APRIL 2019


Thank you so much for coming to my workshop at The Class! I loved meeting all of you. I'd love to stay in touch.
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Journaling Prompts

For Creativity: 

  • what is something that is so joyful to you?
  • what is something that feels individual and special to you?


  • What are the masks you wear to keep yourself safe in the world? Are there masks you’re putting on out of habit that aren't helpful and holding you back from living authentically out of fear? Why? 
  • What are you most afraid of? Write out the entire scenario of whatever you're most afraid of, every tiny detail. Sit with that and then write out how you would handle that if it happened and how you would make yourself okay even in that scary fearful situation. 
  • Follow the charm is a thing in meditation. With that,  what is charming to you right now? What wormholes do you want to follow?
  • What do you need (resources, people, time etc.) to be able to follow this charm more? 

For More Presence

All of my problems really come down to that I’m not in my body, being present to where I am. Meditation is a time to do this. Journaling does this. Every argument, or missed connection etc. comes from me not being present ie. Multitasking or worried or distracted

  • write down your repeat thoughts
  • is this true?
  • are you 100% sure it’s true?
  • can you change it? 

For Anxiety

  1. In Internal Family Systems there’s the concept of parts. You aren’t anxious you have an anxious part that is overwhelming you right now. Work with that part!
  2.  Ask it…
  • Where is it in your body? Ask it to not overwhelm you.
  • Ask it what it wants you to know? Why? Why Why?
  • Let it know you heard it. Write back if needed.
  • Ask it what it needs from you?
  • Send it compassion and write to it something you think it needs. Ie. healing a hurt etc. 

Anxiety Resources

Let It Out Live at The Assemblage NoMad

April 29th 7pm
I'm hosting a live podcast at The Assemblage NoMad next week. I'd love it if you could make it. It's a free event! I'll be chatting with yoga instructor Claire Fountain about self care. It's gonna be a good one.
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