the afore-mentioned countries. This model will support our intention to operate beyond the four countries and covering Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries through strategic partnerships. 

Our new way of working aims to
Drive the localisation agenda by supporting local partners’ leadership in our programs; Broaden our impact as a region and have programme reach that encompasses the SADC region; Increase programme management efficiency through consolidation of our business services; Strengthen programme coherence and synergies across the region.
To apply
Get full information and application details here
Call for suppliers . . .

Supplier Registration: Care International in Zimbabwe (CIZ)
Deadline: 14 February 2022 (11:45pm)

Care International in Zimbabwe (CIZ) is an International Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries. CIZ has been working in Zimbabwe since 1992, when it responded to extreme food shortages caused by the 1992 drought. The organization later moved into several interventions which included emergency response, early recovery, and long-term development programming across the country.

CARE is inviting reputable suppliers of goods, services and works listed below to participate for prequalification for the purpose of being registered as approved preferred suppliers for the years 2022 and 2023.

To apply
Get full information and application details here

Supplier Registration 2022: Jointed Hands Welfare Organisation
Deadline: 15 February 2022

Jointed Hands Welfare Organisation is a local NGO which envisions a harm and disease free society. Jointed Hands is currently operating in 12 districts namely Gweru, Harare, Kwekwe, Mwenezi, Insiza, Gwanda, Zvishavane, Chirumanzu, Nkayi, Shurugwi, Mangwe and Umzingwane. The organisation is in the process of creating its Suppliers Register for 2022. The organisation is therefore inviting prospective suppliers who provide goods or services listed below to submit an application for inclusion in the organisation’s pre-approved supplier / vendor list for 2022 for assessment and enlisting on the 2022 approved supplier list. Suppliers are sought from mentioned districts of operation as well as from other towns & cities.

List of goods and services: Accommodation; Conferencing; Office Furniture; Stationery; Hardware / building material; Chemicals; Refreshments; Lunch; Teas And cleaning materials; IEC Material: Flyers; Banner; Billboard printing; T-Shirts; Shirts; Hats; Fabric branding; ICT - computers; Software and accessories; Repairs; Internet; Airtime; Telephone; Video And Visual Services, Insurance Services, , Courier Services, Fuel, Vehicle hire, Vehicle Repairs And Maintenance Services , Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Supplies, Medical supplies; Solar system; Borehole drilling and installation; Tank stands and water connections; Fencing and fencing materials; Electrical supplies and services; Security services contractor; Carpenters; Welders; Plumbers; Electricians; Autoelectricians; Thatchers; Builders; Painters; Fire equipment sales & maintenance, Generator sales; Installation & maintenance; Air conditioning sales; Installation & maintenance; Outdoor advertising / roadshow services (truck hire, PA system & DJ); Printer / photocopier / computer maintenance services; Transport (goods & passenger) services; Motorbike sales; Installation & maintenance; Consultancy services.

Successful suppliers will be called upon to provide goods and services when the need arises. The following documents should be attached to the registration form: Certificate of Incorporation; CR14 Form; Trade Licences, Dealership or Accreditation if applicable; VAT Registration Certificate; Valid ITF 263 Form (Tax clearance form); Brief Company Profile and Four (4) Trade Reference.

To apply
To apply for registration interested suppliers or vendors are required to make a payment of US$20 non-refundable administration fee to Jointed Hands Welfare Organisation: Stanbic Nostro Account number 9140002058994 Gweru Branch; Vendors to upload proof of payment to upon which a supplier application form will be issued; Successful suppliers will be notified by letter and allocated a supplier code; All documents are to be submitted in sealed envelopes addressed to the Procurement Committee and clearly indicating CO/SUPPLIERS/FY22 and the category being applied for.

Supplier Registration on our 2022 Suppliers List: Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD)
Deadline: 28 February 2022

ZIMCODD is in the process of updating its Suppliers Register. Prospective suppliers of the following goods and services are invited for vetting and if successful will be registered on our 2022 approved suppliers list.

To apply
Get full list and application details here

Registration for Suppliers - 2022: Special Olympics Zimbabwe
Deadline: 7 February 2022

Special Olympics Zimbabwe is inviting applicants from fully registered suppliers who are interested in being registered in the organization’s goods and services suppliers list for 2022.

To apply
Get full list and application details here
Request for quotations . . .
Supply of 20 Cameras: Chemonics
Deadline: 11 February 2022 (12pm)

RFQ Number: RFQ#053

The Farm Zimbabwe activity is a USAID program implemented by Chemonics International in Zimbabwe. The overall goal of the activity is to provide inclusive economic opportunities to smallholder farmers and other actors along viable agricultural value chains by sustainably increasing their production, productivity, and incomes, thereby enhancing their food security, nutrition, hygiene, resilience, and poverty reduction. As part of project activities, the FARM Project requires the purchase of twenty (20) Cameras. The purpose of this RFQ is to solicit quotations for these assets.

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received by Chemonics in accordance with the instructions, terms, and conditions described in this RFQ.  Failure to adhere with instructions described in this RFQ may lead to disqualification of an offer from consideration.

Only the written answers issued by Chemonics will be considered official and carry weight in the RFQ process and subsequent evaluation. Any verbal information received from employees of Chemonics, or any other entity should not be considered as an official response to any questions regarding this RFQ.

Specifications: Section 3 contains the technical specifications of the required items. All commodities offered in response to this RFQ must be new and unused. 

Please note that, unless otherwise indicated, stated brand names or models are for illustrative description only. An equivalent substitute, as determined by the specifications, is acceptable.

To apply
Get full information here

Questions regarding the technical or administrative requirements of this RFQ may be submitted no later than 12 noon on February 7, 2022 by email to Lovemore Mateuso, and cc to Questions must be submitted in writing; phone calls will not be accepted. Questions and requests for clarification—and the responses thereto—that Chemonics believes may be of interest to other offerors will be circulated to all RFQ recipients who have indicated an interest in bidding. No hard copy deliveries are required due to COVID-19 precautions.

Offer deadline and protocol: Offers must be received no later than 12:00 noon on February 11, 2022 by email. Any emailed offers must be emailed to Lovemore Mateuso, and Cc to  No hard copy deliveries are required due to COVID-19 precautions. Please reference the RFQ number in any response to this RFQ. Offers received after the specified time and date will be considered late and will be considered only at the discretion of Chemonics.
Invitation to tender . . .

Supply and Delivery of 3000kgs of NUA45 Bean Seed: Diocese of Mutare Community Care Programme (DOMCCP)
Deadline: 10 February 2022

Tenderers are invited from reputable and registered suppliers for the supply and delivery of 3000kgs of NUA45 bean seed. DOMCCP will not allow walk-in customers for the purposes of obtaining tender documents. 

To apply
Get full information and application details here
Call for board members . . .

Call for Board Members: Mvelo Hive Trust
Deadline: 25 February 2022

A youth led organization seeks to empower youths in low income communities with access to digital literacy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and skills development programmes. We also aim to provide food aid, educational assistance and access to clean water to disadvantaged communities.

We are seeking to recruit four (4) board members to fill in various posts within our board. The board members are expected to assist in the growth and development of the organization, mobilising resources and strengthening operations. The roles are unpaid and voluntary, we require members with working experience in the NGO sector, and those with interested in the work that we do.

To apply
Interested members to send their applications and CVs to
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Consultancies . . .

Baseline Consultant: Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) 
Deadline: 4 February 2022 (1pm)

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is the local humanitarian and development organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Zimbabwe. ADRA’s core sectors include Holistic Health; Secure and Sustainable Livelihoods; Education; and Emergency Management.

ADRA Zimbabwe is implementing the ENGAGE, a new three-year project building on the gains made from all phases of Wealth in the Soil (WITS) project supported by ADRA Australia and the Australia Government with ANCP funding, and the Community Sustained Development Initiatives (CSDI) project funded by DANIDA where ADRA has been implementing horticulture support initiatives from 2012 to 2021. The current ANCP funded project will run from July 2021 to June 2024, targeting 5000 beneficiaries in Umguza, Murehwa & Mutoko Districts. The goal is, “Smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs have improved livelihoods contributing to economic growth in target districts.” 

In light of the above, ADRA seeks to engage a Consultant(s) to conduct a baseline survey covering three key tasks that will assist in measuring impact on 5 000 beneficiaries in the 3 Districts: Review the outcomes and indicators and make recommendations as required; Develop and administer a gender and disability friendly Household / Baseline survey / toolkit.

Key areas of interest
Level of knowledge of Horticulture and Recovery Plan; Current level of chemical usage and safety knowledge; Knowledge and access to key horticulture service providers; Knowledge and application of horticulture market requirements; Collaborative production and marketing; Market linkages and Access to finance; Gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI)

To apply
ADRA is inviting interested and experienced consultant(s) meeting the detailed terms to apply. Please get the detailed Terms of Reference Documents by email to Email your submission documents to  

The Impact of Covid 19 on Women Affected by Cyclone IDAI in Chimanimani Rural District of Zimbabwe: Local NGO (Re-advertisement)
Deadline: 4 February 2022

A Local women empowerment NGO working in 20 districts in Zimbabwe with a collective membership of 5 000 women and over 30 000 women, men and youths are beneficiaries of the organization’s projects. The organization is alive to the fact that society is fraught with unequal gender relations perpetuated by a complex interaction of cultural and structural factors. Because of the cultural and structural factors, despite women outnumbering men demographically, their participation in the social, political and economic spheres remains limited.  Women’s grassroots mobilization and organization at multiple levels therefore remains a key enabler for women’s empowerment and participation. The Local NGO works to open women’s minds to realities of these barriers and bring women together within their communities to formulate local solutions to local challenges.  The LOCAL NGO’s Vision is, Communities that are empowered, sustainable and peaceful and the mission is, Building the capacity of and advocating with women and girls through training, informing and supporting their community efforts.

The organization delivers projects which support women to escape violence, overcome discrimination and to be independent. These include information dissemination, leadership, governance and constitutional literacy training or business start-up schemes. LOCAL NGO play an important role in influencing authorities to take women's rights seriously, whether through campaigns, training days, or awareness-raising through various platforms. LOCAL NGO is well placed to do this because their work is rooted in the realities of their communities. LOCAL NGO fully understand the context of problems facing women and girls, and have developed effective solutions to create and sustain change.

The LOCAL NGO is seeking the services of a consultant, To carry out a research on The impact of Covid-19 on Women affected by Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani Rural District of Zimbabwe. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected women negatively and more so for women in Chimanimani who were affected by Cyclone IDAI. 

The findings of the research will inform an advocacy strategy on engaging duty bearers and policy makers to involve women in crafting government emergency responses; The recommendations will inform the post Covid-19 Strategies that need to be implemented taking into consideration rural women.

Conduct research; Carrying out specific data collection and data analysis based on approved approach; Produce a detailed report with findings and recommendations; Two copies of the manual and a soft copy 

Time Period for the workshop
8-14 February 2022

The Local NGO is looking for a consultant with a strong track record in conducting research for women empowerment and governance projects in the NGO sector. The consultant should have the following background, skills and competencies: Minimum qualification of a Master’s degree in social sciences; At least 5 years of relevant experience; Proven record in carrying out researches in the development and implementation of women empowerment, governance, gender and crisis, development projects; Good knowledge and extensive practice applying participatory approaches and qualitative data collection methods; Strong analytical skills, both quantitative and qualitative; Experience of integrating feminist and gender dynamics within participatory data collection; Good understanding of methods for assessing changes related to active participation, accountability and women empowerment; Ability to communicate fluently in English and Shona, and strong report writing skills in English; Relevant geographical experience in the mentioned district; Excellent verbal / written communication skills and ability to work with a team and under pressure to produce agreed deliverables in a timely manner; Ability to present analysis in a competent and engaging manner.

