happy new year pals!

I'm a tad bit worried I made something that got lost in the shuffle. This time of year is so busy and bizarre. Between christmas and the new year, I barely know what day of the week. There's so much content and noise. I want to make sure you saw some things I created last month.

I'm writing you from somewhere between NYC & Dubai in route to Bali. I am embarking on a lengthy trip, more to come in spirts on instagram

Before I left was a whirlwind, I finished a project (more on that below), went to Michigan for the holiday, taught a workshop at Kripalu, and moved out of my apartment. 

But before all of that, I released a special episode of my podcast. 

I wanted to do an end of year clips episode and when I thought about a topic to center it around, it had to be a clips show compiling all of the times we spoke about heartbreak, breakups, and the growth they can lead to. It could have been a drinking game how often I brought up breakups this year. What I find by talking about it as much as I did for an entire year is how simultaneously universal and lonely this feeling is. 

This podcast has always mirrored wherever i am most curious about and this year was no exception.  it sounds like a bummer of an episode but it was actually quite optimistic, full of wisdom, and even at times funny.

One thread throughout the episode was how heartbreak often informs creative work.

I was no exception. I spent the fall in Brooklyn making a project that felt correct. 
it has two parts:
1. this digital zine: the soothe kit for breakups --> for when you're feeling tender and need to soothe yourself right after a break up. 
(( can be sent to a friend )) 

2. a digital workshop: the solve kit workshop for breakups. --> this is for after some time passes and you're ready to grow. 

And we hosted a little launch party for the project before I left. 

Check out the episode & both projects and let me know if you have any questions or feedback. And please send this to anyone with a tender heart that it might be useful for. 



Listen to This Week's Episode

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I've been working on a couple projects and I'm excited to finally share some of them.... 

This zine will be your extra water, sunlight, and self-care— to while you grow new roots. it's a hug for your heart. each day includes actions, art, ideas, journaling prompts for after breakups that will be with you exactly where you are. It won't make those intense feelings go away, but it’s meant to feel like a warm blanket for your heart, making you feel connected, productive, and held during a lonely time.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


the solve kit

first we need some cozy soothing (the soothe kit) but eventually we’re ready to move on and start solving, meaning look at each relationship that ends is an opportunity to learn about ourselves. this kit is for when you’re ready to move on and let go. 


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~ I made a list of 19 things I learned in '19~

...then realized I learned can read that here & here.

++ I'll be doing a Q & A on my instagram from Bali next week if you want to submit questions. 

FYI the podcast is on a break until Jan. 16. but speak to you then with so cool episodes and guests. 


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PERSONAL AD / UPDATE:  I watched the film Heartburn based on the Nora Ephron memoir with my best friend last night & it was a delight. have you seen it? There's an HBO doc on her I watched a couple years ago and loved too. 
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