late MARCH 2019

still here. spring is here. 
already writing more often. thank you for all your kind notes from my last tender newsletter. today's is lighter... hopefully. 

The other day, 

 I had a good Tuesday. The circumstances weren't different from the day before or after, but it stood out. I implemented a lesson: stay mindful and when something knocks you, which it inevitably will, return as quickly as possible.

Begin again. 

...and again...



I've been practicing TM / vedic mediation since I recorded this episode. The gist of mediation is forgetting you are meditating, getting lost in thought, and eventually returning to thinking my mantra rather than my to-do list. Then forgetting and returning again for 20 minutes. 

That day I applied this meditation lesson to life. The day started out productive and easy. Then something (probably Instagram) knocked me into sadness, comparison, or hurt but instead of spiraling, I pivoted quickly. I felt what I felt, then moved on to my next task, got momentum, and felt better. 

The measure of a good day isn't staying mindful and productive the entire day (that's impossible) it's making your come back time quicker.
Remembering when you forget.
Pivoting when you need to change. 

The Wednesday that followed, I didn't pivot quickly, I stayed in the muck making it harder when I eventually pull myself out. Plus, I felt more overwhelmed when I did because time had passed. 
Thursday my pivot time was quicker...

My point: growth is messy. Change is constant. The harder you are on yourself the longer it will take you to pivot and the harder pivoting will be. Be nice to yourself.
You can pivot and I love you. 

Speaking of pivoting....

In the last 5 years, there's been a collective pivot towards podcasting. 
I haven't been able to walk anywhere in NYC without seeing this New York Magazine cover
They say in the article, there are 660,000 shows with 62 million listeners! 

“No matter what subject you’re interested in, however weird or niche, you can find a podcast about it, or probably a few,” says New York’s culture editor Lane Brown.  

Guys...I've been telling you about how great podcasting is this for years. ie. Last year's Forbes article "Now's the Time to Let A Podcast Out"  Like everything though, the landscape of podcasting is changing. Change is messy so is growth and trying new things but if there was ever a time to start podcast it really is now. 
I encourage you if you have an idea for a podcast to make it. It can feel overwhelming to start a new project but you are NOT alone. I will help you. 

Email me. also, my workshop about podcasting is an option. It's the last 4 days to sign up.  I'm not sure when or if I'll be launching it again so if you're thinking you'll do it later just sign up now and do it whenever you want because you have lifetime access to it. [$25 off with the code: LET IT OUT] 

There's a contest element & this was last semester's winning episode with Alex Hollander.

Reply back to this email with any questions you might have on podcasting or the course!

If someone you know has a podcast idea, please forward this to them.
You can do the first 2 modules for free + here is a workshop I did at The Wing about podcasting

*Pivot meme via this Buzzfeed article that is a delight if you are a Friends fan.If not move on. 

I'm taking a writing class I'm really loving. What are you working on creatively right now?  Tell me here please.

Feeling overwhelmed by social media? me too. 

Things that have helped me this week: 

1. Tavi's videos on Instagram - particularly this one
2. This video from Marlee Grace.
3. If you use social media for work: my friend and previous podcast guest Ksenia created this amazing Conscious Social Media program

- I guess I'm super not alone with my experience of burn out... 

These canned email responses from Refinery 29 seem super helpful.

- I like these tips for living slow. 

- A way to live slower and be more present is to read more an actual non-audio (multitaskable) books. My friend Carly recently recommended this one. It sounds wonderful. Have you read anything good lately? We have a great list of book recs in our Facebook Group if you want to check them out.

Back onto the fast paced internet...

I was recently on my friend Sara's podcast Medium Well speaking extremely candidly listen here

I already told you a LEARN  but here's a LIKE since this week's episode is too long to include them. 

Food things I'm loving lately:
 - Pili Nuts! I started eating them in college when I'd order them online from One Lucky Duck but recently started buying them again and man they're an addictive snack. 
so you want to start a podcast??

This is it guys. Starts on April 1st (but this is no joke). Podcasting is the best thing I've ever done. If you've ever even contemplated it slightly...

Do 3 things: 

1. Take do the first two modules of my workshop (for free) here.

2. Listen to the audio of my panel I led at the Wing called Podcasting 101 here's the free link

3. Follow my @Letapodcastout instagram we share a lot of info there!

And lastly! Email me (just reply here) if you have any questions on podcasting in general or about the workshop. 

Coming soon:
My interview with author and chef Serena Wolf. This interview is the most vulnerable and raw I've ever been on this podcast (which is saying something since these past few episodes have been quite vulnerable). I can't wait for you guys to hear this one.
Coming next season:

Artist Jon Marro, a live episode, a mediation episode, an interview with one of my favorite writers, someone who got me drinking coffee again, a model I love, a chocolate maker, & more...

We'll be going on a 4 week break after tomorrow's episode. & if you haven't noticed episodes now come out on Thursdays. Be sure you're subscribed on iTunes for new episodes. 
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"In an age when we were promised jet packs, or at least augmented-reality goggles, it turns out what we’ve really been craving is the companionship of human voices nestled in our ears. These voices provide us with information, yes, but also inspiration, entertainment, enlightenment, emotional engagement, companionship, and, above all, a sense that, in even our most arcane obsessions, we are not alone." 

-Adam Sternbergh, in this Vulture Article How Podcasts Learned to Speak

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