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How are houses born?

Well... you see, when a custom home builder enters into a relationship with a hard money lender, special things happen. That was the situation on this particular deal.

The borrower is a custom home builder in the valley. Construction draws were taken out from B.E. Lending throughout the process, which lasted a total of about four months. The result? The pictured 3,400sf home on a 43,605sf lot. What'll be your next construction project? 

Total Construction Draw Allowance: $300,000
Construction Loan Amount (
approximate): $261,272
Loan Length (approximate): 3 months

End Sale Price: $550,000
Location: Ellworth & Empire / Queen Creek, AZ


Before Photo
After Photo
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We provide short-term, hard money loans for both residential and commercial properties, as well as construction reimbursement programs and other additional resources for investors and realtors. We move quickly and underwrite creatively in order to fit your needs. 

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