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From Realtor to Fix/Flipper

After a number of years as a Realtor, this agent ventured out and picked up a property for himself. He is now adding flipping homes to his resume. He purchased this home at a great price, and after accomplishing a well-done remodel, he received a cash offer less than 60 days after it hit the market. 

Here's another kicker: the home's neighbor needed a quick sell, so the new investor picked up that property, too! Stay tuned - maybe the next Done Deal will feature the home next door...

Acquisition Loan Amount: $136,000
Construction Budget
: $21,000
Construction Reimbursement Allowance: $14,000
Total Loan Cost
(approximate): $9,200
Loan Length 
(approximate): 5 months

Purchase Price: $170,000
End Sale Price: $219,000
Location: 36th Street & Thunderbird Rd. (Phoenix, AZ) 

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After Photo - Click on photo to see more!
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