Exciting news on Inner Guidance and Lauren Galey's Quantum Conversations in which I appear, speaking about being the frequency of New Earth.
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On this New Moon Eclipse... 

I am so excited that the  Enhancing Inner Guidance Course :Living an Inspired Sacred Life and Expressing More of Who You Are  is about to begin!
It is a 6 Week Audio Journey with  Shivrael Shannon Brophy (aka Shivrael Luminance River)- Akashic Reader, Meditation Guide, and Healer   
Starting Thursday, September 22, 2016 

An interactive six-week audio course with support, guidance, instruction, new tools to transform your life, interaction, co-creation, healing, sacred space, and more...
 Thursdays September 22 - October 27, 2016
5:30-7pm Pacific time (click link for time conversion to where you are)
Recordings Available if you can't make a date.

 Course Tuition: Normally $149 but is discounted for you at $129 with the registration code using the word "guide" Register Here Now

If you prefer to make 2 easy payments of $75 (It is ALSO discounted for two payments with $20 total off using the code word "guide" )  Click HERE

Listen to the RECORDING 
What Is Inner Guidance? 
Q&A Call with Shivrael Shannon Brophy
Within sacred space, I shared about inner guidance and the ways it comes through. I shared tips on how to be able to receive guidance more easily, and then offered 11 benefits of turning up your inner guidance. We talked about telepathy and also the co-created love field of the group which brought us into feeling within our bodies. We discussed a bit about the Enhancing Inner Guidance Course and I answered questions that came in through on connecting with the ancestors, creativity and business, and getting unstuck in your life. At the end, I showed how to get a yes or a no answer to any question by using the feeling of energy in your body. In case you missed it, you can 
Click Here to Listen 

On the Full Moon Eclipse Today

Blessings for this portal for you and the planet with the highest and best wishes, intentions and prayers for all. May you and the world experience more peace, with a peaceful transformation for a life and world based on love and sharing, and respect the the Mother. May we be walking the highest timeline of love, with a joyful life in service to all. And so it is... Shivrael

Announcing: an exciting radio show with Lauren Galey on her online Quantum Conversations Show

She interviews many spiritual speakers like Matt Kahn. I am so honored to be speaking on her show for the first time. The date is September 23 at 2pm Pacific Time (3pm Mountain Time). On that day, the link will be under the tab Healing Conversations as today's show, and then it will be archived. The title is Dreaming New Earth into Being where we will talk about how we can become a vibrational match to New Earth and our 5D life. We talk about awakening, ascension, Mt.Shasta mysteries and Lemuria. The best part is a Quantum Dreaming Ceremony that takes you to feeling the frequency of New Earth and discovering your customized version of it. You source information from your higher self  to discover how you can bring New Earth into being, now, with a guided meditation. I hope you will join me for this radio show and also for the Inner Guidance Course! Thanks so much for your support. Let me know what you think and feel.
Much love,

Listen to Rising to a Love: Ourselves, Our Planet Youtube Video of a recent blog that you can read at Akashic Intuitive, my website. Enjoy! 

For those in Mt.Shasta, California, I am offering an evening class Intro to the Akashic Records at the Silk Road Chai Shop from 7:30-9:30 by love donation. Just show up if you wish participate.

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