To apply
Please submit a detailed proposal and budget (not more than three pages excluding CV), indicating: Consultant’s understanding of the work to be done; Clearly outline the proposed methodology to be used; Work plan; Consultant’s daily fee rate; Consultant(s) CV. Please submit your proposal via email to 

Develop Dairy Sector Curriculum on Proper Animal Husbandry and Feed Production by Small Scale Dairy Farmers: We Effect 
Deadline: 4 February 2022

We Effect and partners; ZADF, ZDIT and ZFU are implementing an Action known as the Transforming Zimbabwe’s Dairy Value Chain for the Future (TranZDVC) that addresses root causes of underperformance in the Dairy Value Chain (DVC) in Zimbabwe by strengthening the linkages between production, processing, and financing. The Action is a national project funded by the European Union under the auspices of Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Programme (ZAGP) and implemented in Zimbabwe through dairy sector actors. The aim of the project is to increase production and productivity of the livestock sector and to increase public and private investment in targeted livestock value chains. The action further seeks to improve DVC economic performance through inclusive business models, DVC social performance through inclusive targeting and DVC environmental performance through use of climate smart dairy farming and use of renewable energy. The project also seeks to influence policies in the DVC, engage stakeholders and lobby for an enabling environment. The overall objective of this Action is contributing to the development of a diversified and efficient agriculture sector that promotes inclusive green economic growth. The Action aims to strengthen understanding and regular measurement of the DVC performance and enable core DVC actors, improve their performance through upgrading or scaling up activities. Ultimately, it is anticipated that this will result in increased domestic milk production and reduced importation of milk. The intervention has two 

Specific objectives
To improve economic, social and environmental performance of the Dairy Value Chain; To improve enabling environment for sustainable and inclusive Dairy Value Chain. As part of the broader strategy of strengthening the dairy value chain a matching grant facility (MGF) was being administered through the project life cycle. The MGF has proposed a course in dairy; a course for aspiring small scale dairy farmers and dairy workers with a curriculum on proper animal husbandry and feed production.

Objective of the assignment  
The project is seeking the services of a Consultant to comprehensively conduct a dairy curriculum development focusing on new small scale dairy farmers and workers, which curriculum shall be used in training centres run by anchor dairy farmers. The curriculum will also borrow from existing curricula in Agricultural colleges and universities to suit farmers and dairy workers. The Consultant will establish relevance of the project’s operation context, learning and operational needs, as well as requirements by the funding partner (EU).

Scope of services   
The Consultant will be expected to carry out and deliver on the following tasks: Review existing curricula in dairy including from colleges, Universities and initiatives by other mentor dairy farmers; Wide stakeholder consultation of dairy value chain actors of relevant content for the curriculum with a focus on animal husbandry and feed production; Stakeholder workshop to validate curriculum; Set up Launch of the curriculum; Submit a Comprehensive final curriculum.

The Consultant shall provide a final curriculum that includes: Comprehensive training topics; Continuous work assessment plan including practicals; Learning period for each topic; Proposed fee cost structure of the Dairy Course; A comprehensive and well packaged final Curriculum based on findings gathered with recommendations for proper animal husbandry and feed production by small scale dairy farmers.

It is anticipated that the Assignment will be completed within 8 weeks from the date of the signing of the contract between We Effect (on behalf of the consortium) and the Consultant. The work among other consultative processes shall involve holding Key Informant Interviews and Validation Workshop for stakeholders. 

Co-ordination of visits or interviews and convening meetings and workshops
The Consultant will be responsible for arranging own logistics (including transport if required to national dairy focal institutions), and meetings with Key Dairy Stakeholders. The Consultant will also facilitate contact with stakeholders including national dairy focal institutions to ascertain current practices and what data and information is available. All relevant expenses will be covered by the contract budget. 

The Consultant will be paid for the amount agreed between We Effect, and payments shall be made directly to the Consultant as follows: 30% upon signing the contract; 30% upon completing designs of field protocols, submission of the methodology and completion of Stakeholder Consultative Meetings; 40% on completion, submission, and acceptance of a comprehensive curriculum. Deliverables will be reviewed and certified as satisfactory by the project partners. In view of Covid-19 pandemic, these deliveries must be submitted in electronic format in relevant Microsoft Office versions.
Skills and qualifications  
The Consultant should have knowledge and experience in the following areas: Master’s Degree in Agriculture Animal Science, a qualification in Education will be an added advantage; Expertise and experience of designing and applying robust and appropriate Curriculum in dairy or related fields; Experience in certification of education curriculum; Experience in academia in the dairy sector in Zimbabwe and demonstrate understanding of dairy issues in the country; Using stakeholder workshops (in light of Covid-19 protocols) as a tool for a consultative process and generating new knowledge; Good communication skills, both orally and in writing.

To apply 
Qualifying candidates to send applications to on or before the 4th February 2022 clearly marked in the subject line ‘Consultancy, Dairy Sector Curriculum’

Consultancy: We Effect
Deadline: 4th February 2022

We Effect and partners, ZADF, ZDIT and ZFU are implementing an Action known as the Transforming Zimbabwe’s Dairy Value Chain for the Future (TranZDVC) that addresses root causes of underperformance in the Dairy Value Chain (DVC) in Zimbabwe by strengthening the linkages between production, processing, and financing. The Action is a national project funded by the European Union under the auspices of Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Programme (ZAGP) and implemented in Zimbabwe through dairy sector actors.

The project is seeking the services of a Consultant to comprehensively conduct a dairy curriculum development focusing on new small scale dairy farmers and workers, which curriculum shall be used in training centres run by anchor dairy farmers. The curriculum will also borrow from existing curricula in Agricultural colleges and universities to suit farmers and dairy workers.  The Consultant will establish relevance of the project’s operation context, learning and operational needs, as well as requirements by the funding partner (EU).

Position summary 
The Consultant will be expected to carry out and deliver on the following tasks: Review existing curricula in dairy including from colleges, Universities and initiatives by other mentor dairy farmers; Wide stakeholder consultation of dairy value chain actors of relevant content for the curriculum with a focus on animal husbandry and feed production; Stakeholder workshop to validate curriculum; Set up Launch of the curriculum; Submit a Comprehensive final curriculum.

The Consultant should have knowledge and experience in the following areas: Master’s Degree in Agriculture Animal Science, a qualification in Education will be an added advantage; Expertise and experience of designing and applying robust and appropriate Curriculum in dairy or related fields; Experience in certification of education curriculum; Experience in academia in the dairy sector in Zimbabwe and demonstrate understanding of dairy issues in the country; Using stakeholder workshops (in light of Covid-19 protocols) as a tool for a consultative process and generating new knowledge; Good communication skills, both orally and in writing.

To apply
Qualifying candidates to send applications to

Individual consultancy for Designing and Development of the Electronic Dairy Extension and Marketing System: We Effect
Deadline: 04 February 2022

We Effect and partners (ZADF, ZIDT and ZFU) is implementing an action that addresses root causes of underperformance in the Dairy Value Chain (DVC) in Zimbabwe by strengthening the linkages between production, processing and financing. The action (Transforming Zimbabwe’s Dairy Value Chain for the Future) has adopted a Performance Based Monitoring and Evaluation system. The system should be strengthened by adoption of an electronic dairy extension and marketing system, which will be called Mukaka iMari, from which dairy farmers can receive information through their mobile phones. Farmers will also be linked to bulk SMSes, WhatsApp groups, Facebook, Twitter, and the project website.

Specific tasks for the consultant will be 
Production and sharing of conceptual data models for the proposed system design leading to the signing off the Statement of User and System Requirements document;  Design and develop backend features of the electronic dairy extension and marketing system using popular software development languages and open-source tools; Design and develop front-end features of the system ensuring secure access, privileged system manipulation, and user-friendly interface; Seamless integration of the system with other existing systems and databases of farmers, processors, and value chain players; Efficient implementation of the SMS gateway API in the sending out of messages to mobile telecommunication networks; . Effective implementation to reach users directly in the WhatsApp, Facebook applications through an API; Pre-test the system; Implement security features to protect and secure database systems; Consultant will train and capacitate We Effect Database Administrator, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and Dairy Value Chain Specialist on the system design, development, and common maintenance activities. 

When rolling out the system, it will not be necessary for all levels of the programming team to have a detailed knowledge of how the system works besides to know the main overall purpose(s). The Database Administrator who leads the systems development activities will monitor, contribute to the software development, and have full access. 

Timeframe and tasks 
The duration for the entire task will be 20 working days.   
System design; Statement of User Requirements; Pre-test / Piloting the system; Conceptual database model design; Presentation of final functional system to We Effect and Dairy Services; Training of team on system utilisation and management. 

Profile for the individual consultant
The consultant should have the following expertise: A minimum of 5 years of experience in systems engineering (design, development, maintenance and roll out); Bsc / BA in Computer Science or equivalent; Proven experience programming and commissioning SMS and USSD applications is a distinct advantage; Professional certifications in software development an added advantage. 

To Apply
Send your applicant profile, technical proposal, and financial proposal to: clearly marked “Electronic dairy extension and marketing system” on the subject line. 

Negotiation Skills: We Effect
Deadline: 7th February 2022

We Effect and partners, ZADF, ZDIT and ZFU are implementing an Action known as the Transforming Zimbabwe’s Dairy Value Chain for the Future (TranZDVC) that addresses root causes of underperformance in the Dairy Value Chain (DVC) in Zimbabwe by strengthening the linkages between production, processing, and financing. The Action is a national project funded by the European Union under the auspices of Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Programme (ZAGP) and implemented in Zimbabwe through dairy sector actors.

The consultancy seeks to engage a consultant to provide training on principled negotiations. The consultancy seeks to achieve the following: To build the capacity of dairy farmers and leadership in principled negotiations; To build the capacity of ZADF staff to enable them to acquire and apply principled negotiation skills in their work.

Position summary 
The consultancy involves training of farmers and staff members. Training should be focused on: Laying a strong foundation for principled, value maximising negotiation; Applying the core determinants of principled, value maximizing negotiation; Entrenching the core principles of principled, value maximizing negotiation and creating a climate conducive to such negotiation; Counteracting tricks, gambits and plays and applying all the insights thus far gained in planning for and conducting a negotiation; Further entrenching the negotiation planning principles and master the art of influence and persuasion; A way forward.

An organisation or individual consultant with full experience in training and field implementing principled negotiations experience: Trainers with a university master’s degree in business management, rural development related discipline including agriculture economics, agriculture development studies, social work, or development studies; Minimum of 5 years training principled negotiation experience; Demonstrated experience in facilitation of principled negotiation trainings and use of participatory and adult learning techniques; Must have conducted similar trainings for other INGOs; Have good presentation / facilitation skills and good report writing skills; Fluent in both English and Shona both written and verbal; Ability to train either virtually or physically.

To apply
Qualifying candidates to send applications to with subject clearly labelled ‘Bid for Principled Negotiation Consultancy’

Graphic Designer: Local NGO
Deadline: 4 February 2022

We are a well-established women’s rights organisations working to ensure that Women’s Rights are respected as Human Rights through Governance Systems, Elections and Community Development. We are searching for the services of dynamic Graphic Designer to provide support to a leadership project to bring the vibrancy of the organisation to life through their graphics. We are based in Harare, Zimbabwe and we work with women, government institutions, civic partners and organisations and institutions seeking to enhance and promote the women human rights.
We are looking for an outstanding, dynamic and passionate person with a positive attitude and a wealth of innovative and creative ideas to feed our fast paced and energetic team. Your particular strengths must include people and time management and adherence to budgets. You must be self-motivated and be willing to push boundaries capable of conceptualizing new concepts and designs for all strategic communication from print collateral, press to digital media including social media for a period of 1 month. The successful applicant will work closely with the Communications Officer. 
Role and responsibilities 
Thinking creatively to produce new, fresh ideas; Producing high quality design work on time; Archiving: Keep a full library of all photos- chronological archive of designs, presentations; Creating designs that are artistically interesting and appealing to clients but which are also on brief and accurate in content; Manage a full suite of visual collateral for the project from typesetting, design, to digital media and / or print, to final finished artwork; Proof checking to produce accurate and high-quality work; Scheduling of reviews to ensure that the brief is delivered on time; Ability to communicate effectively with program officers, beneficiaries and suppliers; General administration skills.

