What's up for Softron at NAB2014
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We've held back telling you about NAB.  We did not want to spoil the surprise. 
Well – now it's time!  So here goes.

MovieRecorder 3 rocks on the Mac Pro !

A brand new version of MovieRecorder.  It combines – MovieRecorder, MovieRecorder Pro, MovieRecorder Express and Moviestreamer HLS ALL into one package.  That's not all though.  The new MovieRecorder has an entirely new interface. If you have a single or multiple ingests going on, they can all appear on your screen in a fully resizable window where all of the ingest portals will resize together. 

M80 a hardware and software bundle for 8 HD input

You can create customized pre-sets and save them – determining the resolution, the codec, the destination or multiple destination for the video clip you want to store.  We are demonstrating MovieRecorder 3 with the Softron M80 an 8 ingest hardware/software solution that connects 8 video inputs via a single Thunderbolt 2 port to a MacPro. It includes 8 x MovieRecorder 3 licenses on one dongle, 1x 8 Input SDI Video card, 1 Thunderbolt 2 Expansion Chassis and 1 Black TB cable, all that for a very affordable price.
By the way – our demonstration station will also be running Final Cut Pro X, on a 12-core Mac Pro where we will edit those same 8 incoming video streams while being ingested.  MovieRecorder 3 will also ingest 4K with the appropriate hardware from either AJA, Blackmagic Deign or Deltacast. 

Direct Link to OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node

MovieRecorder 3 will even ingest WITHOUT a video input taking the video across the bus from OnTheAir Video or OnTheAir Node using DIRECT LINK – and of course we will be show how that is done as well – on MacBook Pros.  Think of it!  You can stream an entire IPTV channel directly to the internet using the schedules that you create in OnTheAir Video or OnTheAir Manager without the need for a video card in or out.
We're pretty sure you will be enthralled with the interface, how we handle batch capture, time code. And that's not to mention the support now for DNxHD and H.264. Frankly, I am still experimenting with how much I can do with MovieRecorder 3. Basically because the Thunderbolt 2 busses on the new Mac Pro are so fast, I don't know what the limit on the I/O actually is going to be.  It's going to be fun! 

More inputs on one Mac than ever, ready for the future !

We claim to be able to do 8HD ingest, but honestly we are being VERY conservative here. The Mac Pro is an incredible computer. When ingesting 8 1080i59.94 in Apple ProRes (LT), a 12-core Mac Pro only uses 40% CPU, an 8-core uses 70%. So you could do more, but be careful with the storage requirements! Contact us if you have any questions and want to do more than eight inputs !

All that is made possible because MovieRecorder is not using QuickTime APIs anymore, at all and is thus a 64bit application, which is future proof !

Support for Closed Captioning

We will be showing closed captioning support.  The closed caption options will be available for playout as well as ingest.  This will be dependent on different hardware so if you require closed captioning, you will need to check with us first before you assume that it will work with all products.  Some hardware does not currently support closed captioning but eventually they all will. 

New REST API for MovieRecorder 3

We will also be showing how we are using the REST API to revamp how you can interact and create your own Java apps to interact with our applications.  Ever want to control MovieRecorder from a Windows machine using a Browser?  The REST API as it is built into our applications will allow you to do just that!  This is a significant new way of dealing with all of our applications because it makes the old fashioned scripting way truly “old fashion.”

Prices and upgrades are available

All of our prices are posted on our online store and are publicly available.  There will be upgrade programs for all existing owners of MovieRecorder programs.  And a MovieRecorder 3 upgrade will be available to all customers who purchased MovieRecorder with the Pro option on or after March 1, 2014.  And yes, unlike other companies we STILL do not charge a 15% surcharge for support when you purchase our software. 

OnTheAir CG 3 demo

We will also be demonstrating OnTheAir CG 3.  OTACG 3 will not ship until later this summer.  We are showing it so that you know what kind of graphic support you can expect to see from Softron. The version we are showing at NAB  is the version that is everyone will be able to download and use to create graphics that can be used in conjunction with the Dynamic Graphics Overlay and output using OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node.  While there will be a charge for the DGO, the graphics creation will be FREE.
OTACG will also be available as a straight CG package so that people can use it as they would any other CG, to overlay graphics on live incoming streams.  But the majority of our users what to know what they can use with output from their scheduled playout apps.  That is why we are taking the opportunity to present this at NAB – and as always, we value INPUT – so stop by and ask.

OnTheAir Node 3

We are releasing OnTheAir Node 3.  We are showing it at NAB.  One of its really neat features, except all the advantages of now using the Smart Playout Engine, is to work in Master-Slave mode.  We implemented this with valuable input from one of our users in the Russian Federation, VGTRK – the network that broadcasted the Olympics.  A major TV journal is working on an article with our Russian reseller so I do not want to spoil the opportunity for Softron publicity by going into too many details – but here is a photo where you can clearly see OnTheAir Live  running at one of the studios during the Games....

REST API and Closed Captioning for OnTheAir Node 3

As MovieRecorder 3, OnTheAir Node 3 now gets a new REST API which makes it easier to control from a web browser. It also gets support for Closed Captioning CEA-708 support.

OnTheAir Video 3.1

OnTheAir Video 3 is also getting an upgrade. One of the major upgrade is the support for Closed Captioning CEA-708. 

We've also added the support for audio only files. Users can now play mp3, or other audio only files.

Stop by booth SL9405

This year is Softron's 32 year of business – our 7 consecutive NAB.  Softron continues to implement new and exciting technologies while other companies continue to play catchup.  I had quite a laugh when I saw that another Mac software developer posted that they have a new feature – offline clips!  We added that back in 2001! If you have the opportunity to be at NAB, stop by and see us and see the Softron difference.  You will be glad you did.

Mike Sikbra
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