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Rapid Fire

At the Qitoun/209 checkpoint Israeli border policemen fired six, then five, then four rounds of teargas in quick succession as children were going home from school. The use of teargas constitutes collective punishment, affecting all people who happen to be in the area. 


"Progress" at Checkpoint 56

Checkpoint 56 has been closed for over a week, except when children are going to and from school. Even though children should be able to freely pass, soldiers sometimes make them wait, for no apparent reason, before they are allowed through. According to an Israeli soldier, when the checkpoint reopens, it will be "better for everyone."


Trying to Get to School

Between 7:00 and 8:00 AM near the Ziad Jaber school, soldiers stopped nearly every adult male, including many of the teachers, often body-searching them and/or asking for their IDs. Soldiers also stopped and searched several boys and searched the bags of some girls. The photo was taken on Palestinian Teachers Day. When talking to teachers at the school about the stops and searches, a teacher said, trying to make light of the difficulties they face daily, "This is how we celebrate Teachers Day."


We Need Our Children


Several times over the last week, CPTers visited the solidarity tent for families whose children Israeli forces killed in the last 2 1/2 months and did not return the bodies. Israel has not returned 21 bodies of the over 40 killed in the Hebron district alone. The families started gathering in the tent on December 1.The families' plea: We need our children.


No Concrete Way to Go

Two men tried to go through the Ibrahimi Mosque checkpoint with a handcart loaded with three bags of cement. The Israeli military did not open the gates that would have allowed them to avoid the turnstiles and so get through. After waiting for a while the men turned back to take their load another, no doubt longer, way.

Chasing Children

During morning clashes at the Qitoun/209 checkpoint, Israeli forces fired six rounds of teargas, one sound bomb, and one smoke bomb as children tried to make their way to school.


Big Shoes

This child often greets CPTers near the Qitoun/209 checkpoint. Though his shoes are a little too big, his smile fits him perfectly. 

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