Newsletter from the Association du Docteur Fatiha, January 2013

The ADF teams (Association du Docteur Fatiha) wish you all the best for 2013. May this New Year be rich of achievements for your projects!

A new year begins, full of promises and projects to realize. 2012 has been a wonderful year for ADF, full of challenges and events: song writing contest, activities in Berkane’s schools, reinforced cooperation with craftswomen, 2012-2013 fashion accessories’ collection …This newsletter is what we needed to review the associations’ activities for 2012. 
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New cooperatives are joining the ADF recycling project

Artisane en train de tisserSince ADF was created, back in 2008, it collaborates with individual woman and organized groups, living in Moroccan rural areas. All of them seek to get extra revenues, to improve their quality of life, as well as their family’s.

ADF aims at building their capacities in creating products out of alfa (a plant growing generously in the Oriental region) and used plastic bags.

In 2012, nearly 50 women were trained to this particular weaving technique and now work actively with ADF.

Indeed, two cooperatives were created in Chouhiyia : they were named Najah and El Amal, which respectively means “success” and “hope”.  Other craftswomen also received this training in the new group formed in Guenfouda, a small village located 80km from Berkane.

For 2013, ADF will broaden its outreach: 31 women from the center of Chouhiyia expressed their will to join the project. ADF was also approached by a group of women already working in an argan cooperative, but looking for having a complementary activity. This partnership is actually under study and would concern 14 women.
Nouvelle collection de sacs éthiques

ADF aims to empower the women it works with.

Le local des artisanes de Chouhiyia pour leurs cours d'alphabétisationIn order to provide the Najah cooperative with a dedicated space where the women could meet and work, ADF renovated a small building provided by the municipality of Chouhiyia. In addition and thanks to a partnership with the National Union of Moroccan Women (UNFM), free literacy program is provided once a week to every woman working with ADF, but also to any women living in the village willing to learn how to read and write. 

Decorate your home with ethical & design products !

In the framework of a partnership with the South Agency and the UNDP, the “Association du Docteur Fatiha” worked with more than 100 women from 7 different cooperatives in oasis of the Saharan Morocco. ADF helped them designing and marketing new palm tree weaving products.

We are very pleased to present you these wonderful tables, which can bring a design and hand-made touch to your interior decoration. 

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The new season of Environment education just started in Berkane ! 
During 2012, Marion Deballon, our local director, and Sabah Ouali, our local coordinator, made interventions in primary schools, like Imame Chatibi and Ibn Zaydoun, or in secondary schools, like Collège Al Qods. Their purpose: raise awareness among the children and inspire them to protect their environment.

ADF is back in schools to reinforce its environment education. On Tuesday 18th December, 48 kids took part in a cleaning campaign of their school. 
On the 18th December : 48 kids… and parents !
Enfants attentifsADF invited parents to join the campaign. Some of them came and participated actively in the different activities. They were able to improve their knowledge about environmental issues. Some even decided to go further, by becoming eco-families for ADF, particularly in collecting plastic bags that will be transformed into fashion accessories. Besides, they really liked the products we showed them.
Raising awareness about waste deterioration
After cleaning up the schools, time to think! The students, were divided into teams, and had to figure out how long can take a waste to deteriorate completely into the nature. Strange enough, most of them thought that chewing gums, cardboard, plastic, cans… spent less than 6 month to disappear. What a surprise for them when Mehdi Achour, project manager for ADF, gave them the real figures! Indeed, a plastic bag can take up to 1.000 years to deteriorate.
A sustainable process
Every month, ADF’s team will organize activities in Berkane schools (recycling workshops, cleaning campaigns…) for children aged between 9 and 10. By the end of the year they should have a better understanding of the connections between environmental protection and their quality of life. In Berkane, notably in “Douar el mika” (the plastic bags neighborhood), waste management is a very sensitive issue. It is thanks to the new generations that the situation may evolve in the future. 

The schoolyard before cleaning, full of trash

A team on the go

After a year spent in Berkane, it was time for Marion Deballon to leave for new projects. Marion worked hard to reinforce the cooperatives capacities, and to put in place the Environment literacy program in the schools. On the field, her dynamism will stay in the record.

The new comers, whose backgrounds and experiences are diverse, may give ADF a new impulse.

Mehdi Achour graduated from the Sciences po Paris' Master Environment, Sustainable Development and Risks Management (2012). He is a cofounder of CliMates, a non-profit international student association that research innovative solutions to climate change. Mehdi is currently working as the General Director and project manager for “Cooperative and Recycling” project.

Emmanuelle Pannetier  graduated from the University of Technology of Troyes (2008). She worked in industrial ecology, in the Research and Interdisciplinary Studies Center on Sustainable Development, and then in energy management for ADEME (the French National Agency for energy). Emmanuelle is now the Financial and Administrative Manager of project manager of “Environment Education” project.

Elise VanweydeveldtElise Vanweydeveldt has a Master degree in political sciences, specialized in European public action (2011). However, she chose to commit herself to humanitarian action. She was project and communication manager in the Red Helmets Foundation, a French NGO, and she is now ready to make good use of her skills in carrying out the communication strategy of the association, as well as looking for new partners.

  • ADF signed a partnership with the Finnish Embassy in Morocco
  • In May 2012, ADF won one of the EDF association’s trophies.       More information

  • In April and May 2012, ADF organized, in partnership with the French Institute in Oujda, a song writing contest, entitled “Sing for your planet”.  More information
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