Dear friends and colleagues,
for my first newsletter of 2022

I'm wishing you a very creative year, full of new discoveries and joys !

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I'm very happy to announce you my two next exhibitions at the Villa Merkel Galerien der Stadt Esslingen
(13 February - 18 Avril) & during Foto Wien (9 - 27 March).

At the Villa Merkel the opening is this

I'll be there and happy to present you some works of mine :

Installation Wunderbaum 2022
 Installation Project Iceworm 2018
Have you ever seen an iceberg under the rain ? 
Photography series from Qaanaaq with engraved glasses 2022
Disappearing Act, 2021


Freezing Point - Kunst unter Null Grad Celsius

Valentino Biagio Berndt and Marlon Lanziner, Marja Helander, Anastasia Mityukova
Carsten Nicolai, Emma Stibbon, Fridolin Walcher, Jun Yang

The focus of the group exhibition is on aesthetic and fascinating aspects of the natural phenomena of ice and snow. Seven contemporary positions have been brought together regarding the theme.

The exhibition develops a thematic spectrum extending from the creation of a single, microscopically minute snow crystal past exploratory expeditions and the landscape of Romantic yearning all the way to the history of ice cream. Geographical points of reference include the Swiss Alps as well as the home region of the Sámi in northern Europe and in Greenland. Photography and drawing are represented in the exhibition along with installation and video. The aesthetic characteristics of natural phenomena receive their due, but the cliché-filled notions regarding the Eternal Ice are also put to question. The individual works make indirect or also quite specific reference to the issue of ice melting due to climate change.

A palpable sense is conveyed for the fragility inherent to landscapes of snow and ice and for the urgency of confronting changes in the climate. But also shimmering through the presentations are a sheer fascination with the substance itself, a search for the myth of ice and, not least of all, various instances of humor.

Curator: Anka Wenzel

Female Photographers in Focus

Female Photographers in Focus highlights the outstanding work of women photographers from the invention of the medium in the 19th century to the present day and helps to make these achievements visible so that they can find their way into the history of photography and art.

Rethinking Nature / Rethinking Landscape

Rethinking Nature / Rethinking Landscape focuses on the key role of photography in the perception of nature. Many artists contribute to the understanding of the current environmental situation and use the potential of photography to reflect on the critical relationship between humans and nature.

During Foto Wien, with the "European Month of Photography"  and for the first time I will present the whole archive of the PROJECT ICEWORM. 6'000 images will be printed and available to create a small edition. Curated by Verena Kaspar-Eisert. But.. more information soon here : 
I'll be present in Vienna on
for a talk with the artists selected for the EMOP Price of 2021.

Thank you for your attention and have a wonderful start of the week !
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