Dear Friends of EP,

I opened up a newsletter recently with a link to an article by Charles Eisenstein called, “The Age of We Need Each Other”.  The article was shared by Adam Grant and he described it with, “A common mistake of youth: defining impact as the size of audience we reach, instead of the difference we make to each person we reach. Meaning comes more from mattering to a few than from being known by many.”

MEANING COMES MORE FROM MATTERING TO A FEW THAN BEING KNOWN BY MANY.  It is certainly hard to sum up Enough Pie’s outgoing Executive Director in one sentence, but that statement comes close.  And as I thought about that, I realized that statement also describes the WORK of Enough Pie.  For the last eight years our mission, process, collaborations and projects have focused on the same 850 acres of community in the Upper Peninsula.  We have tried many different things and certainly failed many times as well, but early on we made a commitment to this particular PLACE.  It takes a long time to build trust and trust is only built from “mattering to a few”, over and over and over again.  Cathryn Davis built so many webs of connection and authentic lines of communication during her tenure.  The trust she established will be the lasting impact of her legacy.  No doubt she will remain a common face in this community.  Cathryn has made many friends and allies and she will never abandon them, for she loves them too deeply.

In honor of Cathryn, the board has established the REVOLUTION Fellowship.  This fellowship will provide funding for a local or national artist to create a multi-week program that challenges us to connect more deeply as neighbors.  Revolutions take many shapes.  Cathryn’s is JOYFUL!  Revolutions can be food-based, faith-based, community-block-by-block-based.  Whatever the method, revolutions are successful when they force us to reach a new level of consciousness.  If you have suggestions or would like to support this fellowship in honor of Cathryn, please reach out to or go directly to our donate page.

A neighbor once said that Enough Pie is like water and flows throughout the community, often going to where the greatest need for connection is. This water will now take the shape of the vessel of our new Director.  The mission will always remain the same, “to use creativity to connect and empower”, but the tools might change…  Perhaps more poetry or policy, more food or dance, depending on the passion and experiences of our next Director.  One thing is for certain -- our new Director will love people deeply! That is the first and most important qualification. We also hope to identify candidates that have a deep connection to the community we serve.  A Search Committee has been created to help identify our next leader. I am grateful for the help of Dr.O, Thetyka, KJ and Randy.  The job description is posted below.  Please forward throughout your networks!  And if you are interested in applying, please send a resume and cover letter to
         Storytelling                      Breaking Bread
             Dance                                   Poetry
                             Art Installations
For the next few months we may be quiet as an organization as we pause, reflect and search for new leadership.  Yet while we are quiet, we are certainly not dormant.  Fresh local food delivery in partnership with GrowFood will continue to Rosemont, Bridgeview and Joseph Floyd Manor.  Joseph Floyd Manor programs including the Buddy System, Friends of JFM and Tales From The Manor (planning for upcoming books and podcast seasons) will remain among our top priorities during these next few months.

We will also be crafting a bold new Cultural Equity Plan, one focused solely on Enough Pie’s service area.  Not a plan handed down or approved by the City, but a plan that comes from the ground up to be implemented as soon as completed.  A plan that clearly defines our (the COLLECTIVE “our”) responsibility to our neighbors.  A plan that highlights assets and not deficiencies, but lays bare the inequities.  A plan that sets in place a strategy to bridge the gap creatively with, first and foremost, FUNDING, to support neighbors, neighborhood endeavours, public art and activism.  This plan is in the early stages of development.  If you are interested in helping or have experience working on visionary community equity mapping and data projects, please reach out to

The first BIG art installation under Cathryn’s leadership was Sound + Light.  It was S+L artist, Craig Colurosso, who said art and artists help us imagine the way the world could be.  So do authors and poets.  So do wise elders and children.  The most important thing is to keep the imagination intact and thriving as we move through our lives.  Enough Pie is looking for a compassionate leader who has the IMAGINATION to confront the many complex issues we face as a community.  Because imagination cuts through complexities, with creativity, to envision a path forward where everyone finds equal footing and fellowship.

“That’s what I’m searching for, what I’m trying to put forth — just step out your neighborhood. Just talk to somebody different, because we underestimate what this does for the mind. That’s all. We underestimate what it does for the imagination.” - Jason Reynolds, author, On Being interview  

Take care of each other.  We need each other.

Kate Nevin
Enough Pie Founder + Board Chair
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, Cathryn, for five joyful years of service! -
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