Key skills
Exceptional creativity and innovation; Excellent time management and organizational skills; Accuracy and attention to detail; An understanding of the latest trends and their role within a commercial environment; Professional approach to time, costs and deadlines; Able to withstand above average work pressure and to work on multiple briefs simultaneously; Confidence with the ability to self-manage briefs and activities and at the same time take design direction from other team members and the manager; Must have good communication and problem solving skills; Work well as part of a team.
Technical skills 
Microsoft Office (Excel, PPT, Word, Outlook), PDF, Corel Draw X5; Adobe Creative Suite (CSS), Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Flash; Photoshop Paint shop, Web design, HTML, Javascript; Graphic Designer Qualification will be advantageous; At least 1 years’ experience as an graphic designer; Zimbabwean, Permanent Residents of Zimbabwe, or Persons with the right to work in Zimbabwe may apply. 
Income: Market rates.

To apply
Please send to include in the Subject Line the Reference “GD2022” Attach: Motivation Letter, CV and Portfolio / Samples of your work. Female candidates are very strongly encouraged to apply.

Safeguarding Policy: Urgent Action Fund-Africa (UAF-Africa)
Deadline: 10 February 2022

Urgent Action Fund-Africa (UAF-Africa), is a feminist pan African, rapid response Fund committed to transforming power relations through resourcing African feminists and womn1 human rights defenders and their formations as an act of solidarity. We are part of the ecosystem of feminist and women’s movements in Africa and globally. Registered in Nairobi, Kenya and operating as a virtual organization, the Fund boasts of strategic presence in Africa’s five sub-regions - East Africa: Nairobi, Kenya, Kampala, Uganda and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; North Africa: Cairo, Egypt; Central Africa: Cameroon & Burundi ; Southern Africa: Zimbabwe and South Africa, and West Africa: Abuja, Nigeria, Benin and Togo

Overall purpose of the consultancy
Urgent Action Fund-Africa seeks an experienced consultant to support and accompany the Fund in developing a safeguarding policy that is founded in feminist principles and values. The consultant will coordinate the effective implementation of the safeguarding policies and procedures; provide advice, capacity building and support to UAF-Africa staff to launch the policy document and to enable staff and management to proactively identify and mitigate safeguarding risks; and ensure safeguarding measures are integrated into all the systems of the organisation.

Specific tasks
Conduct desk review and analysis of existing safeguarding policies and implementation framework from women’s rights organizations, philanthropic institutions and other international organizations working on women’s rights globally; Source for sample safeguarding policies from relevant stakeholders; Conduct a critical analysis on these policies from a feminist perspective and identify strengthens and gaps for reflection; Develop a report of the review and analysis highlighting positive elements, current gaps and potential recommendations for consideration by UAFAfrica’s management team; Review the Fund’s policy documents and implementation frameworks to identify opportunities and gaps in regards to safeguarding; Conduct survey’s to gather relevant data from staff members to feed into the policy report; Develop a draft policy document for review; Adopt edits and comments and conclude the final document by 25 February 2022.

To apply
Get full information and application details here

Research Partnership: Emthonjeni Women’s Forum (EWF)
Deadline: 11 February 2022

Emthonjeni Women’s Forum (EWF) is an NGO that was established in 2010 to assist in preventative and responsive measures of gender-based violence and in addressing behavior change gaps for survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence. EWF was specifically founded to assist women overcome domestic violence and realize their economic potential as well as creating a platform where they can share and exchange information on various issues brought about by various inequalities between men and women. The organization is currently operating in Matabeleland South, North and in Bulawayo. EWF seeks to establish a partnership with a reputable Research institution from a local university for the duration of its strategic plan (2022-2024). 

To establish a 3-year working relationship with a reputable research institution towards research and publication of EWF work. 

The consultant is expected: To adequately respond to the objectives of various areas of research through engaging in data collection, analysis, presentation of findings and publication; The consultant is expected to present a draft report of findings to communities, government stakeholders, staff and board members; Publication of the completed research(es).
Technical direction 
Technical direction during the performance of these tasks will be provided by the EWF Director. 

Skill and competencies
Relevant experience in social science Women Empowerment, Women’s Rights and GBV research; Proven track record in conducting research for NGOs; Proven track record in publication of research findings.

To apply
Applications must be sent by email to with subject heading “EWF Research Partnership”. The tender should be no more than 5 pages, and is expected to include: A cover letter outlining motivation and summarizing relevant experience; Contact details for at least two independent referees with in-depth and proven knowledge of the applicant’s expertise and relevant work experience; Background of the research institution; CV of the research team/-s involved in the partnership.

Production of Short Animated Videos: Accountability Lab
Deadline: 13 February 2022

Accountability Lab is building a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders around the world. We train, mentor, and resource citizens in creative ways to strengthen systems of accountability and unleash positive social and economic change. The Civic Action Teams (CivActs) are pioneering citizen feedback, dialogue, and community voice platforms to ensure accountability in the development process. CivActs have now collected critical information from hundreds of communities across Nepal, Liberia, and Mali, solving daily problems for citizens and closing the loop on challenges related to everything from migration, to human trafficking, to natural resource management and security issues.

CIVACTS creates a space for collaborative evidence-based dialogue to support collective problem solving to shift perceptions of power and address critical problems; CIVACTS builds accountability into local decision-making processes; CIVACTS builds trust between local communities and power holders by closing the feedback loop;  CIVACTS build community knowledge about the various frameworks for accountability.

Scope of work and technical requirements
Accountability Lab Zimbabwe seeks an animation services provider capable of producing 3-5 minute animated explainer videos that will discuss the themes of Citizenship, Accountability, and Participation. The objective of the videos is to explain these concepts in a way that is easily understood and motivates greater conversation and engagement among audiences. The videos will incorporate infographics, animated characters, and narration. The animator / firm should use
modern production methods and qualified creative personnel capable of designing creative concepts with guidance from Accountability Lab Zimbabwe.

To apply
Get full information and application details here

Development of Women's Rights Organisation's Resilience and Sustainability Model:  Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ)
Deadline: 14 February 2022

About WCoZ 
Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) is a network of women’s rights activists and women’s rights organizations in Zimbabwe with national structures established in 1999. WCoZ brings women from diverse backgrounds to advocate for the attainment and enjoyment of their socio-economic and political rights and ensure that the women and girls empowerment agenda remains central to the national agenda.  

Background of the consultancy
WCoZ is working on an intervention aimed at strengthening the resilience of women’s rights organisations in Zimbabwe in responding to various shocks and threats in the operating context and ensuring effective sustainability of the organisations. Against this background, WCoZ invites expressions of interest from interested Consultant/s to develop a Women's Rights Organisations Resilience and Sustainability model. The successful Consultant will be expected to devise a methodology for interrogating the current reality and state of Women’s Rights Organisations in Zimbabwe which includes emerging threats, challenges, opportunities and the insights for sustainability into the future of Women’s Rights Organisations. These findings should inform the development of the model

Task under the consultancy
In carrying out this work, reporting to the National Coordinator and under the supervision of the Project team, the consultant shall: Submit a detailed inception report outlining the Consultant’s understanding of the assignment and the approach to be employed; Submit a detailed report on the current state of Women’s Rights Organisations; Develop and submit Women’s Rights Organisations Resilience and Sustainability Model in line with the above-mentioned specific purpose; Prepare a power-point presentation which summarizes the findings and the designed model.

The key deliverables of this Consultancy shall be: A final comprehensive report on the state of the women’s rights organisations in Zimbabwe, reviewed and accepted by WCoZ; Women’s Rights Organisations Resilience and Sustainability Model; Summarized power-point presentation of the state of the women’s rights organisations in Zimbabwe research report. 

The Consultancy shall run for 15 Days and is anticipated to begin 14 February 2022.

Expected qualifications, experience of the consultant
The consultant should have a Masters’ Degree in Development work, Gender Studies, or related fields; Minimum 10 years of relevant combined work experience in movement building and women’s rights; Proven working experience on organisation development and sustainability strategies and models.

To apply 
Interested and experienced individuals or teams should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by 10th  February 2022 to and copy The EOI will detail the Consultant’s understanding of the Scope of Work, and methodological approach. It will also detail work-plan, including dates for when specific tasks will be done;  The EOI should also include a detailed budget, indicating a breakdown of all costs for conducting this work such as consultancy daily rate;  The EOI must not exceed five pages; Cover letter summarizing the applicant’s skills and past experience relevant to conducting the outlined SOW; Detailed C.V(s) / resume(s), with names of three referees and their contact details (email and phone); At least 1 recent sample similar to that called for in this SOW for which the applicant was a lead author.

Women are strongly encouraged to apply

Conduct a Gender Audit of the Public Policy and Legal Framework: Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ)
Deadline: 14 February 2022

About WCoZ 
Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ), is a network of women’s rights activists and women’s rights organizations in Zimbabwe with national structures established in 1999. WCoZ brings women from diverse backgrounds to advocate for the attainment and enjoyment of their socio-economic and political rights, and ensure that the women and girls empowerment agenda remains central to the national agenda.  

Background of the consultancy
WCoZ is working on an intervention which seeks to influence law and policy-making strategies to improve women’s agency, leadership and equal participation in all spheres of the Zimbabwe society. Against this background, WCoZ is inviting expressions of interest from interested consultant/s to conduct a gender audit of the public policy and legislative framework in Zimbabwe. The overall goal of this research is to assess institutionalization of gender equality in the public policy and legislative framework. The specific objectives of the research are as follows: To conduct a gender audit of the public policy and legislative framework (selected legislative and policy instruments) in Zimbabwe; To interrogate gaps, strengths and analyze effectiveness of the framework towards promoting gender equality and women empowerment, benchmarking against regional and international women’s rights standards and instruments, such as the MAPUTO Protocol and the CEDAW; To proffer policy recommendations for institutionalization of gender equality in public policy, in line with international women’s rights standards.

Tasks under the consultancy
In carrying out this work, reporting to the National Coordinator and under the supervision of the Project team, the consultant shall: Submit a detailed inception report outlining the Consultant’s understanding of the assignment and the approach to be employed; Conduct a mapping of relevant public policy and legislative instruments in fulfilment of the objectives highlighted above; Develop and submit a comprehensive Gender Audit report of the public policy and legislative framework; Unpack the report findings to WCoZ.

The consultant will be responsible for the following deliverables: A comprehensive and simplified Gender Audit report reviewed and accepted by WCoZ; Unpacking the report findings at a workshop to be organized by the Organization; Summarized power-point presentation of the Gender-Audit Report.

This is a 15 Day consultancy, expected to begin on 14 February 2022.

Expected qualifications, experience of the consultant
The Consultant must possess a legal background, with a Masters’ Degree in Law, Gender Studies, Social Science, Development Studies or any relevant fields; Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience in Law and gender.

To apply
Interested and experienced individuals or teams should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to and copy on or before 10 February 2022; The EOI must detail the Consultant’s understanding of the Scope of Work, and methodological approach. It will also detail work-plan, including dates for when specific tasks will be done; The EOI should also include a detailed budget, indicating a breakdown of all costs for conducting this work such as consultancy daily rate;  The EOI must not exceed five pages; Cover letter summarizing the applicant’s skills and past experience relevant to conducting the outlined SOW; Detailed C.V(s) / resume(s), with names of three referees and their contact details (email and phone); At least 1 recent sample similar to that called for in this SOW for which the applicant was a lead author. 

Women are strongly encouraged to apply.
Internships . . .

Yo! Please say that you heard about these internships from Kubatana

Finance Officer Intern: Bayethe Development Institute 
Deadline: 4 February 2022 

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe 
Reporting to: Director  
Duration: Full-time, starting as soon as possible for 6 months, with possibility for extension
Organization description
Bayethe Development Institute is a Zimbabwe registered Private Voluntary Organization that empowers marginalized communities with life skills to strengthen their inclusion and participation in all development processes including humanitarian interventions. Bayethe Development Institute’s work is anchored on five thematic areas targeting primarily youth and key populations: Economic empowerment, Sexual and reproductive health and rights, Arts, Culture and heritage, Peace building and environment and climate change.

