Dear let it out friends, 

I have an announcement. It's the largest project I've made since my book. I've been working on it since February of 2018!

When you anticipate something for a that long, the pressure on it grows feels stressful--at least for me, an over-thinker.

I have been stalling putting this project out--changing every element and waiting until it's "done." But what is done? perfect? It's never going to be perfect. It's a fluid creative project, that will continually be updated. Therefore, I just need to put out and allow it to evolve. Every other creative project I've done has. The podcast I started at 22 is nothing like it was the day I launched it. (thankfully!) Projects are like people, we should allow them to grow, change, and pivot. 


Before I tell you more about what it is.... a quick story... 

Last night,  I was sitting on my couch in front of the fan. I have a million things to do but I just sat there, cooling off... and scrolling...just re-posting on instagram. It felt nice, reminding me of how I felt in college, before I had a podcast or subscribers of any type, I did have a tumblr blog.

My best friend and I would spent hours curating images that made us feeeeeel, without any caption, explanation, or need to over think it because it fed us. It was fun for us, not for anyone else. (she still has the best tumblr)

Last night reminded me of what that felt like, which is in such stark contrast to the instagram feed paralyzation I've had lately. I have been so anxious over what to post in my feed, when to post it, and what to say in my caption.

As I sat there on the couch, I saw this image from @Nayyirah.waheed.  My finger accidentally pressed the publish button. Whoops it was out. It wasn't the time I usually post, it was caption-free, and the opposite of how I've gone about posting recently.

But it was exactly how I ran my Tumblr account in 2012.

This caption-less (I did add one after) photo has more likes than any of the overthought posts. 

This entire scenario reminded me of the ease in sharing without it being done [perfect] because it never will be. I hope you like it, like you liked my accidental instagram last night. And if you don't like it that's cool, because I like it. And that's all that mattered on Tumblr and all that should really matter with making creative work. 

I do care about it and and I care what people think of it, and above all that no one will care. We're all busy, inundated with content, information, and entertainment daily. Does the internet need more? And from me? 

I don't know but I made this and I want to share it. 

Which brings me to finally what it is... it's a digital magazine. All centered around the concept of letting out:

*soft stories* 
((defined below))

>> To celebrate we're having a party! <<

LET IT OUT: SOFT LAUNCH A [SOFT] STORY TELLING EVENT the launch of our new digital magazine. This new platform, designed by renowned Brooklyn design firm HAWRAF, will act as the home for several forthcoming projects extend the stories beyond the podcast to include more voices and mediums--focusing on offline, IRL connection starting with this Soft Launch Event

** art by the very talented Merideth Hanscom 

*say goodbye to this website it will be gone next week. 

// noun: 
-the stories that reveal our most
vulnerable, tender selves.


They're the stories we don’t usually tell in a job interview, to acquaintances, or on a first date. Most times we don’t even share the entirety of them with our closest friends.


They’re the parts of ourselves that can make us feel isolated, embarrassed and less adequate -- and sharing them requires presence and vulnerability. But we’ve stumbled upon a little secret about these; by 
 we can connect.

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from now on this is where I will be posting most often. it's where I will be posting updates about the podcast, quotes and a lot of really fun, useful content we're creating now. 
if you're in NYC please join us August 14th for our LAUNCH PARTY! We have some previous podcast guests sharing their soft stories, our favorite snacks and drinks and so much fun. There will be a silent raffle & ticket sales from this event will go towards: Sound Mind. An organization that helps those struggling with depression express themselves through music. 
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“My goal in life is to get to know myself, so I can stop thinking of myself and think about others.”
- Garry Shandling