Eat FRESH - How to use credit at checkout


We have now a new easy feature for you to enjoy your healthy grocery experience with us:
  • RECHARGE YOUR EAT FRESH ACCOUNT - Enjoy the freedom to shop whenever you like, without worrying about payments! With the payment option "Internal credit", you don't need to have a credit card, PayPal account, or Internet Banking at hand - it is super easy to place your order and check out! 
  • RECHARGE YOUR LOVED ONES ACCOUNTS Send your family members, friends, and colleagues credits to spend on healthy shopping with Eat FRESH
  • MISSING ITEMs IN YOUR ORDER? - Whenever it happens that we are out of stock with something, the amount already paid will be immediately credit back into your account, available to use next time!
  • READY TO START? - Check below how to do it, step by step!
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Eat FRESH, Be Well!

**T&Cs apply, please see below for details.



1. Register or log into you EF account (in order to use internal credits, you need an account)

2. Check your Dash Board, for account information, order history.... and My Credit 

3. See how many credits you have, 1 credit = HK$1


My credit shows your stored credits, in this case 1,700 credits = HK$1,700.

If you want to share those credits with someone, input an amount (of course smaller than what you have!) in Credit Value field and hit Generate Code. Send the long string of numbers you get to your friend with an EF account (or we can help create this for you); your friend will input it into Submit Code and
voilà: the account will be instantly recharged!

How do you recharge your account in the first place? Simply decide the amount, email us at and we will credit the amount after your payment has been received by bank or by check or by PAyPal/credit card

You can also check your activities with credits, see below:

4. Go back to shop now! :)

5. After your shopping, view your cart or proceed to check out

6. Follow the steps, hit continue each time you are ready to move to the next step.

Discount Code field IS NOT the place where to input your long string of numbers... just leave it blank and go ahead

7. At payment information, choose Internal credit, whenever you have stored credit

Go ahead to Order review.

The system will automatically deduct this order amount due from the stored credits.

When your stored credits are not enough to cover the total amount due, you will get a discount on this order, equal to your stored credits, and you will need to settle any 
outstanding amount through our usual payment methods, or recharge your account another time!



8. Remember to select the preferred delivery date! And tick the little box "I understand when my delivery will take place" 


Please check your spam folder, unfortunately, automatic emails often end up there. If you do not get the order confirmation by email, something happened and we did not received your order.

Check your spam folder also for weekly letter and newsletter... a good idea is to add our email address to your contacts :)

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Here at EF, we're fully committed to being as green as we can and one of the easiest ways to do this is to REUSE, REUSE, REUSE our reusable bags, packaging, including bottles and eggs plastic boxes!

Stay tuned, Eat FRESH is working on a door-to-door compost pick up service...

Every month we offer a prize to encourage you to GO-GREEN!

PRIZE- EAT FRESH JUICING BAG WORTH HK$210 (delivered in your next order with Eat FRESH)


our reusable bags, packaging, including Pure Swell bottles and eggs plastic boxes.. all that is in good conditions and can be reused) and enter into our monthly prize draw

^ Our friendly driver will be more than happy to take your packaging off of your hands or pick it up out of your door

^ Every time you hand back your GREEN BAG or packaging, we will enter your name into the prize draw - you have to be in it to win it! The more you re-use your bags, the more chance you have to win!







Send back you Eat FRESH Green bags and packing material
Be in with a chance to WIN! 

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