Accounting data capture and administration; Preparation of accounts; Financial reporting and analysis; Management accounting and performance management; Budgeting and budgetary control; Data / information management for management control; Resources and asset management; Prepare and interpret financial statements; Auditing; Planning, execution and reporting. 

At least a Degree in Accounting or Finance, a professional qualification e.g ACCA, CIS, CIMA will be an added advantage and a minimum of 1 year practical learning experience. 

To apply
Email us for the position by attaching your application letter and CV to 

Monitoring and Evaluation Intern:  Bayethe Development Institute
Deadline: 4 February 2022

Duration: Full-time, starting from February 2022 

Company description
Bayethe Development Institute is a Zimbabwe and South Africa registered non-profit organization that empowers marginalized communities with life skills to strengthen their inclusion and participation in all development processes including humanitarian interventions. Bayethe Development Institute’s work is anchored on five thematic areas targeting primarily youth and key populations: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Economic Empowerment, Arts, Culture and Heritage, Peace Building, Environment and Climate Change.

Job description
Participate in implementing a result based M&E plan to generate regular information related to the progress of the program implementation; Participate in designing data collection tools, templates, and assist in regular data collection or generation process; Participate in data collection and analysis to determine progress achieved; Assist in tracking the project's output and outcome level results on the periodic basis in close coordination with the project's implementing team as well as with Implementing Partners (IPs); Support data collection, verification and compilation from the field as stipulated in the M&E plan; Review and compile monitoring reports, project progress reports, evaluation reports, photographs, case studies video documentaries, PowerPoint presentations, Update and maintain the project database; Support the M&E in providing technical support to staff members for all M&E related activities including training of staff members on M&E concepts, skills, and tools; Assist in reviewing field-level assessment reports, baseline studies, and evaluation reports; Work with the project team to prepare periodic reports of the project by providing M&E related information; Carry out other duties and responsibilities related to M&E as assigned by the supervisor.

A qualification in Monitoring and Evaluation from an accredited institution with sound knowledge in designing and implementing M&E tasks; Knowledge on writing reports, and designing tools for data collection, analysis and production of reports; Good interpersonal and communications skills; Knowledge of managing databases; Analytical knowledge including knowledge of Microsoft applications; Advanced written and spoken English.

To apply
Email us for the position by attaching your application letter and CV to 

Administrative Intern: Bayethe Development Institute 
Deadline: 4 February 2022

Duration: Full-time, starting from February 2022 

Company description
Bayethe Development Institute is a Zimbabwe and South Africa registered non-profit organization that empowers marginalized communities with life skills to strengthen their inclusion and participation in all development processes including humanitarian interventions. Bayethe Development Institute’s work is anchored on five thematic areas targeting primarily youth and key populations: Sexual and reproductive health and rights, Economic empowerment, Arts, Culture and heritage, Peace building, Environment and climate change.

Job description
The position includes front office management, handling office tasks, such as filing, generating reports and presentations, setting up for meetings, and reordering supplies; In addition, the incumbent will be handling BDI Communication including but not limited to Social Media platforms, press releases and public relations; S/he will manage the scheduling and booking of appointments and preventing conflicts of the calendar; Furthermore, they will be responsible for making travel arrangements, such as booking flights, cars, and making hotel and restaurant reservations; Screening phone calls and routing callers to the appropriate party with the use of a switch board will also be part of the incumbent’s job description; S/he is required to use Microsoft Office to generate reports, transcribe minutes from meetings, create presentations, and conduct research; Moreover, greeting and assisting visitors is a prerequisite and maintaining polite and professional communication via e-mail; The anticipation of the needs of others in order to ensure their seamless and positive experience is a characteristic we highly appreciate at Bayethe Development Institute.

Secretarial or Business Administration Diploma or Studying towards a degree in Public administration or similar; Receptionist / Administrative experience an added advantage; Good interpersonal skills and ability to interact at all levels; Experience in Microsoft Office; Excellent writing and drafting skills (reports and minutes); Excellent communication skills with high attention to detail; Practical experience in logistics and events management; Strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills;  Excellent interpersonal skills and team player; Highly organized and able to meet tight deadlines;  Desire to be proactive and create a positive experience for others. 

To apply
Email us for the position by attaching your application letter and CV to 

Graduate Intern: Center for Agriculture and Food Policy (CAFP)
Deadline: 7 February 2022

Duration: 3 months

The Center for Agriculture and Food Policy (CAFP) is a registered Trust governed by a Board of Trustees drawn from the public and private sector. CAFP evolved from a structured Technical Assistance Policy facility of the Livelihood Food Security Programme (LFSP) “Strengthening Evidence and Analysis to Influence Policy and Private Sector Investments”, a collaboration and partnership between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute and the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries Water, and Rural Resettlement (MLAWFRR) with funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). 

CAFP thematic areas are; 1. Poverty, Health, Food and Nutrition Security; 2. Agricultural Transformation, Institutions, Markets and Trade Development; 3. Technology, Climate-Resilient Agriculture and Food Systems. The graduate interns will report directly to the Programme Associate.

Eligibility requirements
To be considered for this internship, applicants must meet the following requirements: Have graduated with a Master’s Degree within the past two years from reputable Universities in any of the following areas: Climate, Agricultural Economics, and Meteorology, Development Economics or related field; Have excellent academic record as demonstrated by university records; Have excellent writing skills; Highly-organized and self-motivated; Ability to work full-time for 3-months

Duties and responsibilities
Support CAFP’s work on climate risks, adaptation strategies and associated digital tools available for climate adaptation in Zimbabwe; Perform other duties as assigned by the Programme Associate and Manager Research, capacity strengthening and outreach.

To apply
Please send your CV and application letter to with the subject marked “Graduate intern”. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email to avail education qualifications and detailed CVs.

Programmes Intern: Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA)
Deadline: 7 February 2022

Location: Harare
Duration: 6 months (based on availability of future funding, there may be a possibility for extension) 

Formed in 2000 and legally constituted as a Trust in November 2001 under Notarial Deed of Trust MA1669/2001, the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) is a public interest environmental law organization that seeks to promote environmental justice, sustainable and equitable use of natural resources, democracy and good governance in the natural resources and environment sector. ZELA’s work is mainly anchored on a core group of rights that are reflective of natural resources governance namely Environmental, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (EESCR). To achieve its mission, ZELA uses various strategies which include legal and policy advocacy, investigative and evidence-based research, litigation, community training, capacity building, conflict resolution. ZELA’s program portfolio is composed of five programs namely; Extractive Industries and Mining, Local Service Delivery Governance, Natural Resources and Land, Responsible Investments and Business and Climate Change and Energy.

Climate and Energy Programme
There is an urgent need to guard the poor population against the vagaries of climate change such as droughts, floods, storms and changing weather patterns which lead to loss of livelihoods, food insecurity, biodiversity loss and agricultural systems, new disease strains and high levels of poverty. We will play our part by implementing a selected set of activities under the Climate Change and Energy Programme. The Climate Change and Energy Programme will enable us to take measures to increase public awareness of climate change, use of green or renewable energy sources and assess impacts on communities and human rights.

Land and Natural Resources Programme 
The Land and Natural Resources Programme seeks to promote sustainable and equitable management and distribution of land and natural resources as well as secure land tenure rights for communal residents. Community-led land audits and independent Environmental Impact Assessment compliance monitoring will be key tools under the program. Through evidence-based research, policy dialogue and training. The Land and Natural Resources Programme forms part of our efforts to execute our original and enduring vision and mission. It is in line with our vision to protect and conserve the environment and natural resources using the law. The program links our actions and our mission to promote environmental justice through the sustainable and equitable utilization of natural resources and environment.

Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association is calling for applications from suitably qualified individuals to fill the position of Programmes Intern that has arisen within the organization. An intern is therefore required to support the work of the two clusters. The intern’s overarching objectives are supporting ZELA’s Land & Wildlife Cluster and Climate Change & Energy Governance cluster in the implementation of these projects and engaging stakeholders that support this work. The intern will accomplish these objectives through a number of activities, which are detailed in this TOR

Purpose and deliverables of this internship
The overall purpose of this internship is to support ZELA with the current work taking place around ’s Land & Wildlife Cluster and the Climate Change & Energy Cluster. More specifically, the deliverables for this assignment are as follows: Support  the two clusters in planning of activities by contributing in the development of activity calendars; Support the two clusters in the planning of activities, and mobilisation of participants; Support the two clusters in the execution of training activities, preparation of activity reports and acquittals; Support the two clusters in the collection of project monitoring data; Participate in ZELA programme meetings; Participate in any other programme meetings convened by partners as shall be assigned by the Programs Manager.

The Intern shall report directly to the Programs Manager  who will coordinate his / her work with the Cluster Leads for the Land & Wildlife Cluster and Climate Change & Energy Governance cluster.

The person must be a current student at any University in Zimbabwe studying Economic History; The person must be seeking an attachment for a period of 6 months; The person must have a high interest in political economy of wildlife in Zimbabwe; The person must have a  high interest in political economy of greenhouse emissions, mitigation and adaptation to climate change; The person must be able to use MS Office packages e.g. Excel, PowerPoint and Word; The person must be able to pay attention to detail.

To Apply
Interested qualified candidates should send an application letter and CV with at least 3 references, with the subject clearly stated as advertised to by 7 February 2022. 

Finance and Admin Intern: Trócaire
Deadline: 10 February 2022

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
Trócaire works in partnership with local and church organisations, supporting communities in over 20 developing countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to bring about lasting change. Trócaire envisages a just and peaceful world where; people’s dignity is ensured and rights are respected; basic needs are met and resources are shared equitably; people have control over their own lives; those in power act for the common good. Zimbabwe is one of 17 countries globally where Trócaire has a country presence. The Finance and Administration Department is headed by the Finance and Administration Manager and the department has 8 staff.

The Finance and Admin Intern (FA), with reporting to the Finance Officer (FO) will assist in the delivering of finance and administration functions for the Zimbabwe office. Specifically, the role covers the following broad responsibilities either as accountable, consulted, informed or responsible: Financial control and reporting; Internal systems and processes; Procurement; Operations and logistics support; Reception management.

Main tasks and responsibility
Financial Control and Reporting: Posting field office finance transactions in Agresso Business World ensuring accurate and timely posting of transactions with particular attention to the funding source; Also perform monthly donor compliance check on all documents and ensure filing in maintained up to date in an orderly and easy to retrieve manner; Work with Program Accountants on the closure of donor grants including review and submission of supporting documentation; Assist in retrieving documents for internal and external audits; Internal Systems and Processes: Assist in improvement of work processes and increase efficiency within the scope of responsibility; Handle and disburse cash funds at workshops, and ensure secure custody of cash and timely banking, daily petty cash disbursements and preparation of monthly petty cash reconciliations as assigned; Ensuring that all payments have adequate supporting documents; Follow up and assess acquittals from staff on outstanding supporting documentation submitted and any issues arising from submission of acquittal report; Communicate and follow up with staff and partners on outstanding supporting documentation and acquittals.

Participate in procurement processes of obtaining quotations and bid analysis whenever necessary; Following up on receipts and invoices; Ensuring WHT is deducted from non compliant suppliers, prepare certificates and maintaining the Withholding tax tracker up to date. Enforcement of finance policy and procedures.

Operations and logistics support
Ensuring timely preparation of meeting rooms and refreshments ahead of meetings with staff, partners or external stakeholders as agreed with the chair of such meetings; Managing all office stationery and promotional materials including issuing out of such materials and maintain up to date inventory list; Typing correspondence and reports and taking minutes as relevant and / or requested.

Reception management
All reception duties to include: Management of the reception area of the office; Managing the intercom facility of the office; Greeting and dealing with all visitors; Operating the switchboard and maintaining the incoming and outgoing mail register; Any other duties as assigned by the Finance Officer.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics from any recognised institution or any relevant professional accounting qualification from an internationally recognized institute of accountancy; Key demonstrated interest and track record in finance and grant management; A good understanding of project cycle management skills; General company administration; Excellent communications skills (oral, presentation and written); Fluent in English; A good command of any local language is an added advantage; Ability to network, form and maintain relationships, and build partnerships; Ability to use own initiative and to work effectively both independently and as part of a team; IT Literacy (MS-office applications i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint; E-mail, Internet, Video Conferencing).

