September 2013

With the fall semester now well underway there is a refreshing sense of renewal at the College. The new Class of 2017 is busy getting used to the rhythms and rigors of the OD program; faculty members are getting back into the swing of their teaching routines; and each one of us is preparing and implementing our own plans and activities for the new academic year. While fall is certainly an energizing and busy time for us, we’ve had a lot of other exciting activities taking place beyond the regular cycle that keeps an academic institution moving along.

As you know, strategic planning is a driving force for the College. But like any institution trying to reach a set of lofty and substantial goals, our ability to achieve that success is most often directly related to our ability to come together as a community and work well as a team. As you’ll see in this issue of FY Eye, I’m proud to say we’ve been doing that quite successfully.

The enormous efforts and generosity of our entire community over the course of the last few years has moved us ever closer toward the completion our vital $10 million campaign the Vision and the Promise. Envision, our marque alumni and continuing education event that brings hundreds of our alumni and friends to the College for a weekend in October each year, is currently being organized. The new Family of Mentors program, the first of its kind among schools and colleges of optometry, has been specifically created to harness the power and impact of our wide community—alumni, professional and organizational colleagues, trustees and more— as a way to help our students and residents achieve their career aspirations. 

The common denominator in many of our most successful activities is that they happen with thoughtful collaboration among faculty, staff, alumni, students and others in the relentless pursuit of improving what we do and the value that we provide to our community. This is undoubtedly a key element to our continued success and I congratulate you for your work and look forward to more and greater cooperation in the months and years to come.


David A. Heath, OD, EdM
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