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Time to Order Organic Animal Feed

Organic & Local  *  No GMO  *  FRESH Milled

ORDERS DUE by MAY 1st at 6pm. 

Click the farm email link below and an automatic order form will pop up.

Name * Phone * Your town * Your order * Your cost

Add a note if you want me to send you local folks to carpool with. Orders go in the first day of odd-number months (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov).  

WHEN TO PICKUP: Wednesday May 7th through Friday May 16th. Come by anytime in the morning thru to 9pm at night. The feed is in the garage so pull right up to the house.

Extras -- Our baby goats put on performances daily with wild leaping, wheeling and jumping as only goats can do. Please visit them when you pickup. Yes, you can share this with friends. We'd be delighted to meet them! 


20% Layer $27
16% Layer $26
16% Layer (no soy) $27

18% Poultry Starter $26
15% Poultry Grower $26

28% Turkey Starter $30
24% Turkey Starter $29
21% Turkey Grower $28

20% Broiler Starter $27
18% Broiler Grower $26
16% Broiler Finisher $26

Hen Scratch $24
Rolled oats and barley $24
Alfalfa Pellets $24

Whole Wheat $24
Whole Barley $24
Rolled Barley $24
Rolled Oats $24
Whole Oats $24
Soy Meal $37

18% Hog Starter $26
15% Hog Grower $24
16% Dairy Mash $25
16% Goat Dairy $25
14% Livestock Mash $24
Kelp Meal $59 (24 kgs) 



Figure out how much you owe and email the amount on your order form. That is REALLY helpful. Once I get your order, I will send you back confirmation I got it.

If you have not heard from me in 48 hours, please resend your order.

When you pickup your feed, check off your name on the list and leave a check made out to IN SEASON FARM or pay with CASH in the jar. We mail the money to In Season a week after delivery.

We need all the checks by the 16th of the month (unless you've made other arrangements with us).

If you cannot make it up here, PLEASE mail your check ahead of time. If someone picks up for you, either give them your check or mail it quickly.

We do this as a friendly co-op, not a store. We really enjoy seeing you when you come to pickup. Every so often we have to cover a missing check and that is a bother. We either have to delay sending off the envelope or Joseph and I pay for your feed which are not so keen about doing. Please don't make paying your bill our problem, okay? When everyone does their part, this is really fun for us. Be prompt and all is well. (There, I’m back to my cheerful self now)

Need to mail your check? Make it out to "IN SEASON FARM" (not to us!) and send here:

Friendly Haven Rise Farm
20309 NE 242nd Ave
Battle Ground, WA 98604 




We are about 35 minutes from PDX and 10 minutes east of Battle Ground.

See what we're up to this month on the farm:

If you're on Facebook, 'friend' us on our pages:
Friendly Haven Rise Farm
Spirit Bee

and my personal one:
Jacqueline Freeman

Jacqueline & Joseph Freeman


This feed comes from a group of ORGANIC farms in British Columbia. They mill the day before delivery so it's fragrant and filled with nutrients. This feed is NOT pelletized like most animal feed. It’s simply fresh and your animals will tell you that. Everything is ORGANIC.

POULTRY -- wheat, barley, rye, peas, lentils, protein meals (soy, flax, sunflower)
Minerals -- amino acids (lysine, methionine), enzymes (phytase), vitamins, calcium, salt, choline, rock phosphate.

HOGS -- same as poultry with oats instead of rye
GOATS -- wheat, barley, oats, peas, lentils, protein meals (soy, flax, sunflower), soy oil
DAIRY & LIVESTOCK -- same as goats + minerals (rock phosphate, salt, calcium), vitamins. Sodium bicarbonate in dairy feed.
3-WAY SCRATCH -- wheat, barley, rolled oats

Chicken scratch, in case you didn't know, is really meant to be a treat only, like donuts. 



Bug season is here! In winter chickens need the 20% to give them extra protein but starting in May and all the way through to October, free-range chickens can hunt bugs, slugs and wild grasses to supplement the 16% layer mash. If your chickens don't free-range, you'll need to feed them the 20% layer mash year round.

New chicken owners always ask how many bags to buy. We order every other month so buy enough to last two months. One bag feeds 12 laying hens for two weeks or three hens for two months. Broilers and turkeys are different. If you're not sure, email or call Joseph and ask. 360-687-8384.

You can sprout most anything (beans, wheat berries, alfalfa, sunflower seeds) and they love it. Salad greens you're done with, melon rinds, blueberries, grapes. If you give them yogurt they will have white santa claus beards.

There are specific feeds for meat birds. Order according to their age. They often eat more than you think so we find it wise to order an extra bag just in case.

* ABSOLUTELY NO GMO in this Feed!

In the U.S. over 90% of soy and animal feed corn is GMO. If the label doesn’t say organic, it’s GMO. Conventional non-organic animal feed with corn and soy are GMO-based, plain and simple. In Season Farm’s feed is corn-free and of course GMO-free, too.

NO-SOY feed (16% protein) is made with sunflower seeds and flax. Although these are a good alternative, be aware that they break down into powder more than soy does. If you order No-Soy, it may be more powdery than you and your chickens are used to. Some folks who use no-soy say they stir the powder with water and the chicks like it more. 

Metric bags are 45 lbs rather than U.S. 50. Price includes a small per bag fee to cover us organizing the order, delivery from Canada and Joseph sorting our multi-ton order so it’s ready for you to pick up. It's still significantly less than retail price for organic feed. Also this is NOT feed that has sat on a shelf for months. It is milled the day before delivery so it is at its nutritional peak when it arrives -- unlike much of what is sold at a store.
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