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A Roof Made From Cactus Pads
By Johanna Silver
Let’s back up a minute. Do you know of Steve Martino? You should know of Steve Martino. He’s the genius landscape architect of the Southwest who does projects like this and this. If I could have one person in the whole entire world design my home garden, I would choose Steve. Hands down. Steve can do fancy, that’s clear. But I recently learned of another project of his that is far from fancy and it’s totally blowing my mind.
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2015 Trends to Track: Fast-casual dining on the fast track

With the global shopping center industry gearing up for the year ahead, SCT asked experts for their opinions on trends to track in 2015. Here’s the third installment in our series:

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15 Essential Apps to Install on Your New iPad
By Christina Bonnington
This year the Festivus fairy dropped off a new iPad Air 2. Lucky you. On top of being an excellent piece of hardware, the iPad also offers the most robust selection of tablet-dedicated apps. But navigating all those apps and figuring out which to populate your home screen with isn’t always easy. Let us help.
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15 tips on turning your finances around in 2015
By Todd Wasserman
The standard advice to twentysomethings looking to turn their finances around is to skip those $5 lattes at Starbucks and put that money in a bank somewhere.
Adam Nash, the president and CEO of Wealthfront, isn't about to give up his well-known Starbucks habit, though. "To me, the $5 latte is secondary to the more important questions to take control of your finances? Do you have a budget? Are you spending less than you make? Are you saving enough to meet your goals?" Nash says. If the answer to those questions are all yes, then enjoy the latte. You've earned it."
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Millennial Employment, Mini Baby Boom Could Lift 2015 Home Sales
By Amy Hoak
Despite decreasing affordability for houses next year, expect more home sales in 2015 — in part due to increased purchases by millennials who are finding jobs and expanding their families.
The unemployment rate for Americans between 25 and 34 hit 6.1% in November, the Labor Department reported Friday. That’s the lowest level since July 2008.
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Changes Pave the Way for More First-Time Buyers in 2015
By Jonathan Smoke
Even as the housing market gets back on track, the numbers of first-time buyers continue to disappoint. This is strongly associated with the tight credit requirements facing would-be buyers. Recent important government policy changes and the introduction of new low down-payment programs, however, should set the stage for increased first-time buyer activity in 2015.
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8 Things People Say
Their Homes Don't Have

The majority of Americans say they are living in less-than-ideal housing and neighborhoods. The Demand Institute recently polled more than 10,000 households — both renters and home owners — across income levels to find their top unfulfilled housing needs and desires.
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Phoenix named hot housing market
to watch in 2015
By Catherine Reagor
Metro Phoenix is one of the U.S.'s "10 hottest housing markets to watch in 2015," according to a new report.
The real estate website's chief economist, Jonathan Smoke, said Phoenix's potential for income growth and new-home construction landed it on the list.
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Phoenix home building forecast for 2015
By Catherine Reagor
Home building across metro Phoenix could be flat or climb by as much 30 percent during 2015.
New home permits will range from 12,000 to 16,000 in 2014.

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