March 2013

It certainly isn't a revelation to say that the way in which healthcare is managed and delivered in the United States has changed enormously in recent years.  And it comes as no surprise that with major healthcare reform on the horizon, the entire healthcare industry is staring directly into the face of a series of dramatic new changes that will require very nimble adaptation.

For new, or soon-to-be-new, ODs, this can seem like a daunting and complex environment in which to begin their careers. But for a variety of reasons, this brave new world is an exciting place to be, and one of our goals at SUNY is to ensure that our students and alumni are well prepared, not only to succeed in their profession, but to take a leading role within this changing healthcare environment.

With our wide variety of residency options, our joint OD/MS and OD/PhD programs and our soon-to-be-developed joint OD/ optometric business management certificate program, SUNY strives to provide our students with a wide range of options that will help them strengthen their knowledge and standing within their chosen career paths and provide them with the necessary tools that they’ll need to navigate and thrive in what they do.

But we also recognize that, in order to prosper, our students and alumni need to learn beyond what they receive in the classroom and the clinic. Last month, for example, we held our highly successful 2nd Annual Career Symposium, sponsored by our recently-launched Career Development Center (CDC). This unique symposium provides invaluable, practical career insight to both our students and alumni. In the coming months, the CDC will also be launching a mentoring program that will help our students and alumni continue to learn from each other, even as they move forward in their careers.

We are in a truly unique moment in the history of healthcare in this country and we have the obligation to not only provide the best clinical education available, but also the skills that our students and alumni will need to become the leaders and trailblazers of the future.  


David A. Heath, OD, EdM

Did you know...?

  • According to the Medical Society of New York State, five years ago, about half the physicians in NY were in private practice. Today about 70% are employed either by a hospital, a health system or a large doctors' group. 
  • According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the optometric profession is expected to grow by 33% between 2010-2020. The average growth for all professions during that time is 14%.
  • On February 20 the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services announced that pediatric vision care would be included as part of its finalized list of 10 Essential Health Benefits as part of the Affordable Care Act beginning next year. 
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