To apply
Interested candidates must send a detailed CV and cover letter to Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Job vacancies . . .

Yo! Please say that you heard about these job vacancies from Kubatana

Peer Educator Supervisor: CESHHAR Zimbabwe
Deadline: 4 February 2022 (430pm)

Duty Station: Karoi
Contract Type: Fixed Term

CeSHHAR Zimbabwe is an organization that specializes in Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH), HIV and AIDS research in Zimbabwe. CeSHHAR in collaboration with the MOHCC and NAC is implementing a National Sex Work Programme aimed at reducing HIV acquisition and transmission among female, male and transgender sex workers thereby reducing HIV transmission and acquisition to and from their clients. Low consistent condom use, risk of drug use and increasing transactional sex are some of the common reasons that put these key populations at risk of acquiring STI and HIV infections. Therefore, reaching these populations and increasing awareness and access to STI & HIV prevention, testing and treatment services are fundamental to reducing transmission of STI and HIV infections.
Job role
The Peer Educator Supervisor will be responsible for improving access to HIV / STI Preventive Service Package among these populations and to encourage and facilitate them to avail HIV / STI Counselling, Testing and Treatment Services; Under the overall supervision of the Programme Coordinator, and under direct supervision of the Clinic Managers, the Peer Educator Supervisor will be responsible for the following tasks: Identifying and recruitment of peer educators; Attend all trainings / meetings to teach peer education programs; Supervise Peer Educators: caseload, IPC, microplanning and self-help groups; Network with stakeholders; Reaching out regularly with STI / HIV preventive packages for sex workers at identified sites with the assistance of peer educators; Conducting regular visits and meetings with sex workers to enhance access to STI / HIV services ; Maintaining the mapping of the sex work populations together with outreach workers; Providing information and educating sex workers on the risk of STI / HIV transmission and prevention, testing services and its benefits, and treatment services; Routinely encouraging, facilitating and following up for regular STI / HIV testing among these populations; Maintaining records of their activities and report to the Clinic Managers on a weekly basis; Regularly distributing condoms and demonstrating condom use; Performing other tasks related to the programme as assigned by the supervisor whenever required and Data entry into existing database.

Qualifications and experience
A degree in Social Sciences or any related field; Counseling diploma and experience in HIV / AIDS counseling will be an added advantage; Demonstrable experience and interest in community outreach work, ability to do community mobilization, create rapport with personnel from collaborating or associate institutions and work independently but within a team framework; Current and valid certificate in Good Clinical Practice and Ethics is an advantage; Experience working with vulnerable populations (sex workers) an added advantage; Demonstrated effective verbal and written communications; Good knowledge on use of Microsoft word, excel and power point; Good interpersonal communication skills and having high respect for confidentiality; Preference will be given to those having experience of working in Non-Governmental Organizations or Civil Society Organization in HIV / AIDS related programmes; Expected to work outside of normal office hours as required.

To apply
Interested in the above position, please email your CV and application cover letter addressed to the Human Resources Manager and send to Indicate the position and duty station you are applying for in the subject line. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Health Promoter IEC Officer: Médecins Sans Frontières – Belgium
Deadline: 4 February 2022

Organisation overview 
Médecins Sans Frontières – Belgium is an international, independent medical humanitarian organisation. We provide medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. Our teams are made up of tens of thousands of health professionals, logistics and administrative staff - most of them hired locally. Our actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality.

Position summary 
MSF operates a mental health program in Tongogara Refugee Camp with specific focus on psychosocial activities to improve and support natural resilience of camp population at individual, family and community level. The Health Promoter is expected to raise awareness on mental wellbeing among the refugee community, promote MSF activities, and engage the population to revive their traditional coping mechanism or build resilience by facilitating their participation in various psychosocial and recreational activities

Position responsibilities 
Responsible and accountable for implementing activities of health education and awareness according to the project needs; Implement health promotion activities (awareness, events, mobilization, etc) in Tongogara Refugee Camp (TRC); Assess community dynamic with support of HP supervisor and the program manager; Be an ambassador of MSF and MSF activities in the community to promote activities and maintain positive image of the organization; Collaborate with MSF team members and other partners in implementing medical activities in Tongogara Refugee Camp; Collaborate with Village Health Workers (VHWs) to raise awareness on mental health in the clinic and in the community; Regular monitoring and reporting according to defined key performance indicators; Support community members in finding collective resilience and coping mechanism; Conduct regular exit interviews with session audience to assess their understanding and appropriateness of MH awareness message; Participate in creation of any reporting tools, materials needed for the activities of information, education and communication.

Diploma in Health Promotion, Psychology, Social work, Sociology, Education or equivalent; Solid experiences in community engagement and health promotion (minimum 2 years’ experience); Willingness to work in the field and engage camp population and community; Knowledge of local community is strong asset; Knowledge of French language, Ki-Swahili is a strong asset 
To apply
Interested, qualified and experienced candidates meeting the above criteria should forward their detailed CV, motivation letter describing past experiences of community engagement (maximum 2 pages) on or before Friday 4 February 2022 to, The Project HR/Fin Assistant 1715 Impala Extension, Beitbridge email to

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted; MSF-Belgium, Zimbabwe Mission does not solicit any organization or individual to recruit on their behalf. No fee is charged throughout the recruitment, selection and placement process; Canvassing will lead to disqualification of candidates.

MSF values diversity and is committed to create an inclusive working environment; We welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of disability, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, race, color or ethnic and national origins, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

8 (Eight) x Driver: Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI)
Deadline: 4 February 2022

Location: Mazowe x1; Gweru x1; Bulawayo x 2; Harare x3; Plumtree x1
Type of Contract: Fixed Term Contract

Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI) is a not-for-profit human development organisation which is registered as a Trust under the Zimbabwe Deeds Registries Act (Chapter 20:05). ZHI’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative and sustainable high impact integrated health interventions with local communities while working with and strengthening existing institutions. 

The Re-Ignite, Innovate, Sustain Evidence Based Interventions for HIV Prevention (RISE) program will prevent new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) using the Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored and Safe (RISE) approach.
The Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free, Mentored and Safe (DREAMS) program focuses on prevention of new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in Zimbabwe. DREAMS core package of services combines evidence-based approaches that go beyond the health sector, addressing the structural drivers that directly and indirectly increase AGYWs’ HIV risk, including poverty, gender inequality, sexual violence, and a lack of education. The program is being implemented in 6 high HIV burden, partial maintenance districts (Bulawayo, Chipinge, Gweru, Makoni, Mazowe and Mutare) and 6 expansion districts (Beitbridge, Bulilima, Gwanda, Insiza, Mangwe and Matobo).

Basic function
Under the direction of the Logistics Assistant and supervision of District Project Coordinator, the Driver shall provide a variety of transportation support to ZHI.

Job description
Convey ZHI staff and consultants to designated approved locations; Ensure adequate safety, cleanliness, security and maintenance of the project vehicle assigned; Ensure proper day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle through timely minor repairs, arrangements for major repairs, timely changes of oil, check of tires, brakes, car washing, etc; Ensure availability of all the required documents/supplies including vehicle insurance, vehicle logs, office directory, and necessary spare parts; Plan route and requirements by studying schedule or ad-hoc request by the office; Ensure passengers adhere to all road safety regulations; Fulfil special request by picking up and delivering items as directed; Perform any other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, skills and abilities
Matured and willing to work at odd hours; Good written, oral, interpersonal and organization skills; Ability to work well with others and to develop and maintain compatibility among project staff, subcontractors and recipients of assistance.

Qualifications and experience
A minimum of 5 O’ levels, and any other relevant certificates with a minimum of 5 years’ driving experience; Must have a valid defensive driving certificate and a valid driving license; Must have expert knowledge of driving rules and regulations; Experience of driving 4x4 Landcruiser vehicle is required; Experience as a driver mechanic will be an added advantage; Experience with large complex organization preferred.

To apply
Step 1 : Complete online application here

Step 2 : Submit your CV and application letter via email to clearly indicating the position you are applying for on the subject of the email. Applications received outside the stated channels will be disqualified. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

During the application process, ZHI will not charge any fee nor will it require any payment for an application to be considered. ZHI is an equal opportunity employer and employs personnel without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, language, citizenship, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, physical handicap or financial ability.

Civic Partnerships: Magamba Network (Maternity Cover)
Deadline: 5 February 2022

A leading creative and digital media organization in Harare, Zimbabwe, is looking for a candidate for an Associate position in their Civic Partnerships division. 

Position summary
The successful candidate will work with the Operations Director under the supervision of the Creative Director. The role requires the candidate to conduct all activities as a consultant. The successful candidate will serve for a period of not more than three months (maternity cover).

Job description
The Associate will be in charge of maintaining and creating Civic Partnerships with civil society organisations and foundations; The Associate will work to retain current clients, identify new clients and maintain client relations; The Associate will pitch for new work, advertise the organisation’s services and secure contracts; The Associate will develop PR and Marketing materials that promote the organisation to new clients; Maintain the social media and marketing strategy that enhances the profile of our services and utilize all digital platforms as potential sales tools; Maintain a database as well as a regular list of new potential clients to target; The Associate is in charge of managing and delivering projects for clients; Assist in the roll out and implementation of specific consultancies; Draft up invoices, proposals and budgets for potential clients; Submitting monthly progress report information and analytics to the Operations Director.

Degree in Development, Social work, Business studies or equivalent; Proven work experience in project coordination; Tech savvy and experience in social media management; Excellent presentation, interpersonal skills, must have self-confidence; Passionate about using digital media and arts for positive social change; Solid experience in business development and client relations; Good report writing and proposal writing skills; Good command of written and spoken English; Excellent networking skills.

To apply
Interested candidates should forward a cover letter and CV with subject title ‘Maternity Cover” to Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Assistant Finance and Administration Officer: Local NGO
Deadline: 6 February 2022

Job purpose
A local NGO is inviting applications for the position of Assistant Finance and Administration Officer. Reporting to the Finance and Administration Officer/Executive Director. The Assistant Finance and Administration Officer shall be responsible for assisting the Finance Officer to execute duties in financial management; administration and managing human resources policies for the organisation.
Duties and responsibilities
Financial Management
Assist Finance Officer to prepare organizational and project budgets for projects and budgetary control, i.e ensuring expenditure is compliant to budgets; Ensure all financial transactions strictly comply with organization policies and with donor contracts / agreements, guidelines and regulations, administration and human resources policies and donor contracts / agreements; Help the Finance officer to prepare for annual external audits and respond to international auditors if required; Manage the external audits and ensure audit recommendations are implemented. 
Cash management, ensuring that all petty cash transactions comply with the organization’s cash management policy; Ensure that all financial records are complete, up to date and filed systematically; Accurately enter all daily transactions into the books of accounts, using Pastel Partner 17 and produce relevant reports, present these to the Finance Officer for review and approval; Manage bank accounts and prepare periodic reconciliation statements, process payroll, calculate and remit tax and other statutory obligations, ZIMRA, NSSA, and complete necessary returns; Management of debtors, creditors and ensuring timely payment to all creditors; Assist the Finance Officer to prepare monthly financial reports of each project; Perform month - end closing and year-end duties such as reconciliations, VAT reconciliations, PAYE returns, procurement activities in accordance with organization’s procurement policy;  Provide assistance to program staff and project budget preparation; Assist in consolidating all the programs and operational transactions for specific donors, for annual reports and for sharing with relevant stakeholders.

Administration & human resources
Manage records, logistics, and ensure statutory returns and renewals are current; Manage leases to make sure they are current and amendments are processed as required; Maintain asset registers, conducting regular stock control and update accounting records accordingly; Maintain personnel files and payroll administration using Belina Time Systems; Ensure all equipment is properly functioning; Maintain finance and administration files both electronically and physically; Carry out any other task assigned by the Finance Officer.

