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1995: Armed Settlers

Pictured here: An unchanged reality since 1995 that clearly shows the imbalance of force between Israeli settlers and Palestinians is the fact that only the settlers are allowed to carry guns, besides having protection from trained soldiers.

1996: Girls of Cordoba School

Pictured here: One of the first most symbolic acts of resistance against the Occupation in Hebron were student from Cordoba Girls School proudly lifting the Palestinian flag, something that enraged the settlers.

1997: Direct Action

Pictured here: A CPTer takes part in a rebuilding action at the Waheed Zalloum house, which is located between the settlements of Kiryat Arba and Harsina in Hebron.

1998: Nonviolence Training


Pictured here: A CPTer helps to demonstrate technique used by Israeli state to torture Palestinian prisioners, which were define as "moderate physical pressure".

1999: Settler Objection


Pictured here: In past and present settlers protest the constant attempts to reopen shops in Shuhada Street .

2000: Collective Punishment

Pictured here: Palestinian were forbidden to use the gate at the Chicken Market, closing off Shuhada Street.

2001: Settler Violence

Pictured here: Palestinian shop in the Vegetable Market was burned by settlers during a curfew demanded by the Israeli Army on Palestinian. 

2002: Home Demolition 


Pictured here: Palestinian house destroyed by Israeli forces in Abu Sneineh neighborhood in Hebron.

2003: Open Shuhada Street.


Pictured here: International women demonstrating to open Shuahda Street.

2004: It is about Security!

Pictured here: Israeli settler women making a walk in the Old City with a baby stroller and protected by soldiers even though Palestinian were restricted to open their shops in that time. 

2005: The Settler tour


Pictured here: A pattern that will repeat itself every Saturday for the following decade: settlers touring the Old City of Hebron surrounded by soldiers.

2006: Segregated paths


Pictured here: The segregation on Sahle street between Israeli settlers and Palestinian with either removable or concrete block would continue till 2013, when they were moved to a nearby area in the worshipers way.

2007: Roadblock Removal.


Pictured here: Palestinian activists removing a road block. Many roadblocks like this still exist, part of more than 600 closures that restrict the freedom of movement of Palestinians in the West Bank.

2008: No One is Immune!


Pictured here: A sheep wounded by settlers is carried by the Israeli police for investigation.

2009: Road to Education 


Pictured here: Palestinian children from the villages of Tuba and Maghayr Al-'Abd are escorted on their way to school in the village of Tuwani by Israeli Soldiers in a road between the settlement of Ma'on and the outpost of Havat Ma'on.

2010: Contradiction


Pictured here: Palestinian boys get detained by the same Israeli Soldiers who supposed to protect them on their way to school in Tuwani.

2011: Despair


Pictured here: Palestinian old man in the South Hebron Hills sit in front of Israeli bulldozer excavating his land against his will.

2012: Under Attack


Pictured here: Golani brigade in one its many arbitrary arrests and detention of Palestinians in H2 are of Hebron. A special report was issued by the International accompaniment groups in order to remove the brigade that was abusing the local population with incessant violations.

2013: Tear Gas!


Pictured here: Israeli soldiers after shooting tear gas towards Palestinian school children in front of Tariq Bin Zyad School, close to Salaymeh Checkpoint. 2013 witness a pike in the use of tear gas against children during school time.

2014: Brother's Keeper


Pictured here: One of the levels of the Abu Eisha family house blown up by Israeli forces in Hebron. The destruction of the family homes of the two suspects of kidnapping three Israeli settlers gave a close to the Operation Brother's Keeper, which raided hundreds of Palestinian houses, and the subsequent escalation of the situation with Hamas in Gaza, which led to the Operation Protective Edge. This assault on Gaza Strip resulted in more than 2.200 Palestinian deaths (about 70% civilian), as well as the death of 66 Israeli Soldies and 6 Israeli civilians.

2015: Military Order 

Pictured here: Palestinian woman holds the key up to the soldier welding her family house's door shut. Israeli forces claimed without showing any evidence the Palestinian used the roof of the house to throw a Molotov cocktail towards the settlement. For that reason, the house were just an old lady used to live got completely shut. 

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