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(Photo from BreakOUT! visit to Grow Dat Youth Farm)
ICYMI: VICE to ICE Toolkit, Resources for Organizing Across Member Bases
Download in English here and in Spanish here.
SUMMER TRAVELS! On the road with BreakOUT!
* BreakOUT! Member Intern, Co'Bella, attended SOUL's Training for Trainers in Oakland;
* Youth Organizers Jai, Kym, and Moonlite attended Generative Somatics Transformation in Action in Detroit;
* GSA Organizer, Kym, did a site exchange visit with the GSA Network Southern California Regional Office in Los Angeles;
* Youth Organizer, Arely, traveled to the Youth Champions Initiative convening and then did site visits with El/La, Transgender Law Center, the Ella Baker Center, and the Peacock Rebellion;
* Organizers and members, Xena and Keira, attended the Allied Media Conference in Detroit and;
* Then headed to New York City to help plan Trans Day Of Action with the Audre Lorde Project to get ideas for our annual Transgender Day of Resilience, Resistance, and Remembrance in November!
* Next up, organizers head to the Queer Youth Leading the South Action camp in Jacksonville, FL!

BreakOUT! Members Reflect on Allied Media Conference

On Writing and Storytelling...

"In one of the workshops I went to about Poetry and Publishing, we learned and talked to other people about our creative work and how we would make a biography about it.  A Poetry Professor from LA recommended some works to me that gave me insight on how to keep editing my book that I’m working on.  

One of the most important things the speakers in that workshop talked about was staying true and being defensive of our ideas in our writing. The other important thing I learned in that was making the distinction between work that is for me and work that is for others. As well as cultivating a practice of attaching and assigning inherent value to all the work that I produce. This inspired me to think about creating spaces at BreakOut where we could use creative writing as a tool for expressing and uplifting our narratives as well as releasing negative energies from the trauma and stress we experience similarly and dissimilarly."   -Xena

"I went to a writing and politics [workshop] and I think I learned not to be scared about what I write or how much I wanna expose. I met great people and got a publisher's number. I also learned that I'm not alone and you never know the impact that your story can have on someone's life."  -


On Media Making...

"I want to take back to BreakOUT! other ways for our members to communicate better and express themselves through writing and singing or rapping. I would also wanna work on a [Say No to the City's] $40 million security plan rap!"   -Kiera

"Many of the [workshops] explicitly linked media based organized to long legacies of arts as healing justice and a form of political resistance to oppression-based trauma.

In a workshop, Music Video Artivism, an indigenous person from Latin America engaged us in conversation about music that seeks to be explicitly political.  Since we are working on a video series as a way to broadcast the We Deserve Better Campaign, I began to think what it would be like to use our music (bounce) as a way to grab attention, but then disseminate information about the details of the policies in a way similar to the music video artists and how they were talking about their issues. The speaker continually reminded us that politically-oriented music does not have to be dull or music you can’t dance to, but that music is an everyday element for survival.

It definitely gave me the opportunity to also visually see how we could compose the different interlocking parts of our campaign media/data in the videos will create."  -Xena


Fill-out an application for the new BOP cohort here.

Congratulations to Raven for graduating from the Fall 2016 - Summer 2017 cohort!

Join us for CycleGiving to benefit BreakOUT! at Cycle Bar on Saturday, July 8th at 12pm

Mark your calendar for the NOLA GSA Network's LGBTQIA Leadership Summit on September 16th, 2017

GitHub Shirt Benefits BreakOUT!

Get your GitHub shirt and benefit BreakOUT!, among other LGBTQ organizations!

ICYMI:  Check out the New Orleans Police Department's LGBTQ Policy, the result of 6 years of campaigning by BreakOUT!  Want a Know Your Rights workshop for your organization or community?  Hit us up!


Sign the Music and Culture Coalition of New Orleans' Letter to Oppose the City's $40 Million Security Plan here!

Then, take a selfie with a sign with your answer to the prompt, "With $40 million dollars, New Orleans could..." and post it on social media with the hashtag #WeDeserveBetter Don't forget to tag us @youthbreakout

Register with the NOLA GSA Network!

NOLA GSA Summit is September 16th, 2017! This LGBTQIA youth leadership summit will include workshops and skillshares on how to deal with law enforcement, how to start a GSA club, base building and conflict management. 

If you are a student, teacher, administrator, or otherwise interested in keeping up with the NOLA GSA Network, powered by BreakOUT!, sign up to receive our news this school year!


Did you know? This Month in New Orleans Pride History

On June 4, 1984, members of the LGBTQ community in New Orleans marched on the First District Police Station under the banner, "Gay, Straight, Black, White, Same Struggle, Same Fight" in response to police raids in the LGBTQ community.

Stay tuned for more info on the historical connections between then and now, in particular in regards to the Mayor's $40 Million Dollar Security Plan and the impact it will have on queer and trans youth of color in New Orleans!

Thanks to BreakOUT! volunteer, Lydia Pelot-Hobbs, for the discovery!

Thanks, Probably This!
Thank you to all who attended the Solstice Drag Brunch + Fundraiser for BreakOUT! with Probably This and all the amazing performers! More photos here.
(Photo by Randy Schmidt)
BreakOUT!  1001 S. Broad St. #119  New Orleans, LA 70125  
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