Minimum requirements
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or any related professional accounting qualifications such as CIS, ACCA, CIMA; At least two years - experience working for an NGO and experience in handling USAID projects will be an added advantage; Demonstrable familiarity and experience with donor regulations; Thorough knowledge of and experience with Pastel Partner 17; Experience with human resources management; Ability to present financial reports.

To apply
Interested candidates should send in a CV and letter of motivation (1 page) to: and copy Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.

We are an equal opportunity employer and women are encouraged to apply. 

3 (Three) x Drivers: Bantwana Zimbabwe
Deadline: 7 February 2022

Location: Bubi, Nkayi, Tsholotsho

Purpose of the position
Reporting to the District Finance Officer, the aim of the role is to ensure that staff and supplies are transported to and from assigned destinations safely with proper daily checks on vehicles.

Major responsibilities
Transport the staff, authorized passengers, goods and commodities to and from assigned destinations safely always and record and file supporting documentation; Properly log in all trips and following all laid down guidelines in accordance with the transport policy; Clean cars / vehicles before / after travelling; Deliver and collect mail from the Post office, or any other location accordingly; Ensure all vehicles are refueled on time per vehicle policy guidelines; Communicate any fault on the vehicle immediately to the Mechanic via a maintenance request form; Receiving, recording, issuing of stock, and reporting thereof; Follow up and ensuring that all procured supplies, works and services are delivered; Prepare and submit vendor payment documentation to the procurement personnel at the country or field office; Submit periodical updates and incident reports to the Logistics Coordinator; Ensure security and safety of Bantwana Zimbabwe vehicles and all other BZ assets and inventory; As and when necessary, load and off load goods / commodities; Ensure compliance with the vehicle policies; Assist field programme staff in financial, logistics and administration duties; Ensure compliance with the HR manual and any related policies including the Code of Conduct; Commit to adhere to and respect the compliance policies including but not limited to Child Safeguarding, Sexual Harassment, Whistleblowing, Anti-Fraud, and Conflict of Interest Policies.

Qualifications, experience and competencies required
At least 5 ordinary level subject passes. An entry level qualification in Logistics, Supply Chain, Procurement or equivalent is an added advantage; At least four years’ experience in a similar post within an NGO environment; Clean Class 4 driver’s License plus valid defensive driving certificate; Good communication skills in written and spoken English are essential; Computer literacy; Flexibility and calm, whilst working under pressure and adapting to changing priorities.

To apply
Interested candidates should submit their motivation letters demonstrating their suitability for the position and detailed CVs, clearly stating the position being in the subject section to by close of business on 07 February 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Bantwana Zimbabwe is an equal opportunity employer.

WASH Field Officer: Welthungerhilfe
Deadline: 8 February 2022

Duty station: Chimanimani

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest German non-governmental organisations in development co- operation and emergency relief. Primarily in cooperation with local partner organisations, our task is to contribute to the improvement in nutritional and income base for the low-income populations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Welthungerhilfe has been implementing projects in Zimbabwe since 1980. Sector focus is on Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Food and Nutrition Security, Livelihoods and when necessary, Emergency response; Welthungerhilfe (WHH) is a key player in Rural WASH and emergency response to several WASH related
emergencies in Harare and other districts in Zimbabwe. Currently, WHH is implementing a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Zimbabwe Idai Recovery Project (ZIRP) in Chimanimani building on the various interventions implemented during the Cyclone Idai emergency response in 2019 to early 2020.

Duties and responsibilities  
The overall goal of the intervention is to reduce morbidity and mortality through provision of improved WASH services to the people affected by emergencies as per UN and UNICEF Core Commitments for the Children; Specific objective: Improved access to safe and sustainable piped water service for vulnerable communities to better adapt to effects of climate change.

Qualifications and experience
Qualified Civil / Water Engineer; Over 2 years’ experience in WASH Infrastructure designing, operation and maintenance; Strong capacity building, facilitation skills and Skills transfer to water supply operators; Experience Working with various government departments and other Humanitarian organisations in the district; Experienced in WASH emergency response WASH context; Technical skills in borehole engineering; Experienced in working with Local authorities and District administration; Report writing skills.

To apply
Interested candidates should submit a letter of motivation and their CVs to Please state the position applied for in the subject line of the email. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

During the application process, WHH will not charge any fee nor will it require any payment for an application to be considered. WHH is an equal opportunity employer and employs personnel without regard to race, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, language, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status and or physical handicap. Persons with disability are encouraged to apply.

District Community Coordinator: Organization for Public Health Interventions and Development (OPHID)
Deadline: 8 February 2022

Reporting to: District Manager 
Location: Matobo 
Type of Contract: Fixed Term Contract   

About OPHID 
The Organization for Public Health Interventions and Development (OPHID) PVO 31/16 develops and implements innovative approaches and strategies to strengthen HIV Care and Treatment services in Zimbabwe, by providing enhanced access for communities to comprehensive HIV prevention, care and treatment. OPHID works with the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) in implementing these interventions. OPHID is looking for suitably qualified and motivated individuals to fill the following post.

Position summary 
The District Community Coordinator is responsible and accountable for implementing and monitoring the OPHID community HIV program activities at district level. The DCC will supervise and work with community level staff and will be responsible for all technical aspects of the program, operational support, and coordination / networking, in line with organizational and national guidelines and targets. The DCC reports to the District Manager.
Key responsibilities  
Oversee the coordination of the implementation of community HIV program activities; Forge enduring relationships with the district community department, district Social Welfare office and other CBOs to harmonize efforts and implementation of HIV programs at community level; Provide technical support to community structures in adopting a data driven approach to resolving district level challenges affecting the community HIV program; Manage the community HIV program resources for the organization within the district; Oversee the use of organizational resources within the community HIV program in line with OPHID’s policies, the grant agreement, and in compliance with the USAID rules and regulations as applicable; Manage the performance of all community level staff within the program and ensure that deliverables and outputs are met consistently; Manage data driven identification of communities, health posts etc, for HRH placement, and the recruitment, orientation, deployment, and performance management of all HRH resources (PCNs, OI  / ART Nurses, CXCA Screen, PCNs, PCs, DECs, COAs, COACs, etc) within community service delivery; Support community service delivery platforms in identifying gaps and challenges impacting on HIV prevention, and promoting community level QI solutions and/or adoption of best practices from other communities within the district; Champion community – facility integration in the implementation of all HIV prevention activities; Support the community service delivery teams in enrolling PLHIV onto lifelong ART; Support the district and community structures in retaining patients in lifelong ART care; Training , mentoring supervising health workers in DSD models  including OFCAD; Support community teams in adopting best practices and coordinating deployment of Community cadres defaulter tracking within communities to minimize loss to follow up of all clients within the HIV program; Work with the DHE to adopt, implement and monitor national strategies for community level retention and monitoring of PLHIV on ART (DSD models, etc) to achieve retention targets; Support the district and community structures in implementing community cervical cancer screening and treatment; Support the CSISA in the implementation of all SIE activities within the community program in the districts; Train COACs / COAs / SW and other community cadres on HIVST distribution. 

Person specification
Diploma / degree in nursing and registered as a Registered General Nurse with the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe; Diploma in community nursing or qualification in project management, health services administration or similar will be an added advantage; At least 3 years’ experience in clinical management of HIV and TB/HIV at public health facility level; Completed course in Advanced HIV and AIDS Managed preferred; At least 5 years’ experience in HIV and TB/HIV programs management at district level within the NGO technical assistance environment or as district community nurse within MOHCC; Demonstrable technical and clinical knowledge in Adult and Pediatric HIV Care and Treatment, including Cervical Cancer Screening, Mental Health, DREAMS and Quality Improvement; Familiarity with MOHCC guidelines for COVID-19, Community Health Strategy, HIV Prevention Care and Treatment, Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment and Tuberculosis is required; Proficiency in MS Office suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook), and online collaboration technologies. 

To apply
Step 1: Complete online form here

Step 2: Submit your cv and application letter via email to clearly indicating the position you are applying for on the subject of the email. 

OPHID and its Consortium partners are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against any employee or job applicant on the basis of race, political affiliation, religion, tribe, national origin, gender, physical or mental disability, health status (including HIV status) or age. OPHID does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, technical test, oral interviews, processing, training, or any other fees). While OPHID may from time to time engage external consultants for the facilitation of the recruitment process, only OPHID has the right to offer employment to candidates. No third parties have been authorised to offer employment on behalf of OPHID.

Only shortlisted candidates will be responded to. If you do not receive any communication within a month from the date of closing, consider your application as unsuccessful.   

Finance Administrator: Help From Germany
Deadline: 8 February 2022

Location: Main office in Zimbabwe, Harare
Reporting: The Finance Administrator reports to the Financial Controller

Preparation and completion of monthly project accounts using winpaccs accounting program; Ensure that all entries in winpaccs accounting are supported by a booking sheet with the relevant authorization signatories and all supporting documents (quotations, original invoice, proof of payment); Inform project coordinator by email regarding missing supporting documents and follow up on all queries before monthly accounts are closed; Follow up on receivable and liability accounts and ensure they are settled before monthly   accounts are closed; Reconcile winpaccs cashbook with cash register of project cashier; Reconcile monthly bank statements and ensure that all debits and credits reflect the winpaccs accounting voucher number; Follow up on outstanding and missing supporting documents according to internal control reports and ensure that all supporting documents are attached to the accounts; Copy monthly winpaccs accounts for Help ZWE archive after approval of internal control department; Upon closure of the project and approval through Head Quarters and Internal control compile winpaccs accounting booking sheets based on the winpaccs cost control voucher entry per budget line. Ensure that all booking sheets with complete supporting documents are compiled under the respective budget line; Assist junior staff members with winpaccs entries as and when required; Any other duty as assigned by the Finance Controller.

Qualification / skills
The financial administrator should have the following qualifications: Degree in Accounting, Administration or related field with a strong finance background; Solid knowledge of local financial practices; Excellent knowledge of Donors’ required accounting and reporting procedure; Fluency in verbal and written English; Excellent computer skills; Excellent knowledge of accounting electronic software used within the operations; Ability to work cooperatively with others in a team environment.

To apply
Interested applicants should submit a detailed CV and motivational letter to Help from Germany believes in equal opportunities for all, hence women are encouraged to apply. Shortlisting will be done as applications are received and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Youth Program Officer: African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)
Deadline: 9 February 2022

Position summary
The Youth Program Officer will support AWF’s newly established Youth Leadership Program. The position will report to the Country Director and functionally (technically) to the Senior Manager Youth Leadership Program. The position will work closely with the Policy, Partnerships and Global Leadership teams. The Youth Program Officer will be responsible for supporting the country level implementation of the youth engagement strategy, program development, policy influencing, partnerships, documentation, and other administrative functions of the program. The youth engagement strategy has 3 work packages, namely: Curating and implementing leadership programmes / training; Unlocking opportunities for youth (i.e supporting enterprises, providing scholarships, internships and postgraduate research projects); Working with youth networks to influence policies on biodiversity and sustainable development.

Additionally, the Youth Program Officer will be responsible for ensuring effective coordination with other actors / stakeholders, monitoring and evaluation, and quality assurance of AWF’s Youth portfolio in Zimbabwe S/he will be responsible for contributing to program design and development; technical support to interventions; measurement, research and documentation; representation and partnership development, proposal and resource development; and training, mentoring and organizational learning for implementing youth program partners. This position will be based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Key duties and responsibilities
Program development & management
In consultation with the Senior Manager, Youth Leadership Program and Country Director, develop a youth engagement plan that is aligned to the country strategy and the global youth strategy; Coordinate all youth engagement planning and activities at AWF country office to ensure that they are consistent with the AWF youth engagement frameworks and quality standards; Support in the identification and profiling of potential youth groups / networks to partner with to deliver the youth engagement plan of the country office; Support the identification and recognition of youth conservation champions; Support selection and awarding of youth fellowships and internship opportunities; Support mapping, assessment, coordination, establishment and capacity development of youth led conservation focused civil society organizations to ensure that vibrant youth networks are established and engaged with inclusion of rural marginalized youths; Facilitate synergies of the youth program with policy teams, and other programs / department within the country; Support the implementation of the Zimbabwe Country Conservation Strategy, programs and project(s) deliverables; Ensure that the Youth Program is implemented in ways responsive to communities, partners and other key stakeholders in line with AWF values and strategic plan and in compliance with AWF procedures.

