APRIL 2019

Hey from Austin friends, new season. Does it make you feel weird to be in the newness? Change is uncomfortable, even good change. I always takes me a minute to find my footing when the seasons change. I've cleaned, reconfigured my clothes and shoes situation, and still feel off. I'm coming out of hibernation though and trying to emotionally bloom. 
below are some good things I want to share with you, but first 2 questions to ponder this new season. 
  • what is working? 
    • what do you want more of? 
  • where do you want to pivot?
    • what do you want less of? 
  • what have you learned about yourself over 
  • I'm in Austin this week, staying here. I'm hanging out with my cool, older cousins who live here and hosting an event with my friend and previous podcast guest Abbi Miller. come tomorrow night in austin with Abbi! still a few spots left!
  • What if nothing was wrong with you? My friend and previous podcast guest Josh sent me this.
  • I've been listing to this playlist and a lot of Kurt
  • Busy Phillipps on Off Camera was a delight. 
  • I've been watching youtube videos of her TV show and it's been so comforting. Especially loved this one.
  • Speaking of spring style transitions, I love Bethany's style
  • I was on the Finding Wellness podcast this week. We talked about anxiety and all the things. It's so cool to be on a graduate of Let [a podcast] Out 's podcast.
listen to my interview here
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  • I got to meet my favorite author, Dani Shapiro last week. I'm re-reading her book Devotion which I haven't read since I was 20. All of her books are amazing, but I really love this one: Hourglass. She'll be coming on the podcast soon! 
This Thursday (tomorrow) I'm co-hosting an event with Abbi Miller in Austin, Texas at The Riveter. One part guided-meditation, one part interactive journaling, one part live podcast recording. I hope to see you there!
come to my workshop in austin with abbi miller
On April 29 I'm hosting a live podcast at The Assemblage NoMad. I'll be chatting with yoga instructor and mental health advocate Claire Fountain. Tickets are free with code LETITOUTPARIL.
come to my *free* live podcast at the assemblage
I've been hosting this podcast for what feels like centuries. I barely remember my life without it. We're nearing 300 episodes, so while I'm busy planning next season. Check out some old episodes here.
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"This was the way it had always been for me, I realized all or nothing invariably led to nothing." 
-Dani Shapiro, Devotion