IBF Council Teleconference

Sunday November 2nd 2014

Dear All,

This is to remind you that, following the cancellation of the Israel conference and Council meeting, the next Council meeting will be by teleconference on Sunday November 2nd at 15.00 Greenwich Mean Time. In order to make the conference manageable the Board has decided that participants should be limited to ONE per Society (in addition to IBF Board members) but that other Society members will be welcome to dial in and listen to the conversation but without taking part. It would greatly help the management of the conference call if SOCIETIES COULD PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHO WILL BE THEIR REPRESENTATIVE.

Participants will need to dial in to Powownow. Details of phone numbers and costs from all countries are on the link below. Please note that if your country is not listed you need to make an international call to +44 844 4 737373. Having dialed in at the prescribed time you will be asked to key in a PIN which is 597448 and then you are ready to join the conference.  There are plenty of websites to inform you of the time in your location when it is 15.00 in London, UK, but please let me know if you have any difficulty. I do apologize to colleagues who will need to speak at night time but the 15.00 GMT time seemed best for the majority. The conference call will last maximum two hours.

The agenda and some supporting documents for the teleconference are on the links below.

All good wishes,


Paul Sackin
IBF Secretary

Powownow dial-in numbers

Council teleconference agenda

inutes of Council meeting in Newcastle June 2014

uditor/revisor guidelines
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