Budget management and resource mobilization
Contribute to appropriate country context program design and fundraising proposals; With guidance from Country Director and Country Finance Officer, ensure that youth program budget for the country is managed according to set frameworks, work plans and AWF accounting procedures. 

Partnership and network building
Build partnerships that can support AWF’s Youth Programs; Ensure capacities of youth program relevant stakeholders at country and landscapes are built and engaged in advancing conservation; Develop youth engagement outcomes for each activity for the country; Facilitate external synergies / partnerships of the youth program; Collaborate with relevant stakeholders including Government line ministries to ensure the youth programs are implemented accordingly to set Government frameworks.
Measuring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL)
In alignment with AWF’s ME framework, lead, research and file country specific youth engagement activities that have been planned and document the relevance of AWF participation in the events; Work with the AWF M&E global team to ensure that MEAL tools are developed, rolled out and analyzed according to institutional metrics: indicators are tracked; and findings inform the Youth Programming; Coordinate with communications and the Knowledge management department teams so that most significant change stories are documented, filed and disseminated.

Administrative support
Coordinate appointments, documents for signature / approval; monitor and follow up on issues and priorities, incoming correspondence and internal and external queries, draft and handle routine correspondence related to the youth program in the country; Coordinate participation of youth at AWF events; Set up and record all meetings with the external partners; Collect photos and or videos taken during youth events and uploading them on Box and Widen for public use with correct tags and captions; Perform ad hoc duties and other duties assigned by management.

Rights-based conservation
Human rights are a guiding principle in the AWF Strategic Vision 2020-2030, embedded in our core principles and core values. AWF’s mission is to ensure that wildlife and wildlands thrive in modern Africa. AWF understands a modern Africa to be an Africa in which human rights are fulfilled and commits to respect, protect, and promote human rights at all times, irrespective of ethnic group, gender, race, sexual orientation, age, or class by adopting a rights-based conservation approach.  The role holder will come in to contact with a wide range of stakeholders and will be required to demonstrate commitment to and a good understanding of AWF’s Rights Based Conservation approaches, values and principles.

Degree in any field related to community development, social sciences and or any conservation related field; Three-years work experience in conservation or youth program related field; Experience of, and commitment to, working through systems of community participation and accountability; Demonstrated knowledge of key issues pertaining to young people; Strong administrative and organizational skills; A strong understanding of the Zimbabwe operational context; Computer skills including word, excel, PowerPoint, internet & social media; Proficiency in technical and report writing; Excellent digital storytelling, problem solving and time management skills; Ability to collate and analyse a wide range of information to draw out key strategic messages and findings; Aptitude in presentation and public speaking; Ability to plan and organize events; Ability to cultivate and build strong constructive working relationships within AWF and with other key constituents externally; Ability and willingness to travel to remote locations as may be needed; Youth are encouraged to apply.

To apply
Apply online here

Field Officer: Partners for Integrated Growth and Development (pigad)
Deadline: 9 February 2022 

Expected starting date: 1 March 2022

Organisational background
Partners for Integrated Growth and Development (pigad) is a duly registered Zimbabwean NGO. The organization was established in 2014 and it is driven by the vision to empower communities through relief, rehabilitation and developmental programmes in both urban and rural communities. 

Currently, pigad is implementing an agribusiness development intervention in Mashonaland East, Mashonaland Central and Manicaland Provinces with an outreach of in excess of 5000 smallholder poultry farmer households and 500 young entrepreneurs operating various businesses within the poultry value chain. The programme is being facilitated by Help from Germany, supported and financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Field Officer position
The main purpose of this position is to provide extension services and technical support to smallholder farmers producing eggs and youth operating micro enterprises in the targeted districts to ensure the development of sustainable enterprises with links to markets. 

Duties and responsibilities
Conduct community farmer mobilization and project sensitization meetings; Participate in farmer household and young entrepreneur’s selection & verifications and according to the laid down rules and regulations; Participate in development of poultry & business management training materials and facilitate farmer / micro entrepreneur’s trainings; Advice farmers and youths on poultry and business management including Internal Savings and Lending Schemes (ISALs); Facilitate the selection of project community volunteers (Lead Farmers, Community ISAL Facilitators) and demonstration plot sites; Conduct monthly monitoring visits to smallholder farming households, youth enterprises, community volunteers and demonstration plot sites; Coordinate and where possible conduct project trainings and facilitate meetings and field days; Facilitate formation of farmer groups and associations within the area of operation; Compilation of project activity reports; Document lessons learnt; Liaise with all key stakeholders in the area of operation and represent the organization at any community meetings and gatherings; Carryout any other duties as requested by management; This description is not exhaustive, and the post holder may be required to undertake duties that are broadly in line with the above responsibilities.

Skills and qualifications
Diploma / Degree in Agriculture / Agricultural Economics / Agribusiness; At least 3 years’ experience in conducting smallholder farmer and youth training and extension; Experience in poultry production and disease management especially commercial layer chickens; Business oriented mind set; Experience in development of training materials; License and ability to ride a motorcycle; Knowledge of basic computer packages like Microsoft Word and Excel; Willingness to relocate to the project area (rural area); Ability to meet tight deadlines and work independently, be innovative and creative; Ability to work with minimal supervision.

To apply
Applicants should submit detailed CVs and letters of motivation to before or on the 9th of February 2022. Short listing will be done as applications are received, and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews

Pigad believes in equal opportunities for all hence women and youths are encouraged to apply.

District Programs Assistant: Bantwana Zimbabwe 
Deadline: 10 February 2022

Location: Lupane

Bantwana Zimbabwe seeks an experienced candidate to be engaged as District Programs Assistant to be based in Lupane, for a CDC/ZimTTECH-funded DREAMS program. The Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored, and Safe women (DREAMS) program aims to reduce new HIV infections amongst adolescent girls and young women and will be implemented in four Matabeleland North districts – Bubi, Lupane, Nkayi and Tsholotsho. Bantwana will implement four core sets of interventions namely, i) HIV prevention, condom education, gender norms change, social assets building, and sexual violence prevention; ii) Education Subsidies and primary, secondary and Part-Time and Continuing Education support; iii) Combination of socioeconomic approaches for caregivers layered with positive parenting; and iv) Economic empowerment for AGYW (financial literacy, work readiness and employability trainings, vocational training for market-driven technical skills, internships).

The District Programs Assistant will support the Safe Schools Officer, at district level, in coordinating efforts to deliver in-school education, HIV/GBV prevention and Social Asset Building Activities for AGYW.

Roles and responsibilities
In liaison with the Safe Schools Officers, roll-out evidence-based HIV / GBV prevention curricula, using the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), Youth Empowerment Program (YEP), and IMPower curricula; Work directly with school authorities and committees in the implementation of formal and non-formal education activities; Support the roll-out and monitoring of positive parenting interventions, using the Families Matter curricula; Provide administrative and logistical support to IMPower Instructors, Families Matter facilitators, and Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) facilitators; Consolidate routine program reports on parenting and GBV activities; Compile periodic progress reports; Liaise with the M&E team in tracking and reporting related targets; Work with Safe Schools Officers to network and represent the project at various forums / stakeholders’ meetings.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science or related field, and a minimum of 2 years relevant experience working on adolescent and youth health related interventions; Experience of HIV / GBV program planning and implementation at the community, provincial and district levels working with NGO sectors; Experience in program administrative, and financial management systems; Knowledge of HIV / GBV, health systems, and related issues specifically targeted for adolescent girls and young women; Strong writing and interpersonal communication skills; Prior experience in implementing DREAMS programs an added advantage.

To apply 
Please submit a cover letter, CV, and three references (including name, organization, phone number, and email address) to with position title in the subject line. The application deadline is 10 February 2022. Due to the anticipated high volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Finance and Administration Officer: Tag a Life International (TaLI)
Deadline: 11 February 2022 (5pm)

Reporting to the Director

Ensure that all financial transactions are carried out and recorded in accordance with accounting standards and in line with the organization's procedure and policies; Prepare and share monthly monitoring report (expenses vs budget) to Management as per set deadlines; Assist management and stakeholders in budgeting and budget realignment; Ensure proper books of accounts are kept and maintain sound archiving (filing and retrieval) system; Review monthly / donor reports with relevant managers and point out areas with financial risks in line with donor conditions for managers to take proactive corrective action; Internal and external audit; Proposal writing especially finance sections; May be required to travel to review financial transactions and disbursement of funds to workshop participants; Receive and review travel expenses and procurement supporting documentations from staff, stakeholders and government officials for accuracy before approval by management; Preparation of various supporting schedules to the financial  statements to facilitate annual and periodical audits; Preparations of year end accruals and monthly reconciliations of the accruals and make journals where necessary; Preparation of the payroll journal  and monthly reconciliation of the payroll control code; Cashflow management and bank reconciliations; Support in payroll administration and all human resources issues as may be required; Ensuring a sound system for organisation policy implementation; Ensuring sound human resources and administration system and attending to staff issues; Any other relevant duties as maybe required by management.

The ideal candidate should possess a degree in accounting or any accounting qualification like ACCA, CIMA, CIS and minimum of 5 years proven NGO experience in a senior officer position. Should be seasoned in the NGO finance systems, self driven in achieving deadlines and enforcing systems, self supervising and dedicated to the strength of the financial system of the organisation. Interpersonal Skills: Ability to effectively communicate financial information to different audiences, both financial and non financial. Computer Skills: Requires excellent knowledge and understanding of accounting  packages like Pastel, Microsoft Excel. Should be hard working and self starter, impeccable communication, as well as committed. Candidates should show their minimum salary in their application letter.

To apply
Applications should include a CV and at least 2 written, as well as academic certificates and cover letter and send to by day end on the 11th of February 2022. Failure to provide all required documents as stated above will automatically disqualify a person. Women are encouraged to apply, aged between 30 and 45 years.

Senior Programmes Assistant: Tag a Life International (TaLI)
Deadline: 11 February 2022

Reporting: Programmes Officer 

The Senior Programmes Assistant is in charge of assisting in planning, implementation and evaluation; and reporting of all programmes run by the organisation. 

Job description
Participate in designing, planning and implementation of all programmes with other team members; Write donor and stakeholders' reports; Participates in proposal development together with other team members to raise funds for the organisation; Engage with girls and young women in relevant programmes; Attend key stakeholder meetings as may be required; Supervise other programs interns and provide assistance to ensure delivery of the programmes as planned; May provide psychosocial support to victims of abuse according to the provided system; Write stories for the website and other social media platforms as may be required; As well as any other relevant duties as may be required. 

The incumbent should have a minimum of three years experience in the NGO sector and should have experience with grant writing, report writing and implementation of projects. The prospective candidate should be a holder of a master's degree in any of the following areas; Development studies, child protection, psychology, social work, political science and any other relevant master's degree. 

To apply
Applicants should send application letter, Curriculum Vitaes (clearly stating minimum salary expectations and notice period required in the current job) to Women are encouraged to apply, aged between 25 and 50.  

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Finance Manager: TechnoServe
Deadline: 11 February 2022

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

About TechnoServe
Everyone deserves the opportunity to build a better future. This simple idea has been at the heart of TechnoServe’s work around the world for over 50 years. TechnoServe is a pioneer in leveraging the power of business and markets to create sustainable pathways out of poverty. The low-income communities in which we work are full of enterprising people. Their small-scale farms and businesses are the keys to economic development. But they face many challenges: low literacy, lack of access to jobs and markets, unpredictable political dynamics and, increasingly, the effects of climate change. For many women and young people, the challenges are even more daunting. Working with TechnoServe staff, people around the world are lifting themselves out of poverty. The results are amazing...when incomes increase and living conditions for families get better, they are able to access health care and education previously out of reach. Communities and even whole countries are better off.  

