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Newsletter March 2013
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Here's a busy year to come. The Association du Docteur Fatiha does not lack ideas: our collecting network of plastic bags grows, awareness campaigns for children are reinforced, new cooperatives emerge, a collection of home decoration is being designed ... Not to mention the upcoming sale of the latest collection - the first pictures are shown at the end of this newsletter! 

Lately, the Association du Docteur Fatiha, which promotes cultural exchanges between countries and people, was delighted to welcome two young French in its Moroccan offices. 

Remember, in December, ADF announced its new partnership with a crew of the 4L Trophy 2013. Antoine Pasquier and Adrien Etienvre from the Association du Pré d'la Planche wished to give sense to their rally through a local initiative promoting environmental protection. When they discovered the project of the Association du Docteur Fatiha, they wanted to get involved. 

Back in February, 22nd, they hit the road to meet our team in Berkane. The result: several days of exchanges with our beneficiaries, the discovery of ADF's daily activities and one intervention all together in a partner school. This newsletter is an opportunity to reconsider our actions.

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The 4L Trophy: a window on Morocco


The Association du Docteur Fatiha works with children aged from 9 to 11, in the Eastern region of Morocco, to raise their awareness about environmental protection. 

Antoine Pasquier détaille les étapes de la rénovation de leur 4L et de la recherche de partenaires

It is within this framework that Antoine Pasquier and Adrien Etienvre, a crew of the 4L Trophy, were invited. It was a great opportunity for the pupils of Chouihiya, to discover their country a different way. Very few of them have already left their region of birth. With the numerous pictures and videos, the children could imagine themselves driving the 4L off the boat or on Moroccan roads, heading south. They were also fascinated to exchange with the people who actually did the journey. 

Adrien Etienvre prépare les sacs réutilisables à donner aux enfantsOn the whiteboard they could see many different landscapes, however with a recurring element: the plastic bags. Indeed, no place in Morocco does escape the plastic plague! A shock for the two French, a rather usual vision for the young Moroccan. This exchange was therefore an opportunity to raise their awareness on the need to protect their own region.

To provide the kids with an alternative to plastic bags (each Moroccan consumes an average of 3 per day), reusable tissue bags were dealt. On these bags, a motto: "Do not touch my environment!".

On Moroccan roads

La 4L dans le Sud du MarocTheir journey did not begin on February 14, when Antoine and Adrien took to the highways of France, Spain and then Morocco. Indeed, who says 4L Trophy says "costs" and therefore looking for partners and other things to be foreseen. 

To know more about their 4L Trophy and discover photos and videos of their different stages, visit the website of their association.

A clean school !

Une élève de Chouihiya

The Association du Docteur Fatiha regularly organizes clean-up campaigns. These are good opportunities to involve children in the protection of their immediate environment. They realize that their actions can make a difference. 

For this first one in 2013, the children were very motivated on this sunny day! After only a few minutes the schoolyard was free of waste. So, we went on with the school's surroundings. 

Washed plastic bagsThe pupils were asked to differentiate wastes: a trash bag for paper and cardboard, one for plastic, one for other types of waste, not to mention one for mikas (plastic bags). 

The latters have been thoroughly cleaned and sent to ADF craftswomen working in the same village. They will soon turn them into fashion accessories. Over fifty bags have been collected. The rule for being recycled: do not be torn or stained.

After the clean-up, everybody settled for a souvenir photo. Behind the students of Chouihiya school, ADF team, our two guests, teachers and the school principal, hides the yellow 4L involved in the 4L Trophy 2013.

Intercultural exchange to arouse curiosity

To provide their journey with an educational dimension, ADF's partners wished to put in place a cultural exchange between two schools. 

In order to show what their daily life looks like, the pupils were asked to draw within the required theme: their environment.

The Oriental children, the first to realize this exercise, had very different ideas: home, school, animals and people, or even the cleaning campaign and ADF team. 

Antoine and Adrien took these pictures with them to give them to the pupils of Virey, a French school in the South of the Channel. The answer should come soon, for beautiful intercultural exchanges! To be continued...

Un élève de Chouihiya, au Maroc, dessine ce qui l'entoure

A new collection of fashion accessories soon on sale

Morgane Mathieu, Laetitia Mannessier and Jasmine Pellegrino have worked hard to develop these fashion items, combining tradition and design. Several women already recipients of our project have also designed some of our 20 models. For several months, nearly 50 women in the Oriental region have been manufacturing them and in a few weeks, they will finally be available for sale!

This is IFASSEN, ADF's historical partner, which will be in charge of the sale, via its website.

ADF will keep you informed by email about the opening of the online sale. In the meantime, here are some exclusive photos of our creations.

In short:

  • A new training in Chouihiya 

The association began to train a new cooperative of craftswomen. Jamaa Ouezhir, Technical Training Manager for ADF has already organized 7 sessions to teach them how to weave alpha and recycled plastic bags. 
For more information, click here.

  • Awareness raising campaigns in schools

ADF's interventions in schools are in full swing! Emmanuelle Pannetier and Sabah Ouali met nearly 400 children this month, for workshops lasting at least 1.30 hours. What's planned? Deal with the risks of environmental pollution in depth, or examine the basic gestures to preserve it. 
For more information, click here

  • Beginnings of a new project ADF: Green Riad

Two architects from Aziza Chaouni Projects came to visit our team on the field to lay the foundations of our upcoming cooperation. The project? An innovative building, fully dedicated to the promotion of green and local economy in Berkane. 

This meeting was a great opportunity for Aziza Chaouni and Johann Petersman to better understand the needs of ADF but also to know more about the local heritage in the region.

ADF wishes the building to be an example of the combination of tradition and respect for the environment. The project is still in its initial evaluation phase. We will keep you informed of its development.

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