March 2016

Every college and university makes an important impact on its community and SUNY Optometry is no different. As a health professions institution, however, our relationship with our community is particularly unique and fills an essential need. In fact, in so many ways, our community is deeply intertwined with our institutional mission.  

For example, we could not develop highly qualified doctors without the ability to engage in the applied learning opportunities afforded to us by the tens of thousands of people that we care for each year. At the University Eye Center and at dozens of affiliated clinical sites across the city and beyond, our students deliver vital care—under the supervision of our faculty and residents—to members of our community while building the skills that they will need to excel as clinicians in the years ahead. Additionally, our ability to develop and advance new care and treatment options would also be impossible without the participation of hundreds of people from our community in our clinical research activities. 

These are just two of the many reasons why a dynamic, symbiotic relationship with our community is so important to us and why we’re always looking for opportunities to expand our engagement with the community and to strengthen this partnership further.  From our increasing commitment to serving more of New York City’s homebound patients, to the care we provide for underserved communities at institutions like The Bowery Mission and The Door, to our educational outreach around the world, we are not only involved in the community, we’re fully invested in it.

Many of these activities are made possible through the support of our affiliated foundation, the Optometric Center of New York, which, on April 15, will be having its 13th annual ‘Eyes on New York’ gala at The Plaza. The gala is a critical fundraising event for the foundation and a catalyst for its ability to continue to support the vital partnerships that we have with our community. To learn more about how you can support our work by attending the gala or purchasing an advertisement in the journal, click here (or on the link to the right.)

We’re proud of the unique relationship that we have with our community and we look forward to strengthening it further going forward. 


David A. Heath, OD, EdM

Senator Hoylman and President HeathI recently met with our State Senator Brad Hoylman to discuss Stand with SUNY and and some key New York State health care and optometric issues. 
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