MAY 2019

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Combatting Overwhelm

-what are 3 things I can do today that I know at the end of the day I’ll feel accomplished.

-“When we try to do everything we end up doing nothing.” Dani Shapiro


I know I can’t feel creative until I feel organized. Sparks of creativity do come, but they come when I’m calm, relaxed and present. It just doesn’t happen when I’m feeling scattered. This exercise will ground and organize your thoughts a bit.

Make sure to schedule monthly check-in days and ask yourself these questions: 
·       What did I learn this month?
·       What surprised me, and why?
·       What am I grateful for? why? 
·       Who am I grateful for? why? 


Once you have the goals // intentions // how you want to feel Ask yourself:

What would this look like if it were easy? Fun? Enjoyable?

Journaling Prompts

For Creativity: 

  • What is something that is joyful to you?
  • What is something that feels individual and special to you?


  • What are the masks you wear to keep yourself safe in the world? Are there masks you’re putting on out of habit that aren't helpful and holding you back from living authentically out of fear? Why? 

For More Presence

All of my problems really come down to me not being in my body and present to where I am. Meditation is great when I feel this. Journaling helps with this. Every argument, or missed connection etc. comes from me not being present ie. Multitasking or worried or distracted

  • write down your repeat thoughts
  • is this true?
  • are you 100% sure it’s true?
  • can you change it? 

For Anxiety

  1. In Internal Family Systems there’s the concept of parts. You aren’t anxious, you have an anxious part that is overwhelming you right now. Work with that part!
  2.  Ask it…
  • Where is it in your body? Ask it to not overwhelm you.
  • Ask it what it wants you to know? Why? Why Why?
  • Let it know you heard it. Write back if needed.
  • Ask it what it needs from you?
  • Send it compassion and write to it something you think it needs. Ie. healing a hurt etc. 

Anxiety Resources

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