About a two years now ago,  I wrote about my complicated relationship to giving & receiving which you can read here.
I have complicated feelings about consumerism too, but, I do enjoy gifting whenever I see something that reminds me of someone, regardless of the season. Every year we've done a little "gift guide" sharing a few of my favorite things from the last year + some ideas for gifts(for yourself or your people). They are funny to look back on for me now because they end up being a picture of who I was then, like how in 2017 I was very into blow outs. 
Like I said, I love gifting ...
I think it's a thoughtful gesture regardless of season but one thing I've realized in 2018 is that not everyone feels this way.
Do you know about the 5 Love Languages?
They are: 
-Physical Touch
-Quality Time
-Acts of Service
-Words of Affirmation

You want to give love in the way the other person likes to receive love, not in the way you like to give. For me, I like giving gifts but if the person I'm gifting to doesn't receive love that way, it might actually be counter productive. A thought to keep in mind this holiday season and in general. Figure out how you and the people you love like to show and feel love and do that.
-How can you spend more quality time?
-How can you be of service to someone?
-How can you be more intimate?
-How can you thoughtfully tell someone you love them?

So with that... 
 'Tis [Any] Season including but not limited to this one... for another guide. 
Want more gift guides? 


Remix Your Resolutions:
Expressive Writing to Get Clear on Your Goals

December 27-29 (2 nights) at Kripalu Retreat Center in MA

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by or unclear on your desires for the upcoming year, or if you feel creatively blocked, or disconnected from yourself, this is the ideal place to start 2019. I'm hosting  sleepover at Kripalu where we'll use the healing powers of expressive writing and do some goal setting & visioning, through lectures, group work, yoga, mindful movement, meditation, and of course, writing exercises. Get clear on what’s been holding you back, what you are ready to let go of, and where you want to focus in THE NEW DECADE. I'd love to see you there and email me with any questions you have! 

BEFORE Kripalu

-this SUNDAY in NYC I'll be in soho come hear me record a live podcast about anxiety & the holidays! 

-on December 20th! having a party and launching something very special! I come you can come! RSVP here


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The holidays can be both challenging and wonderful. I wrote about my feelings about them here, in a post for The Fullest called
7 Tips to have an Actual Happy Holiday
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