Happy New Year you guys!

2018 was full of ups and downs. While the new calendar year is a completely arbitrary date, I’m choosing to ride the collective momentum towards growth and change this time of year to refocus my energy. 

2019 no longer feels like a blank slate, but there’s still time for it to be a year of learning new skills, deepening relationships, adventure, increased self-awareness, and savoring all the feelings.

I taught a journaling workshop at Kripalu over New Year’s Eve. One of the prompts was choosing words of the year to focus on. I guided them to distill their 2019 goals and desires down to a few words. Perhaps you’d like to try that too?  

  1. Reflect on what did work in 2018 - where did you feel most supported? What are you most proud of? What was most challenging? What did you learn from that? What are you ready to let go of from the past year? 
  2. Then, day dream about 2019 a bit - journaling your answers to these questions: How to you want to feel in each area of your life from career, to family, to home, to friends, etc.? What skills and habits would you need to develop to help you feel that way? What or who do you need to feel supported? 

Before committing to a word or two of the year, really sit with it and decide how the word feels to you. Look it up in the dictionary. See if there’s an alternative word in the thesaurus that feels better. Say it out loud in a sentence, write it in a text or on a post-it note. 

Here are my words for the year (please hold me accountable). Feel free to use them if these resonate with you or as inspiration for finding your own. 

I also liked this definition:

(in Kantian moral philosophy) acting in accordance with one's moral duty rather than one's desires.

& these synonyms: adaptable, free, versatile, willing to compromise, cooperative, tolerant, easygoing

Synonyms of tender that I loved: caring, kind hearted, softhearted, compassionate, sympathetic, warm, gentle mind. 

This last one may be my favorite. I want to savor my time with my friends, my boyfriend, my family and in every moment of every day. I want to savor both the hard emotions and the wonderful ones, because as humans we’re here to feel the full spectrum of emotions and when I’m distracted and not present I miss out on my life. 

What are your words of 2019?

Tell me here please.


This article on Mastery over Fame was interesting —especially the self inquiry at the end. I asked myself these questions and did some eye opening journaling on them:
  • What is the motivation for doing this project?
  • Is it purely out of prestige?
  • Or can I actually add value and grow personally by doing this project?
- My friend and past podcast guest Jamie's blog post on how it’s okay to not love your body was so good.
- I love this NYT story on morning routines and habits. I especially like the tidbit from Marie Kondo on opening your windows, burning some incense, and tidying a bit before starting work.
- This Gooey Girl blog post on procrastination is great.
- I loved this funny NYT article on saying no! Sans lie and apologizing etc. I talked about this article on my latest episode
This piece Clara Artschwager wrote for The Cut about having her first date at 28.
This looks like a cozy drink I’d love to drink.
- I love hearing about other people’s holiday traditions. What are some of yours?
-I think these Brazilian New Year’s customs are fascinating.


- I love Indie Wire’s compilation of the 50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2018.


- I loved this video of Ethan Hawke discussing his most iconic roles.
-If you haven't already seen Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix, watch asap. I'm so into her. Would love to have her on the podcast or better yet just hang out and eat with her. 
This is the best magazine cover photo!
-I went to this last year and dying to go again. Maybe it's coming to your city too! 
- Raquelle Mantra interviews me on her podcast
 Your Own Magic.
- Kelli Tennant interviews me on ep. 28 of her podcast This is the Platform.
- Lacy Phillips interviews me on ep. 17 of her podcast Expanded.
- My friend Jamie had me on her blog talking about journaling. Find the video of our conversation here.
- Did you know I write a monthly column for The Fullest? Here are my two most recent pieces:
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an interview with Marlee Grace - author of the book How to Not Always Be Working. Stay tuned!
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+ interview with comedian Adam Strauss 
This past fall I had one of the best experiences of my life filming a show with Bluprint on journaling and it's launching January 23rd! The class outlines different journaling exercises and techniques to help you connect to your authentic self, relieve anxiety, increase creativity, improve productivity, and create more joy in your everyday. Bluprint is a subscription based service like Hulu and Netflix, but you can do a free 7-day trial to watch the class. I will share the direct link once the class is live. 

For one human being to love another human being: that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been entrusted to us, the ultimate task, the final test and proof, the work for which all other work is merely preparation.

— Rainer Maria Rilke

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