Sunday March 22, 2020

Well that was one of the weirder weeks of my life, you? 

How are you guys holding up in all of this? 

I've learned quite a lot this week. I thought I'd send you a quick note with a couple resources and ideas. 


1. SNACKS (!!) what snacks are you guys eating? I just ate an entire bag of pistachios. Now my stomach kinda hurts but I still highly recommend getting some still in their shells. The act of removing the shells is quite satisfying. Also, popcorn with avocado oil is a close second followed by more granola than I ever thought possible. Crunching is hitting the spot for me, you?

2. WRITING TOMORROW Monday I'm leading a FREE journaling workshop for you sign up here. it's at 3:00pm I'd love to see you there.  (!!!) 

3. CALLING- Pick up your phone and call all of your friends one by one while walking. People likely will answer and they'll likely be happy for human connection too. 

4. DANCING - maybe make a video? Every celebrity is making one. Previous podcast guest Marlee Grace is doing #socialdistancedancetogether I'm trying to learn the Joyful Joyful dance from Sister Act 2 in my solitude. 

5. NOTHING - you don't have to do anything. i think seeing how organized, productive, and creative... all my friends on the internet are being can make me feel not good enough. Let's just all give ourselves a big break. um remember it's a pandemic. that's pretty heavy.  just do your best. do what feels good. it might be nothing or it might be a bunch of things either way is cool. 

unsure feeling anxious or weird? my friend (another previous podcast guest from 2013!) Joey is doing some daily soul soothing sessions.  For full details and to book.

6. LISTENING-  Podcasts are so helpful at making me feel less alone generally and especially right now. Here are some cool new podcasts I made this week in case you too need some non-news related company right now....

Hope some of all of these ideas help.

Love you guys talk next week. 




This week's episode covers family, identity, heritage and making art with fear still there. It's a variety show featuring several different new podcasts talking about everything from cultural intensity with a jewish studies and pop culture writer to talking about inner child work with a therapist to a clip about making art even when you feel like an imposter. Every year I run a workshop called Let [A Podcast] Out. As part of the course, each participant can an episode to a contest to have their show featured on LIO. It was hard to choose a winner this time especially but always because per alumni page so many cool shows have come out of this workshop over the years. While the 3 people you'll hear from in this episode are quite unique I saw a through line through them thematically and am so proud of each of them.

Listen to this week's episode
**I’m offering my workshop Let [a podcast] Out at a discounted rate through the end of the month. If you want to start a podcast, I think now is the ideal time. It is also the last time I'm running the workshop in this format so if you were considering it this the last round to join! I'd love to have you. 
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You guys already heard such a long update from me last week. but I'll just leave you with this. my friend Brooke's therapist told her that this is obviously making all of us feel uncomfortable in different ways and wherever areas you feel the most discomfort in are the ones to look at and examine and shift. Because slowing down is forcing you to actually look at them rather than distract.
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