Job summary
Technoserve Inc. Zimbabwe is seeking a qualified Finance Manager, who will oversee the financial aspect of the country office and help ensure its continued viability. The Finance Manager is a key member of the senior management team who will contribute to the administration and development of the country office. S/He will be responsible for maintaining and improving financial management and internal control systems as well as building capacity of the finance team

Primary functions & responsibilities
Internal and external Reporting – Preparation of donor financial reports strictly following the donor-reporting calendar and analysing expenditure and advice management on budget variance drivers and recommendation; Donor relations - Maintain all donor contracts and advise PM / PD / CM on compliance issues, ensuring all payments / activities comply with donor rules and regulations as outlined in donor contracts; Oversee the financial accounting function - accurately review entries before posting including the monthly payroll, conducting month end and year-end close, preparing cash flow statements and expenditure accounts and ensure sufficient cash resources are available to meet obligations as they become due; Annual Budget development - Working with the Country Director to prepare project, annual and multi-year budgets; Prepare periodic budgetary control statements as well as consolidating budgets for program proposals and managing the shared costs; Compliance management - Manage Internal and External Audits in liaison with HQ; Ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures as well as the Zimbabwean statutory requirements; Sub-award Management – conducting of pre-award assessment and review monthly financial expenditure; Controls and systems - Periodically review financial controls and systems, improving where required; Oversee the office administration function - Oversea Assets and Logistic management  

Basic qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting / Finance plus Masters in Administration / Management, Full ACCA / CIS / CIMA is an added advantage; Minimum 7 years financial accounting experience preferable in an NGO environment; Experience of working with and reporting to international donors, in particular, experience of managing multiple budgets at the same time; Excellent IT skills with experience of operating computer-based financial management systems; Competent to advanced level in Microsoft Excel.

Preferred qualifications 
Working knowledge of donor compliance rules & regulations for the major donors  (particularly DFID, EU & USAID).
Up to international up to 5%, domestic up to 25%  

Knowledge, skills and abilities
This section should highlight the competencies that would make a candidate successful in the role such as: Acts proactively and thinks strategically, in anticipating organizational needs; An eye for detail and a concern for accuracy, together with the ability to keep sight of the broad picture; Communicates effectively and influences others; Maintains ethical values and professional skills in the promotion of stakeholder interest and the profession.

To apply
Apply online here

Software Developer: Media Monitors   
Deadline: 11 February 2022

Employment : Short term contract

About the organisation 
Media Monitors is a strategic media support organisation with 20 years of experience in supporting three critical pillars: Citizens access to information, Enhanced media credibility and performance, and Supporting partner communication and media objectives. To contribute to these pillars, Media Monitors has undertaken specific programmes and provided strategic media and communication support services through: Media monitoring and strategic media research; Journalism training and capacity building to strengthen media performance; Strengthening citizens access to information on critical issues; Supporting media rights and freedom of expression advocacy; Data mining, and analytics to provide insights on strategic communication objectives that include information dissemination, knowledge building, reputation management and competitor analysis among others

Position summary 
Media Monitors is seeking to hire a skilled software engineer for a short term software development project. Duties will primarily revolve around building software by writing code, development of an interactive user interface, directing system testing and validation procedures.

Job description
Developing and writing code for MM’s current project; Directing system testing and validation procedures; Software programming and documentation development; Consulting with departments or customers on project status and proposals; Working with Data capturing and archiving department on technical issues including software system design and maintenance; Analyzing information to recommend and plan the installation of the systems or modifications; Consulting with engineering staff to evaluate software hardware interfaces and develop specifications and performance requirements; Designing and developing software systems using scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict and measure outcomes and design consequences; Preparing reports on programming project specifications, activities, or status; Conferring with project managers to obtain information on limitations or capabilities.

Key attributes
Strong conceptual knowledge of the Python programming language; Knowledge and experience of API application; Knowledge of system development life cycle; Innovation and creativity; Keen interest in programing and API application; Team player; Must be a full-stack developer and understand concepts of software engineering; Ability to develop unit testing of code components or complete application; The desire to work in a fast-paced environment.

Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering or related degree; Minimum of two years’ experience in software development; Experience working on a variety of software development projects.

To apply
Please send your CV and motivational letter to the following email 

Business Development Officer: Jairos Jiri Association
Deadline: 11 February 2022

Stations: Harare

Jairos Jiri Association is a big local NGO in Zimbabwe which seeks to recruit an outstanding and result oriented person in Business Development. Jairos Jiri Association, besides focusing on advocacy for People with disabilities the organisation run Income Generating Projects line as a way of cushioning the lives of children with disabilities in Jairos Jiri Association schools. This issue is addressed in a holistic manner where Jairos Jiri Association has craftshops, factories and farms where production is in progress. The purpose of having enterprises addresses the issue of rights of people with disabilities such as rights to education, rights to socialise with other people in the society, rights to good shelter and of much importance rights to good health. The organisation needs to be financially sound if these children are to be assisted fully. It is against this background that the organisation seeks to recruit a unique incumbent.

About the job
The incumbent will report to the Head of department. The Business Development Officer will coordinate business in JJA Income Generating Projects. The recruited Business Development Officer shall help in identifying new marketing strategies, branding of the product, packaging and pricing. The incumbent shall also help in organising workshops, budgeting, supervising and training employees on customer care, preservation methods and assist in identifying technological ways of marketing products.

Duties and responsibilities 
Analyzing current and past financial data and providing strategies to cut costs and increase revenue; Leading the charge on market research plans to identify new opportunities; Working with executives to implement marketing strategies and new opportunities; Encouraging new and existing clients by creating and improving proposals; Tracking expenses and maintaining the organisation budget; Ensuring that the organisation meets revenue targets; Providing training and mentoring to other members of the team; Developing and pitching ideas for potential investors

Qualifications and experience
Bachelor's degree in business management or administration, finance, accounting, marketing, or related field; Proven experience working as a business development officer or similar role; Diploma in Public relations is an added advantage; Excellent communication skills; A minimum of 3 years experience in the Business field.

To apply
Applications, detailed Curriculum Vitae and certified copies of certificates to or The National Executive Director, 17791 Tredgold Drive, Belvedere, Harare.

Programme Development and Funding Officer: Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)
Deadline: 20 February 2022

Location: Zimbabwe
Contract: 2 years fixed term

Job Profile
The Programme Development and Funding Officer (PDFO) will contribute to CAFOD’s positioning and involvement in Zimbabwe, in line with the agreed strategies, by advising on donor engagement, coordinating programme development; securing institutional funding for CAFOD supported programmes and partnerships; and contract management. The post holder will be responsible for all aspects of CAFOD’s donor funding in Zimbabwe. In close coordination with the Country Representative, the PDFO will lead on identification of funding opportunities and the development of high-quality proposals and reports, in collaboration with programme and finance teams. The PDFO will oversee and ensure compliance with all donor rules and regulations, as well as CAFOD’s internal grant management, finance and programming policies. 

The post-holder will be responsible for building effective working relationships with peers across the International Programme. This is in order to develop and maintain horizontal links between programmes, learning, innovation, good practice, and fundraising within and between regions or areas of work. The role has also a number of cross-divisional and cross-organisational functions linked to work with CAFOD’s Education, Communities & Supporters, Fundraising, Finance and Media teams. The post holder will be expected to work closely with CAFODs Integrated Funding and Business Innovation Unit in London and the work is expected to be aligned with corporate institutional fundraising strategies and the commitments of our Integral Ecology Programme Model.  

The post holder may also be asked by the Zimbabwe Country Representative to manage institutional contracts for projects in neighbouring Mozambique and to assist the Mozambique country team in the development of proposals and liaison with institutional donors. 

While a “country / sub-regional portfolio” will be allocated to the post holder, a degree of flexibility is expected and therefore the post-holder may be required to support other programmes and colleagues during particularly busy times or emergencies. Furthermore, his / her portfolio of countries / sub-regions may change/evolve over time to meet CAFOD’s and partners’ needs.   

The post-holder will be expected to undertake travel for approximately 2 months a year. 

The post-holder reports to the Country Representative. He/she is not a budget holder but may carry out some supervision tasks for staff members.  

Key responsibilities 
Programme development in line with CAFODs national and regional strategies and the Integral Ecology Programme Model: As guided by the Country Representative (and taking into consideration his / her allocated portfolio), work with and coordinate programme staff and partners in the design, development (and where appropriate, implementation) of high-quality programmes and projects in line with country CAFOD strategies and programme frameworks, coordinate the design and advise on Logframe, Theory of Change and M&E frameworks and lead the development of resource plans; Contribute to the development of country / sub-regional strategy plans as well as lead resource development plans, as well as to identifying new funding opportunities through donor mapping; Where necessary, and to a reasonable extent, support other PDFOs or country programmes in programme development and funding; Furthermore, engage, support or lead on regional or joint programme funding opportunities, including contributing to proposal development for corporate or multi-country proposals; Where necessary and in discussion with his / her line manager, participate in surge requests from other International Programmes; Where necessary, manage and support allocated staff or interns as appropriate.

Programme funding and partners’ fundraising capacity 
Lead, co-ordinate or support the preparation of funding applications with donors and major Trusts & Foundations such as: ECHO, DEC, FCDO, EU, UN agencies, Comic Relief, Big Lottery Fund, FORGE etc., in close co-operation with programme colleagues and partners; Keep up-to-date with donor policy developments and trends, both within the relevant country / sub-region / sector, raise awareness of donor requirements and partner obligations to fulfil these, more generally, and represent CAFOD in funding review groups / networks in the countries / sub-regions as appropriate; In agreement with partners and programme staff, assess existing partner capacities and systems to manage and implement institutionally funded programmes and, jointly develop programme and project funding proposals; In line with relevant capacity strengthening plans, support partners in strengthening their own capacity to mobilise resources; contribute to investing in partners’ capacities, by jointly identifying funding needs, developing plans to strengthen capacities, e.g. proposal writing, programme development, monitoring & evaluation, etc., or identifying sources of support. This can be through identifying who is best placed to offer such support or by the direct provision of specific capacity strengthening initiatives.

Support the development of Partner Direct Funding approaches in agreement with the CAFOD Country Representative and CAFOD guidelines; Support partners in accessing the tools and support required to secure and effectively manage institutional funding, as well as strengthening partner capacity in donor mapping and developing donor engagement strategies; Provide training to staff and partners on topics including proposal development, budgeting, report writing and donor compliance requirements; Advise programme teams on capacity development for partners on donor compliance; Advise programme teams on how to comply with audit and expenditure verification requirements and provide quality assurance on the maintenance of project files. 

Contract management  and quality control
Lead on reporting, monitoring and evaluation of institutionally funded programmes, in line with CAFOD and donor standards; In coordination with programme, finance staff and partners, and where relevant the Integrated Funding and Business Unit, manage donor contracts, including financial and narrative reporting, and monitoring and evaluation (including facilitating external evaluations) of institutionally funded programmes, in line with jointly agreed standards (Programme Cycle Management), donor requirements, and CAFOD’s value of stewardship; Support programme staff and partners on the development of plans, accounting frameworks, procurement and work plans, etc.; Keep up-to-date with donor regulations and advise on any changes to relevant staff; provide orientation sessions for staff and partners entering into new donor contracts, with specific reference to compliance and quality. Work with programme and finance teams to develop efficient financial tracking and reporting systems for all donor contracts; Keep all relevant staff informed about the progress of contracts throughout the grant cycle; Coordinate and follow-up on grant inception, review and close out meetings; Responsible for capturing and sharing learning and best practice with colleagues and partners from externally funded programmes.

Systems and compliance
Effectively use CAFOD’s programme management information systems to ensure programme and project information and documentation is up-to-date. This will include producing management information to support decision making; Ensure the effective use of CAFOD’s systems to share knowledge and inform decision making and implementation. This includes ensuring compliance with agreements, regulations and requirements attached to our work and donor contracts; keeping records and internal data capturing system up to date; Ensure compliance with agreements, regulations and requirements attached to our work, including liaising with UK-based donor leads on donor compliance requirements.

To apply
Get full information and application details here
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